5 Ways To Keep Sane During The Work Week

I have worked 10 days in a row before, and it was mentally exhausting. But I try to ensure that I look after myself around this so that I can keep sane during the work week.

It is important to note that that is not my usual schedule it was just a busy period of time, but it is still good to ensure that you look after yourself no matter what your work schedule looks like.

The working week can be busy, stressful and overwhelming. You might have emails coming through all the time, people telling you things need to get done, some work might be behind and it just might feel chaotic. I have really tried to implement new things in my life and help me get through work, and these tips that I want to share with you today.

I feel especially now that it is so important for us to look after ourselves and ensure that we can work in the best way possible. If you are making it through the week stressed all the time then you definitely need to take a step back and evaluate ways you can minimise this! This is why I wanted to provide some ways (and things that I tend to do every day or week) to keep sane during the work week!

If you need extra support then head over to Mind and they provide a variety of resources or contact numbers that can help.

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Anyway lets get into the 5 ways to keep sane during the work week!

1. Go for a walk

Firstly, one way that helps me keep sane during the work week is going for those walks. If you are sitting behind a desk 5 days a week it can become very easy to feel a bit sluggish.

I always make sure I get out everyday just because for me it helps a lot. However, recently with the sun shining (even though it is still cold) I have been getting out just before my lunch break and doing a 10 minute walk. Honestly I cannot recommend this enough it has made me be more productive and helped break up the day. Then I do my normal walk or go to the gym/run after work. Plus walking has many great benefits, and sometimes you find places you would never find if you sit indoors.

I just personally think that if I am having a stressful day at work then it helps for me to get outside and just clear my mind. This is even better when the sun is shining and the skies are blue because it is lovely to just look around and see. Not only this but it helps me to have something to look forward to throughout the day too.

2. Organisation

One major way I love to keep sane during the work week is ensuring my space is organised. By this I mean keep your desk organised because a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Therefore, keep everything organised and don’t let things pile up on the desk.

I think having a clear work space is more beneficial to being more productive with your work. Plus I love seeing a clear desk and everything is in it’s place, it just makes me feel good.

Being organised is key for your mental health too. I love to just ensure at the end of every week that my desk/space is tidy and in place where I want it to be. Or even at the end of the day, I just ensure everything is placed away and so when it comes to the next day that I begin work my desk is tidy and clean.

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3. Add colour and decor

Something else that can keep you sane during the work week is adding some small plants or colour. I feel this just adds to your work space or even home and can just inspire or motivate you.

For example, put some prints up on the wall, or some coloured organisers (pen pots, drawers etc). I think making the space more you makes you more productive with your work, and I think overall more positive in wanting to work in that space. Also for me adding colour and decor just helps me keep sane during the work week because it calms my mind and makes me love the space I am working in.

If bright colours are not your thing then of course just add minimal tones throughout your space, just do what works for you and this will minimise the stress levels trust me.

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4. Drink water

Another way to keep sane during the work week is to drink water. I mean this is pretty self-explanatory, but drinking water helps with productivity, benefits your skin/health etc. I don’t need to tell you how important it is, we are all told all the time. It can be hard if you don’t like water, but honestly it is so beneficial. This can all reduce stress and help you get through your work much better, and I feel so much better if I am hydrated (although yes sometimes I do forget but I have got so much better).

Plus you can buy a cute reusable bottle that will track how much you are drinking, and plus just staying hydrated will be great for you skin and body (like I mentioned).

Two different reading books, "the psychology of time travel" and "the flat share" placed next to each other.

5. Take time away from the screen

I have mentioned this a lot recently but working on a screen all day or being on your phone can make it difficult to shut off. However, I think it is so important to have regular breaks and do things that don’t involve the screen especially to help you keep sane during the work week.

For example, reading for 30 minutes, going for a walk (As mentioned), gardening, taking classes/going gym/just exercise in general, time for hobbies or having time to spend with others just talking. It is important to not be consumed by the screen and just embrace life and it’s true beauty!

One thing I do that helps me keep sane during the work week is ensure that every hour I take a 5 minute break. This normally involves me walking around the room, having a quick stretch or going to grab a top up of water/cup of tea. By doing this and getting my body moving it just helps me step back from my work for a second, and this let’s me come back to it with a fresh mind/head. I have found this has dramatically improved my working (in the best and most positive way).

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There you have it some ways for you to keep sane during the work week. Once you start implementing ways to help manage your stress and provide a better work/life relationship this will impact your work ethic in a positive way.

Work is hard and a lot goes on that can influence us in many ways so ensuring you keep sane during the work week is important. Always prioritise your health.

let me know in the comments ways you keep sane during the work week? Or if you have any tips to keep sane during the work week?

Gemma Jayne x

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      1. Sometimes I go all day without looking at my phone screen and it feels amazing!

