10 Best Ways to Earn Some Extra Money This Year

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The last couple of years I have gained interest in finances and spending and how to budget because I want to make the most of what I earn and when I spend money.

I have previously shared budget friendly tips for Halloween and Christmas which I feel are so important especially if money is a bit tight but you still want to enjoy these festivities. I think we all sometimes get too invested in the different holiday occasions and end up over spending on maybe things we don’t actually need.

Therefore, for me budgeting is a massive part of my life and if you can learn from my previous budget tips then it will benefit your life. Plus you could save yourself a lot more than you think.

Today’s post I want to go into 10 ways you can earn some extra money to help contribute to paying off bills, increasing savings or dedicating towards doing more of what you love. Whatever it may be I want to be able to help, so here we go.

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Why thinking about what we earn and spend money on is important?

Not only does focusing on our finances help us understand what money we have coming into our lives and what money is going out, but it also allows us to see what we spend on too.

By doing this not only can you cut out over spending and break those bad habits but you can also save yourself a lot more money for the long-term. This can be great if you have children you maybe want to invest into (for their future), or if you want to buy a house, maybe you want to travel more and so on.

Thinking about our finances helps us keep them in check but also allows us to focus on doing more of what we love. Another way is to think about extra things we can do to bring in more money to support us.

I have 10 ways to earn some extra money for this year!

Top Cashback

First I want to talk about cashback and the site I use is Top Cashback. I find this easy to use, there are a variety of brands and shops that have great cashback. An easy way to earn some cash back for the purchases you make.

If you don’t have cashback I highly recommend it, it is not a quick way of earning money but it gives you the opportunity to gain money back from the purchases you make online. I personally feel if you are going to make these purchases anyway then why not gain something back from that.

Plus some days have some great deals on. These can include food places as well as any bill companies you may use so do check it out!

Gain £15 cashback when you spend at least £35 at Iceland when you sign up to TOPCASHBACK (AF) through my link.

Or if you are more a beauty person then you can grab an amazing 100% cashback up to a £10 spend at Superdrug when you sign up to TOPCASHBACK (AF) through my link.

Sell digital products

Next on the list of how to earn extra money is selling digital products. This is great if you have a small business, own your own website or are a blogger. It is a great way for you to share your skills and talents with the world. For example, you can now pick up my Step by Step Guide to Budgeting which breaks down how to budget in a simple and easy way.

There are many other ways you can do this through creating art work, planners (AFF), sharing tips with others on anything you specialise in, templates for Pinterest (AFF). You can also share social media kit templates (AFF) and other business related content too.

Really think about what you are passionate about if you do want to do this but never create anything for the sake of it.

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Run an online course

Similarly to above but if you have knowledge or expertise in something why not offer an online digital course that people can sign up to. You don’t necessarily have to do anything live, but set up courses through PowerPoints or quizzes so that people can learn from you.


I know this has been around and it can be difficult to know what to trust however I have been using Panelbase for the last year and found this one is the best for me.

Basically you can set up your profile with all the categories that fit with you and your lifestyle, which just means surveys that fit with you will be sent to you. You fill out the surveys and get money for it.

It can vary from as little as 20p up to £50 per survey and sometimes winning gift vouchers as well. It also depends on how many surveys you get sent and how many you are willing to fill out for the money you make.


I know this may not exactly be money however it can be used that way.

Firstly, you can just build your points up on your card through the usual purchases and then this can contribute towards a shop in the future. I mean if you are going to make the purchases anyway you may as well get some points for it.

Also I believe Boots do let you recycle your old beauty products but sometimes as an extra incentive they give you double points for doing so. Therefore, look out for great deals like this one to just help build up your points.

However, do check your local store before you head there to check. Also note that how many points you get will go down from February, but points are points and they all add up! By the end of the year you could have built up enough that would help with some Christmas presents.

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If you have knowledge in particular subjects then why not use some free time to tutor others. It could be teaching English to students around the world online, or after school tutoring for kids in the UK or even tutoring adults.

Plus this can be something to do alongside your full time job for a few hours a week and help you earn that extra cash.

