6 Habits That will Help you Reach Financial Freedom

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We all hear about this how to “reach financial freedom” but what does it actually mean and how can we achieve it within our own lives?

Today’s post will go through what financial freedom means to help you understand what it truly is and why you want this in your life. I will then take you through some different habits that will help you reach financial freedom, which is what we all want.

6 habits that will help you reach financial freedom!

Firstly let us get into what financial freedom is…

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What is Financial freedom?

In simple terms having financial freedom means having enough savings or money on hand so that you can afford the lifestyle you truly want. This could be for yourself or for your family. This would mean not worrying about bills or any other money worries, but being truly “financially” free.

However, not only is it about money it is also for me about becoming a creator of your own reality. This could mean being able to take up hobbies that you enjoy, or spending time to build up your own business.

Many of us however never achieve this because unexpected events may happen, or we get behind on bills or get into debt etc. Therefore, let’s get into these 6 habits that will help you on your way to financial freedom.

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Now let’s get into how we reach financial freedom with these next tips.

Set life goals

It is not enough for you to want financial freedom, you have to set yourself goals too in order to reach financial freedom. Therefore, similar to when you practice positive affirmation you want to write down your financial goals. For example, you might want to write down how much you want in your bank, or how much you want coming into your bank monthly.

Once you have established this you want to pinpoint the age or time line when you want to achieve this. For example, I might want to have £3,000 coming into my bank monthly by the time I am 28. Therefore, this gives me 3 years to make that happen. So remember to be realistic with your goals too, and even set milestones to work towards that big goal.


I have said it before and I will say it again budgeting is so useful and helpful when it comes to managing finances. I have already wrote about “how to budget for Christmas” which is great to help you through Christmas. However, you can also use these tips to help you budget throughout the year too.

I personally love using Excel and creating a spreadsheet (I am a nerd and have spreadsheets for everything). But they are super useful for you to display all that information you need.

Back to the budget but you can set a budget at the beginning of the month which can include any household expenses (bills, food, extra). This will keep you on track of where the money is going and will also help you put some towards savings!

If you want help in beginning your budgeting journey then check out my Step by Step Guide to Budgeting today!

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Adopt a growth mind-set

Many people have a fixed mind-set which means you only concentrate on the money in your account. You are fixed on that balance. However, a growth mind-set allows you more freedom, which helps you realise you are much more than your net worth. It allows you to enjoy those moments such as family time or going on trips etc.

Having a growth mind-set is important in helping you reach financial freedom. But it also allows you to live your life more.

Think about a minimalist lifestyle

Begin making those small adjustments that will help you reach financial freedom. Living as a minimalist will help you to establish between the things that you want and the things that you need in your life.

Living a minimalist life will not only save you money in the long term, but it will help you to declutter and stay organised as well! Plus you will appreciate the things you own more and stop wasting your money. It will help you create a space in your home that you love and enjoy living in, and make you appreciate making memories more than materialistic items.

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Adopt a pay yourself first mentality

What this means is that you put a certain amount of money into your savings first before fulfilling any other obligations.

Then you have to plan for the rest of your funds to pay off any bills etc. Therefore, you are investing in yourself essentially. Plus by adopting this approach you will always have savings going into that account no matter what. Whereas, the opposite will never help you reach financial freedom because you are only paying into savings whatever you would have left.

See money as a necessity

Of course we all like to think that we view money as a good thing, but when we don’t have enough of it we then are stuck in this mental obstacle. Therefore, we end up viewing money negatively subconsciously and this then compromises our plans of getting and keeping the money.

However, think of money as a necessity because it allows you to buy things you don’t have and for you to live the kind of life you want to live. Look at money as this necessary tool that helps you to build and ignite your dreams. Therefore, completely allowing you to achieve financial freedom.

These are just some habits for you to begin adopting into your life that will help you reach financial freedom.

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Do you adopt any of these habits in your life? Will you begin using any of these from now in your life?

These are just some habits that will help you reach financial freedom, so play around and find out what works best for you.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I’ve always despised the term financial freedom because it was always attached to MLM strategies. I love how you explained it in your post. It makes a lot more sense and it is more appealing to me! I have been switching over to live more minimally and I’m loving it so far! xo

    1. Yeah that’s the thing the term gets used by people that I don’t think truly understand or use it for the sake of it. But to me it means so much more. I am glad you enjoyed the post! I have also been living more minimally and it is great isn’t it? 😊 xx

  2. I often find myself feeling awkward talking about money and budgeting because one persons version of ‘a lot of money’ is so much different to another persons so I love how well you have written this post. Now I am starting a family budgeting and saving for the future is definitely one thing I want to be more aware of xx

    1. Yeah definitely we all have different views of money and worth! Thank you so much lovely, and good luck with budgeting for your new family! Becoming a parent is definitely something that makes people more conscious of their finances xx

  3. I definitely adopt most of these in my life. I have a budget that I stick to and my monthly saving is part of that budget. I also try to live a minimalist lifestyle and rather spend a bit of money on experiences rather than material things. This is a great post for anyone who wants to start the journey to financial freedom.

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

  4. These are some really great tips! I have found myself in a different set of circumstances money wise and so I am having to budget really well and be more strict when it comes to buying anything. These tips are really helpful. Thank you for sharing Gemma.


  5. I’m trying to teach my son about saving, and earning. He seems very chilled out about pocket money, asking for it, and bothering to do his simple tasks to get it. I’m hoping he realises soon that if he’d been more with it, he’d have earnt a lot more.

  6. Amazing tips! I’m going to be starting at university soon so this couldn’t have come at a better time! I think having a monthly budget as well as putting aside a set amount to invest first is really important. Thank you so much for sharing x

  7. Some great tips here. Mindset can help SO MUCH when it comes to money can’t it? I always look at money as a necessity and a source of energy. Rather than something to be put on a pedestal xx

  8. These are great tips to achieve financial freedom! Who wouldn’t want to achieve that?! Thanks so much for sharing

  9. Fabulous tips! I started to track my income and expenses this year. I’ve been so bad at managing my money for the last two years that I ended up don’t have money to save 🙁 Now that I’m tracking everything and learning how to budget properly, I manage to spend less and save more for my future plan 😀 So happy about that! Thanks for sharing this x

  10. I am SUCH a fan of Excel, I use it for my budgets, timesheets, content calendars, and all manner of other lists and planners when I need to keep track of stuff. And yes to paying yourself first, I’ve done that with my pension for years now, and once you start, you don’t miss that money in your monthly pay packet at all. Fab tips, Gemma xx

  11. So many great tips here, Gemma! I’m trying to reach the financial freedom you mention and it’s definitely not easy. I think debt it’s the main issue, so I shall be looking into adding these to my way of seeing money and hopefully it all helps x

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