  1. These are some great tips! I think I actually abide from every single one of these. Since I’m planning on staying at home until the coronavirus slows down, I’ve been trying to apply all of these to my home life too. I’m still working on decluttering and organizing everything, but my dog has certainly enjoyed all of the walks I’ve been taking him on!

    1. Thank you so much! That’s great and they are really useful tips 😊 yeah that sounds great, especially with this coronavirus! Yeah I am going to do a big declutter soon as well and just need to organise my whole room. Aww I’m glad you and your dog are making the most of the walks xx

  2. These are great tips! Going for a walk is such a good one, I sit at a desk all day so try and get some fresh air and stretch my legs on my lunch break too. It does make me feel a lot more focused and productive in the afternoons. Water really helps too, I also have a reusable bottle with the times of day on and it really does motivate me to drink more! Thanks for sharing your suggestions, fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. I definitely agree, even just moving and stretching helps especially when sitting at a desk is part of your job 😊 that’s great! I love my reusable bottle too. Thank you for the comment 💗💗

  3. Great tips. I work from home and for myself so my work week is a bit different. But I always try and get enough water and make sure I get outside at least once a day! I really need to work on switching off my screens more though! xxx

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I think even working from home ensuring you get some fresh air or looking after yourself is soo important 😊 I definitely recommend switching off from the screen it helps so much! Thanks for the comment xxx

  4. I love these tips! Thank you for sharing. I need these right now with working from home during this pandemic.

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad they are useful 😊 especially working at home which is advised for most right now! We all gotta stay strong 💗

  5. I am an office worker too so these tips are SO helpful. Especially while we are working from home it can be so tough to stay motivated and not get distracted. xxxx

  6. Thanks for sharing your tips! I’d love a desk space but I’m currently at my kitchen table doing work so it’s not ideal! I bought myself some daffodils though which I have in the window just to brighten things up though and for such a small thing they really do the trick! I get little wafts of them every now and then too. Trying to keep to the same routine is helpful too, so I’ve been going for lunch at my usual time and trying to stick to the same tea making schedule as in the office as well! xx

    1. Yeah I would love a separate desk space too! Yess I love this time of year to be able to buy daffodils, I think they are so simple but beautiful 😍 that is great you are keeping to the same routine as well, that always helps I think! Thanks lovely xx

  7. I try and stay organised from the beginning of the week, incorporating plenty of ‘downtime’ alongside the work. It’s harder to disconnect, especially when working from home, but removing screens and getting outside is so important

    1. That is a great idea! I definitely agree whilst working at home it is harder to disconnect, but like you said getting outside is so important in our lives right now x

  8. I like to read blogs and journal to stay sane haha. Just, something to take my mind off work and also wind down. Audiobooks also really help take my mind off things and rest my eyes.

  9. I definitely need to take time away from screens during the week, as I work from my laptop all damn day. I like to prioritize a self care evening once a week and a long bath where I can just read 🙂 🙂 x

    1. I definitely have scheduled time away this weekend because I really noticed it yesterday and my eyes and head were throbbing! But it is hard when I need the tech for work. Yess so do I! 🙂 xx

  10. These are really great tips! I am struggling with the balance right now and is one of the reasons I am stepping back from my blog over the coming weeks because I need to be a bit more mindful about my well-being.

    Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. Thank you so much! Absolutely and sometimes that is the best thing to do. I am the same and work has been super busy so I just listen to what I need and sometimes just take a break from the blog. Hope you are ok hun xx

  11. Yes! That work-life balance is so so important if you want to succeed. We can’t be working ALL THE TIME (lol note to self). I take time off the screen too– I worry about my eyes haha. Now I’m standing up to do a couple of stretches and drink water, thanks!


  12. These are all great tips! I am so bad at taking time to go outside, mostly during the last few months for some reason! Though drinking water and taking time away from the screen to read are great! SHould really get more organised and work smarter, thanks for sharing x

  13. These are some great tips! I find when I start to feel overwhelmed with anything in my working day I just walk away from the desk for a bit. I go get a coffee or something, and by the time I return I’m happy and refreshed and ready to take on whatever it was I was doing before!


  14. Going for a daily walk to get away from my laptop has been my life saver. I’m terrible at taking breaks so often get to Wednesday and don’t know what day of the week it is. A hit of regular fresh air away from my desk is amazing to combat that

  15. These are some really great suggestions to help you get through a working week. I like to schedule regular self-care activities to help me calm and refocus. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

    1. Yes I love listening to podcasts! I did accidentally put a comedy one on though whilst I was running on the treadmill in the gym once and had to try and not laugh out loud!

  16. Drinking plenty of water keeps me sane – it also means I’m getitng up for regular breaks by going to the toilet and refilling my bottle!

  17. This couldn’t have come at a better time! Yesterday I had to walk away and take some time away in order to come back calmer. These tips are really great and I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind!

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