8 Ways to Raise Your Energy Starting Right Now

We all get in those moods or get in a funk sometimes and it is perfectly ok. However, I am here today to talk about how you can raise your energy starting right now.

I like I am sure others do wake up sometimes feeling stuck, bored, unsure what I am doing with my life and overall my energy is just low. It can be hard to get yourself out of this rut, but even small changes can make such a huge difference.

I hope my post today can help you to raise your energy, get you out of that rut and just begin to wake up feeling grateful, enthusiastic and ready to kick life in the butt.

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8 Ways to Raise Your Energy Starting Today!

Put effort into your meals

The first way to raise your energy is to think about your meals. I am aware we all get talks about meals and what we should be eating all the time. I am not here to tell you what to eat (for one I am not qualified), instead I just want you to think about the meals you are having.

Think about ingredients that are energy boosting or foods that boost our bodies. If we are having the right ingredients that our bodies need then we are less likely to feel sluggish, tired or up and down in terms of our energy levels (which ultimately results in you reaching for that snack for a quick boost).

Take breaks

Another way to raise your energy is to ensure you are resting your mind, body and soul on the regular.

Studies have found that if you take a short power nap it can result in great benefits such as improvement of memory. However, if this is not for you then taking a short break to complete brain trainer activities (cross words or word searches) can do the same and stimulate the brain.

Of course taking breaks can also mean stepping away from the screen for a while, going on a trip and just making more time to focus on you and your self-care.

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Switch up Your Workout Routine

One easy way to raise your energy is to simply change how you do your workout, or alter your routine.

I know that if I do the same routine at the gym or run the same route over and over this can have an impact not only on my progress (I want to tone my body) but also your motivation. By running a different route every now and then or taking part in classes you can make a difference in your health and your energy.

For example, dancing is a great way to get that blood pumping, move to some great tunes, make you feel good and for you to just have a great time. Plus you can just do this for free in the comfort of your own home!

Go for walks

Recently I have spoke to those I know and a lot of them have said they haven’t left their house in “5 days” or “10 days” as they work from home and just haven’t. However, I am the complete opposite and I go for either a walk, run or to the gym everyday because I have to get OUT of the house if I have been working in it all day.

Of course there may be personal reasons for why you don’t go out and that is completely fine. But I do recommend getting outside when you can and try not to leave it too long.

Honestly walking has helped me a lot to clear my mind and with my mental health and it will help to raise your energy. Plus I do come up with some great ideas for the blog, my life and it just influences me in a positive way.


It is ok to want to spend time to yourself, in fact I think it is important we all do so. However, I also believe social interactions are important for our health.

I would recommend just going for it and join those clubs, begin a new hobby, talk to people when you are out or talk to people online. Just by putting yourself out there you can build your confidence, raise your energy and increase positivity in your life.

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Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is definitely something that is talked about so much at the moment but I couldn’t recommend it enough to raise your energy.

Being grateful for what I have and just things that happen in my life keeps things in perspective and makes me appreciate life more. It brings me back into what are the most important things in my life, but also stops me from overthinking and worrying.

Like others what I tend to do is write down three things I am grateful for from the day either in the morning or evening. I prefer to do so in the evening because it lets me think about the positive’s from the day (it can be so easy to overlook the simple and good things that have happened) and it helps me reflect.

Remove clutter

Nothing makes me and my life feel better than being in a clutter free space or home. This is definitely top of my list to help raise your energy and free your mind.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am obsessed with organising videos on Youtube or programmes on the TV that are to do with decluttering. It can be hard sometimes when we attach ourselves to the memories of items we possess, but if we take that step back we can remind ourselves that items are not the most important things and we don’t need most of them in our life.

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Reduce Your Workload

Our energy can be low when our workload is too high. You can feel the fatigue and stress when you put too much on yourself.

Therefore, in order to raise your energy go through your to-do list and highlight the key important tasks. It can be easy to write down everything you need to get done and feel overwhelmed because you feel you have too much to do. So strip it back and just focus on those top important tasks.

Once you reduce that workload you will realise that weight being lifted and that positive energy flowing (well may be not all the time but it contributes).

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There you have it 8 ways to raise your energy starting right now! If you begin to implement any or all of these in your life then you can be more positive and thrive in your own life.

What do you do to raise your energy?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. These are some really suggestions to help lift your energy, this is really important when the weather changes and things get more busy with christmas coming up. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  2. Love how some of these points will tend to both your physical and mental energy because both are so important! I find if I go for a walk earlier in the morning, my energy levels are higher for the day!

    1. I think it is so important to attend to all of our needs! And yes definitely especially right now when it gets darker earlier just getting that light early on does help ☺️

  3. It’s so important to look after your energy so thanks for sharing this! I always take breaks and go for walks it’s amazing.


  4. Interesting and realistic tips that can definitely work and help boost our energy. I have noticed that exersising outdoors and exposing my self to sunlight helps me with my energy levels. Also a good night sleep can do miracles. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing tips! I’ve actually been feeling in a bit of rut recently but these will really help me with getting back on track. I think getting into the habit of practicing gratitude more regularly is definitely something for me to try! Thanks for sharing x

  6. Your first point about meals is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I’ve been procrastinating and putting off sorting out my diet (got into some bad habits) and I really need to start being intentional with what I prepare and put in my body. Going for walks is also something that definitely boosts my energy — thanks for this list, I’m going to put a number of your points into practice!

  7. Great tips.

    The weather change has hit me hard this year and as such, I need to work extra hard to do these things. Especially the exercise one.

    Thanks for sharing.

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