My Top 5 Autumn Fashion Pieces For This Year

I love fashion even if sometimes the choices I do make are questionable, and Autumn fashion is even more special to me. I love expressing myself and I have never felt that I need to dress a certain way to “fit in”. I have always dressed how I felt and that is perfectly ok, especially as I have grown up and my style has changed.

Therefore, for my post today I wanted to go through my top Autumn fashion pieces for this year. However, in saying that most of these pieces are either second hand bought or pieces I have owned for a year or more. I have spoke more about how to wear what you have in your wardrobe previously which you can check out.

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What Makes Autumn Fashion great?

First of all it is that time where it is not too hot or too cold so layers are not essential. But in saying that Autumn fashion has jumpers, tights, leggings, cardigans and more. These are key pieces and pieces that I love.

Not only all of this but the colours are beautiful. I love the yellows, oranges, reds/burgundy’s and just the darker colours. Can you sense how much I love Autumn fashion yet?

Cream Shacket

First of all I have to mention my beautiful cream shacket because I just love it. Autumn fashion to me is the time to give all my jackets their time to shine, and it is the perfect weather for them.

I don’t know how to describe this jacket but I wear it all the time. It was from originally from Stradivarius last year, but I am sure there are more around this year too.

I feel like this shacket suits the majority of my Autumn fashion as well, and it is a great piece to be able to just throw on and add that extra layer but still not act as a coat.

Autumn leaves shirt

This next Autumn fashion piece I got from Depop and it is an absolute gem. I mean could it be any more Autumn if it tried?

I am not too sure of the brand of this one, but it is in great condition and perfect for work attire or chilling at home. It also has a lovely soft material to it, which makes it great on the skin.

However, in general I love shirts during this season because you can get creative and have fun with it. You can layer them up by opening the shirt and having a top underneath or you can tuck into a skirt and more. Plus they are definitely fashionable – something I wouldn’t necessarily class myself.

Long green skirt

Wearing long skirts can be a part of the summer but I love them in Autumn fashion with my knee high boots or some tights.

At the moment I am obsessed with this beautiful green skirt (which was also a Depop purchase but brand is Zara), and I know you might think more Christmas vibes but I am loving it right now.

The thing I love about long skirts is they can be thrown on and just make an outfit. You can also be casual with them or dress them up for a date night or night out. Again it is just about getting creative and having fun.

Cream crochet knit jumper

My next Autumn fashion piece is a cream crochet knit jumper. Now this time of year is not quite ready for those thick knitwear waiting to come out of the storage boxes, but this piece is perfect. It is full of holes (due to the crochet effect) and so means it is very airy.

This was another Depop find (brand is Zara) and I did actually search for this after watching an old Christmas youtube vlog. But I am in love with it and have worn it as much as I can.

I have paired it a few times with my green skirt and it makes a perfect outfit for those days out (or night).

Knee high boots

Last on the list are my knee high boots. One of my favourite things about Autumn is being able to wear boots, I just love them and have a couple of different varieties. All of them I wear to death and until they have holes – most of my boots I have managed to last me the last couple of years.

However, this year I was on the look out for knee high boots with a small heel that would be perfect for long walks or walks in muddy fields. Then as I thought I would never find what I was looking for I walked into New look and found these.

To say I am in love with them is a complete understatement. They fit perfectly, which was something I was worried about because with knee high boots I find they fit the size of my feet but around legs they are too small. But these boots fit and I cannot stop wearing them. They are definitely going to be great for the winter too.

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There you have it my top 5 Autumn fashion pieces for this year (and probably more years to come). I have definitely enjoyed making more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to buying key pieces in my wardrobe. However, I don’t tend to buy a lot of fashion anyway and I still have clothes I wore when I was 14-18 years old.

What are your favourite Autumn fashion pieces in your wardrobe?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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13 thoughts

  1. Jacket and the boots could have come out of ny wardrobe. They are so much my style. You reminded me I have to look for a new pair of boots. Thank God it is still warm enough here.

  2. The burgundy’s, gentle browns, and creams are my favorite colors of the season! I am a big skirt girl too, so boots are a must have for me, alongside colorful scarves in deep red or cream, and warm but not too heavy cardigans.
    Thanks for sharing your staples!

  3. Great picks to enjoy the autumnal vibes. I really like that floaty green skirt. Never bought anything from Depop before but I’ve heard a lot about it. Will have to take a mooch and see what it’s like.

    The problem I have with wearing skirts is the top half of me always looks bizarre. I’m like the Michelin Man in any season but the hottest days of summer, so I can’t seem to make a skirt look good with all the layers of cardigans, jumpers and the bulky coat on top 😂

    Booties are brilliant, a must-have for me. I could do with a new pair of knee-highs so I’ll keep NL in mind.

    Caz xx

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love my green skirt I honestly am non stop wearing it 😂

      I always used to think that (I have always been a jeans kind of gal) but the last few years I have really pushed out of my comfort zone and just went for it with skirts! So I say look around and find the style of skirt for you ☺️

      Yes to boots! Plus they are so comfy

      Thank you for reading!

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