26 Days of Cute Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

Sometimes it can feel like you are constantly doing the same thing with your partner over and over. I have spoke about date night ideas before, but I thought I would hopefully inspire other couples with these Christmas date ideas (of course being 26 days).

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not this season can be extra romantic because it is such a magical time of the year. So take advantage of this Christmas season and grab your love and dive into these Christmas date ideas!

These can be used year after year, or you can even come up with your own! I have included 26 days so you can really enjoy the magic of Christmas everyday with your love.

26 days of Christmas date ideas for couples!

A decorated gingerbread house full of icing, edible signs "candycane lane", "reindeer crossing" and "santas workshop" and reindeer, santa and elf decorations. Next to a golden sparkly Christmas tree and on fake snow.
Photo by Jamie Lee on Pexels.com

Gingerbread house decorating competition

The first on my Christmas date ideas list is decorating gingerbread houses. This might not be for everyone, but it can be so much fun. Pick up some ginger bread house decorating kits from your local supermarket and have some fun. Plus you can have a laugh and you get to eat them afterwards. It is a win win if you ask me!

Ice Skating

For me Ice skating is just a winter/Christmas classic activity. I try to do it every year and I just love it. However, it can also be a cute date idea as well.

The pop up Christmas themed ice skating rinks are just the cutest and they are so festive it makes you feel like you are in a romantic Christmas movie. I mean this is a perfect snow filled Christmas date idea that I recommend.

Hot chocolate tasting session

Now if you are like me and a huge lover of hot chocolate then this a perfect date idea! Plus this can be so much fun because you can set up your own little “hot chocolate tasting bar” and fill it with decorations and try a variety of hot chocolate.

Now for the hot chocolate you may be aware that around Christmas time you can get selection boxes, well these are perfect for your tasting session. Like this one here (not an affiliate link) you get some small boxes and you can then try a range of different hot chocolate drinks without wasting a huge tub!

You could also go down the DIY route and create your own flavours. This could also be a fun touch to your date as you experiment and create your own perfect flavoured hot chocolate drink.

Christmas movie marathon

What is more perfect than grabbing all the festive snacks, cuddling under a duvet or blanket, putting all the lights on, lighting festive candles and watching a range of Christmas movies?

Myself and Ryan have already begun watching Christmas movies everyday, but dedicating a whole day for your Christmas date is cute too!

A giant gold star surrounded by fairy lights all lit up whilst in the dark.
Photo by Elias Tigiser on Pexels.com

Christmas lights walk

Another cute Christmas date idea is going on an evening walk to see all the Christmas lights. I don’t know about you but I love this! Myself and Ryan try to do this as much as possible every year and we always try to walk in different areas to see as many as we can.

Plus it is such a simple and affordable date, and one that is perfect for this year!

DIY Christmas decorations

This is a fun Christmas date idea but it could also be one for a family too. This could actually become a cute couple tradition, and is a great way for you to decorate together.

Plus it can be a funny date because you might realise you are not the best at crafting. But it will create the best memories.

You can find some DIY kits at Hobby craft in the UK (not affiliate).

Bake cakes or biscuits

I mean you have seen the movies right where the couple does some baking together and they start throwing flour at each other and then kiss and it’s all cute? Yeah it probably won’t be like that, but it will be a cute Christmas date.

You bake everything from scratch or there are a selection of kits available at your local supermarkets. It is completely up to you, but just have fun.

A stall at a Christmas market filled with garlands, statues and other decorations with a festive theme.
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Pexels.com

Visit a Christmas market

I love Christmas markets, honestly it just makes my heart feel happy. But visiting markets are also great for Christmas date days or night.

That experience you get together just walking around seeing the lights and visiting the stalls is completely magical.

Christmas party for two

Create a Christmas playlist, set out ALL the party food and drinks and just dance and sing and have a jolly good time.

I always love to play my music and just dance around the room, it is honestly the best way to put yourself in a good mood. But it is also great for a Christmas date night too! You can eat, drink, dance and laugh what is cuter than that?

Christmas photoshoot

This can be a great idea that you can then use and create your own Christmas cards. You can both dress up in your favourite Christmas jumpers, set up a timer and just have a laugh.

Plus you will probably take some funny pictures as well and these will be great memories to look back on.

Create your own Christmas cocktails

If you love to have a drink and you love a cocktail then this is a perfect date idea! Plus you can add the festive them to it and just have a whole night of fun.

Create your own Christmas cocktails and then have a tasting session to see whose cocktails taste the best! You are guaranteed a date day or night of fun!

Even if you don’t drink you can create you own mocktails or other drinks and still have that date night in true Christmas style.

