Why You Should Use Awin as a Blogger

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I gain a small commission if you sign up or purchase anything from those links. I only share brands I love and trust.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock then you have probably seen the word Awin being thrown around the blogger sphere lately. However, you might also be sitting there thinking “I don’t actually have a clue what you are on about”. If that is the case then continue reading to find out more, and if you do know then you can still continue to read.

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What is Awin?

Awin is a global affiliate network, and essentially is a way for bloggers to earn money and for businesses to have help promoting their businesses. It is a win win situation.

Bloggers can easily sign up to join affiliate programmes on Awin and once accepted you can then begin to create your own links on the site to then promote in your content.

What is affiliate marketing?

Like this post today affiliate marketing for us bloggers means that you can insert links into your content and if readers click on those links you can get commission but most of the time the reader will have to purchase from those links before you as a blogger earns money.

It is a great way for businesses to gain more exposure whilst also giving a little something back. So if you do see any affiliate links from any of your favourite bloggers and you were thinking of heading onto those brands then use their links because it doesn’t affect you in any way but you can help support bloggers.

The only difference on Awin is the blogger is called a publisher and the business or brand is the advertiser.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing on Awin

  • There are a range of brands all in one place for you
  • You get to work with brands you love
  • You can make extra money on your blog, and these links can stay there forever
  • You can make money from brands you have already mentioned on your blog previously in an easy way

How does Awin work?

I may have briefly mentioned above but to go into more detail incase any of you want to find out a bit more then I will explain.

You basically have to sign up as a publisher on Awin, and wait to be accepted. This can take a couple of days, but mine was accepted within a few hours!

Once you have been accepted you can begin your affiliate journey. There is a list of brands on their network, but you can also search for specific brands as well. Each brand will have all the information you need when you click on them before you join, so make sure to just have a quick read through.

One thing to note is that some brands can take months to accept you onto their programme and others will accept you almost immediately. Just make sure that your blog or website is the best fit for that brand, and of course that you love the brand and want to work with them.

The next step once you have been accepted onto the brands programme is to get adding their links onto your blog. There a couple of different ways to do this and that is all gone into more detail on Awin, so if you need to find out more than head on over there.

The one I mainly use is the link builder and this basically converts the link of that brands website into your own specific affiliate link. It is quick and easy! However, if you need any help then there are a range of useful guides on their website that you can find and use.

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Small fee

Something to mention and note is that there is a small fee when you sign up, for me it was only £1 but I have seen others be charged £5 so that could be for a different package.

However, you do actually get this back once you start earning your affiliate income. This will happen once you hit the payment threshold (which I believe is £20).

This could be an inconvenience but I guess if investing in your blog and yourself is positive then it can only be worth it. Especially as you will get it back once you start earning money.


The last point I want to mention is that there is a marketplace where you can add any additional blogging services that you currently provide. This means you can potentially secure sponsored blog posts as well as your affiliate links.

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There you have it all the reasons you should use Awin as a blogger. I have only had positive experiences so far and I think once you begin to work hard on SEO and getting your website ranked or searched then it is definitely a good idea to get into affiliate marketing.

So join today if you have read this post and it sounds like it could be for you!

Have you heard of or worked with Awin before?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I haven’t actually heard of Awin before. So I found this post really helpful. I will have to look into this. Thank you for sharing Gemma.


  2. I’ve ‘earnt’ precisely 65p in all the years I’ve been on awin. I find most of the brands aren’t who I’d write about, too many of the banners are seasonal, and I don’t have time to be changing them each month. I get clicks, but no purchases. I also don’t find it easy to see where any earnings have come from. I have no idea if there’s a report that tells me, plus I hate that it takes so long for any fees to be authorised. I much prefer Amazon, but if I ever have time I should make an effort to sign up to more and add more to my blog.

    1. I think when it comes to affiliate marketing it is always a hard one to nail and it does require work and doing the keyword research and SEO on your blog posts. I think as well sometimes you can work with brands on extra work as well. For example, I have had some brands contact me on additional work such as sponsored content etc. I think also sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t for others 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience! x

  3. This was such an informative post! I hadn’t actually heard of Awin before but it sounds amazing, I’ll have to look into it. I wouldn’t mind paying the fee anyway but I think it’s a bonus you get it back once you start earning! Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. Thank you so much! You definitely should look into it, and yeah I would be a bit more not willing if it was a much higher fee but yes I agree that fact you get it back is great! Affiliate marketing is just always hard to get right because it does require a lot of SEO and keyword research for your blog posts xx

  4. I have heard of Awin before, so I loved reading this review of your experience on the platform! I am part of several blogging sites that help bloggers land paid opportunities, and I am always up for testing out one more, especially as I have never tried affiliate marketing seriously before and I am confident there are many good opportunities to employ it out there.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! It definitely does require constant work and more so on your whole blog site to really get the SEO and keyword research done, which in turn benefits the affiliate marketing. 🙂

  5. I’ve used a lot of affiliate marketing programs over the years, but Awin isn’t one that I’ve tried yet. I’ve heard great things about it for a while now though, so reading this post just confirmed how great it really is. I’ll have to give it a go sometime soon!

  6. I used to use AWIN occasionally years ago but I don’t do affiliate marketing anymore so I don’t use it but I’ve heard it’s been great for some bloggers, so definitely worth checking out if you’re into affiliate marketing!

    1. Yeah I think it is one of those things that it does work for some but might not for others. Similar to other affiliate programs! Thank you for sharing x

  7. I’ve never actually heard of Awin before but it sounds amazing. What an amazing way for bloggers to earn money. I’ll for sure be checking them out asap! Thank you so much for sharing with us lovely Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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