Grow and sell fruit and veg

People are becoming more and more self-sufficient and wanting to grow their own produce. If you are one of these people then use your skills and enjoyment of this to make some extra money. You can go to local farmers markets to sell, set up an online business or use Instagram.

I am attempting to grow my tomatoes and lettuce this year (alongside my usual pumpkins), but for now I am keeping them for myself. As much as I love the idea of a fruit and veg farm for now I won’t be doing that. However, if this interests you then go for it!

I actually have a family near me that have chickens so sell eggs but also grow their own strawberries so sell them too! If this is something for you then it is a great idea to earn extra money.

Run a workshop

Similar in a way to running an online course you could also run a workshop to earn money in your skill. This could be in person or online where you teach how to do something.

For example, you could teach sports if you are qualified in those fields, anything blogger or business related, teach any crafts, around the different seasons you can do themed workshops. This could include making wreaths or garlands during the Christmas period or creating Easter baskets.

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Start a business

Now I am not one for starting a business for the sake of it and I definitely can see when someone is not passionate about what they are producing. Therefore, if you do want to start a business to earn money then do make sure it is something you want to do.

It could be you are into photography and want to do that more alongside your job, or sell digital products or art products, or you might want to start a freelance business.

Just remember to do your research and work behind the scenes to get everything as you want before you open the business. It is important and helpful to know what you are doing or even have someone with you that will know what they are doing.

Sell your things

I think the last couple of years going online to sell your belongings have become more popular. It definitely makes sense if you have items that are in good conditions to be given to a new home but also for you to earn some money from that.

There are a variety of sites to use such as Ebay, Depop or Vinted for selling your clothes or items around your home. I would just say research around and find what one works best for you because there are always good and bad things about any of them.

I mean January does seem to be the time to declutter so why not find a way of getting rid of your things?

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There you have it some ways you can earn some extra money this year alongside your day to day job. I personally don’t think we need to have just one income stream and instead having multiple should be a positive thing as long as we are not overworking ourselves of course.

But being able to earn extra money is always beneficial to help in many ways whether that be to add more into your savings or to get out of debt.

Let me know in the comments if you have any things you do to earn extra money?

Also remember to go and check out my first Step by Step Guide to Budgeting and get on top of your finances or debt this year!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I would try out Panelbase if it was based in the United States, but it has inspired me to look for some States-based survey sites that are similar. I would be willing to spend a little time on surveys in exchange for a fair return.

    Love the idea of selling digital products (I am working towards this one!) and using cash back apps to their full potential. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. I didn’t realise it wasn’t in the US! But I hope you find one that is similar, because even when you have a spare bit of time it is handy to get a bit of extra money. 🙂

      Yes hun! I am excited for you 😀 I am also working on something but I am going through that mental battle of thinking it is complete rubbish haha! xx

  2. Great post and it’s come at exactly the right time for me! I never knew that about Boots that’ll help me!

  3. Ooh fab tips here! I love the idea of top cashback, that seems like something work getting into as you’d be paying for it anyway. Selling stuff online has always worked for me too, it’s such a great idea! Thanks for sharing x

  4. These are great suggestions! I definitely agree with doing surveys & I’ve been using Prolific & they’re great! I’ve also been selling some things on Depop.

    1. Thank you! Oh really I have not heard about them! Yeah I love Depop although the fees can be a bit annoying especially if you just want to sell something cheap x

  5. Interesting ideas! I am in the process of creating digital products that I can sell through my blog. Thank you for giving some more ideas to think about!

  6. My husband and I are hoping to actively work towards paying off our home, so we’ve been looking for additional ways to bring in cash. I already work two jobs that take up a ton of time, so finding ways to passively make an income is really important. I like the idea of selling digital goods! Great tips here 🙂

  7. Some awesome ideas – never really thought of doing a workshop but why not? I’ve recently started selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace mainly because we’re moving out, but it’s really made me want to sell more things haha! It’s vert satisfying.

    Love the Boots loyalty points!

    1. Honestly I love selling things too, especially when you have sold stuff haha! Also I think if you have expertise in a field that could teach others then go for that workshop! xx

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