A man and a woman sitting at a table in a cafe with their hot drinks whilst smiling and looking at each other. It is decorated in a light and calm theme with some fake leaves in a vase next to them
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Cosy café date

I love going to Cafe’s and I think they are the perfect date for breakfast or lunch! Plus there are a variety of different themed Cafe’s nowadays so you can really have fun.

Roast Marshmallows

This one might be slightly tricky but there are even a lot of ideas on how to do these indoors now. Or if you have an outdoor fire pit then this is a cute idea for you to wrap up warm sit around a fire and just roast those marshmallows. Spend that quality time together.

Attend a Christmas concert or local theatre show

Near me there is a small theatre (and when I say small I mean it, because it has about 10 rows and that is it) and it holds shows all year but at Christmas time there are Panto’s.

This theatre is run by volunteers and completely relies on donations. Therefore, look up any local shows or concerts and you can have a nice date night and support your local community too. After all Christmas is a time for giving. You can give at Christmas as well as having a cute Christmas date too.

Candlelit dinner

Turn those lights off, light the candles and light up all the fairy lights and have a dinner for two. Perfect indoor activity, and one to truly connect and put those phones away for a night.

A board game zoomed in at the "start" position with a blue character and two dice.
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Games nights

Depending on what you are into then this could be a games night on your console or just a normal board games night. I love playing board games and there are actually a lot more variety of two player games now.

I personally love getting my board games from Big Potato Games (not an affiliate), and when it is cold outside it is nice to stay in and just have a games night. It is a perfect Christmas date if you ask me.

Quiz night

I mean after this year we may all be quizzed out, but this can actually be quite fun as a couple. For example, you can buy write questions either about yourselves or just random questions and do it as a more “how well do you know me” type quiz.

Learn a new skill together

Do some research and have a look and what you both could learn and learn it together. I think this is a great idea and a great way to bond as well.

You are both learning something new as well as spending time together and I think it can be an exciting and fun date.

Indoor Picnic

When it is getting colder outside and darker evenings then it is perfect to have an indoor picnic. You can light the fire (if you have one), and sort out a blanket in front of it and fill it with food and drinks.


I don’t know if any of you have done this before but there is something so calm and relaxing about stargazing.

Especially just you and your partner laying on the ground looking up at the sky, completely lost in that moment. The sounds of night time and peace all around. Honestly I recommend this for any couple to try at least once.

A birds eye view of a cabin in the snow and woods, surrounded by snow filled trees.
Photo by Mohan Reddy Atalu on Pexels.com

Weekend break

You could find some cute cabin, or go on a ski trip or even visit a Country filled with Christmas markets. These are such a great idea for a Christmas date, and I love going away during November/December.

Virtual Classes

I have seen some brilliant classes this year ranging from online cooking classes, wreath making and make up classes. But I think these could be a great date night idea! For example, the wreath making classes are great for you both to create something for your own home and have some fun!

Explore your local city

Spend a day or afternoon exploring your local city. Go into museums, explore any local landmarks, attractions and then eat some yummy food afterwards.

You may realise that there are some things in your local area that you didn’t even realise, and you can find them together as a couple.

Make a pizza

Pizza is easy to make and is a great food choice that most people love. Plus cooking together can be so much fun!

Also I personally think if made right a homemade pizza is the best pizza (yes I am saying that over a dominoes pizza I know).

Wine and Painting

You do not have to be a professional to have some painting fun. Just pick up a blank canvas for you both, put on a youtube painting video or even join a virtual class, drink some wine and have loads of fun.

Go holiday shopping

I mean shopping may not be your thing, but you can have some fun during the Christmas period. Plus you may get some hints or ideas of what they really want.

I love shopping around the holiday’s and especially with my partner, even if I don’t spend any money I love window shopping.

I hope there is some Christmas date ideas for you to dive straight into this year or even for the following years to come!

Let me know in the comments if you have any Christmas date night ideas?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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    1. Oh no that is such a shame! Have you guys rearranged a date?
      I am glad you both have looked to the situation as positively as you can and can celebrate together still in some way xxx

  1. I absolutely LOVE this time of year for fun couple time! I asked my husband if he’d be up for Winter Wonderland and he wasn’t too keen but our town has its own ice rink and mini winter wonderland which will be fun. Loving your date ideas, bookmarking this for when I need inspiration!

    1. Me too it is just the best! We are going to winter wonderland this year with some friends that are coming down from the North, so I am excited! Thank you hun xx

  2. I love the fun activities you have collected and shared here; I love the idea of a game night, an indoor picnic, and marshmallow roasting! As a hot chocolate lover, I have to check out the hot chocolate tastings idea; I did not know I could have it in different flavors.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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