Decorate your home now for Halloween in 6 steps

I love Halloween, I love Spooky season and I love going all out (just as much as I would for Christmas). I did write a “transitioning into Autumn” post which you can go check out, but I wanted to share a post on how you can decorate your home.

Before you get started on decorating your home I did write a post all about being Sustainable for Halloween, which you can check out before this post or after. Now let’s get into today’s post and prepare your home for all the spookyness…

Decorate your home for Halloween in 6 steps!

Be prepared to have fun and create a spooky and scary home this Halloween.

A range of Halloween decorations on a orange background such as; a black bat, a white ghost, a black spider and cobweb, and a black bat on a white blob background to decorate your home
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Plan to decorate your home

The first thing I would recommend when you are thinking of how to decorate your home is sitting down and planning what look you are going for, and what you actually want. For example, if you are a family you might not want to go too scary but still have that element of Halloween in your home.

However, if you are a couple or even if you live by yourself and love horror then you can decorate as scary as you wish.

Therefore, sit down and write a list of things you might want and what rooms you would like to decorate because this will help you when it comes to shopping. Also it could be fun for you to plan activities for you and the family (if you have one) to get creative together within that particular space. Or even a cute spooky date night for you to have fun and transform a space together.

Tree branches, tap and string and a pair of scissors and a hand holding the tree branches together to make a wreath.
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Halloween themed wreaths

I am one of those people that just assumed that wreaths were a festive and Christmas thing. However, l have seen Stacey Solomon on Instagram decorate the front of her house before with this huge autumnal wreath and to be honest I am all for it.

If you want to go for a more spooky wreath then maybe get creative and add some personal touches. For example, some spooky ghosts, witches, spiders etc. I think it is actually nice to see a wreath on the door and it just brings that spookyness to the outside as well. It is a nice personal touch and a super easy way to decorate your home.

A black background with white light up ghost on a string.
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Use your windows

Another key idea to decorate your home for Halloween is to use your windows. If you step outside your home and look straight ahead at your home then the windows are kind of like the eyes to your home. Therefore, I cannot recommend enough to utilise this to create your Halloween home.

You could quite literally cover the windows in giant eyes (I mean that would be pretty creepy). However, I have also seen “fake shadows” of killers in the windows and you can buy quite a lot of things from Pound land and cheap stores etc.

If you are going for a more family friendly Halloween look then I have seen window stickers of cute little ghosts or spiders etc, so that could be a cool look you could go for, and would be a fun activity to do with the kids.

A white room filled with spider webs all around the room.
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Spider webs

Something that is cheap and you can use for years and years are fake Spider webs. Honestly, we bought a few packets a few years ago and they have lasted us, but they are great anda simple way to decorate your home.

You can use them outside in your front lawn (if you have one) and cover a bush in them, or the front of your house. It will immediately create that spooky effect. Also throughout your home you can use it to just add a bit more of a spooky feel.

For example, in my home we have shelves in the living room and so we use the corners of them to hang the spider webs off them. I mean sometimes I do forget and they scare me (mainly because I am terrified of spiders), but other than that it is a simple, cheap and effective Halloween decoration.

Two pumpkins that are both lit up in the dark on the ground in the mud.
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Make use of what you have

Something that I have grown up with is making use of what you have. A top step for when you are thinking of how to decorate your home. When I say that you always create something out of something then most of the time this is true. If you have old things lying around or old wood pallets then these are all perfect for creating old and spooky looks around the home and outside.

For example, you can use the old wood pallets to create a spooky graveyard either inside or outside. In addition, you can use old tins paint them white or black and create spooky themed lanterns from them!

Therefore, I recommend before you chuck anything away just check whether you can reuse it to create a decoration.

Three pumpkins on a windowsill, the huge one in the middle is carved with a smiley face.
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Lastly, it wouldn’t be Autumn or Halloween if there were not pumpkins involved to decorate your home. Of course you can get carving (which again would be a fun family activity or date night) and create spooky faces which you can then put your lights in.

However, to make your pumpkins last a little longer then don’t carve them! Also I read here that if you bath them in bleach this helps preserve them even longer, which is quite interesting and something I have never heard before! So check that out if you are interested in that.

Like I said pumpkins come in different shapes, or colours and so you can get creative in where you put them around the home or outside. I personally love my china ones in front of the fireplace/on the mantelpiece. In addition, on the landing at the top of the stairs or I love a few real pumpkins outside the front door. But of course this is completely up to you, like I said get creative and have fun!

Do you decorate your home for Halloween? How do you like to decorate?

Decorate your home for Halloween in 6 steps!

There you have it my tips for how to decorate your home for Halloween in these simple six steps! If anyone has any small businesses as well that cater for Autumn/Halloween then let me know as well!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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28 thoughts

    1. Oh really! I feel like a lot of people are that way but I have always loved Halloween πŸŽƒπŸ‘» I definitely recommend it! Even more so this year 😊

  1. We don’t decorate for Halloween. I did buy a gorgeous Autumnal wreath this year that I persuaded my Mum to keep on the fireplace but she doesn’t want it there – what an Autumnal bore!

    1. Aww I think Autumn is such a beautiful time to decorate for and with this year it is just something to cheer everyone up πŸŽƒ that is such a shame! Autumn wreaths are stunning 😍

    2. I don’t decorate for Halloween but these are fantastic tips I must say! The idea of pumpkins and Halloween themed wreaths are so fab. I mean what’s a Halloween without pumpkins?! I would love to add a little decor to my home for autumn so I will use some of these tips. Thank you for sharing

  2. I love halloween so much, but I hate how us Brits never properly celebrate unless we have kids. Have you seen how much Zoe Sugg always celebrates autumn and halloween? Her house always inspires me! I think this year I will definitely be making more of an effort with this spooky season, thank you for sharing lovely. The halloween wreath is such a good idea xxx

    1. So do I! Omg yesss I saw her house on Instagram the other day and I was so jealous πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ she has so many pumpkins it’s unreal!! Thank you beaut xxx

  3. I have a Halloween party coming up at the end of the month and while I don’t like anything truly scary, I’ve wanted to add a few spoopy pieces like fake cobwebs to our house. We actually have a spider problem, living in the country, so we’ve got plenty of real webs BUT if I put the fake cobweb outside on my bushes, I might be less freaked out haha! My mom also found this cute idea to cut holes in paper towel and toilet paper tubes and put glow sticks inside to hide in the grass and bushes and they wind up looking like eyes peering out at you! I’ve been collecting our different paper tubes for that. And of course I have pumpkins, a festive doormat, and a wreath for extra cuteness!

    1. That sounds great and exciting having a Halloween party! Oh no way I have a fear of spiders so that would be horrible for me πŸ˜‚ that is actually a brilliant idea! Your mum is a creative genius, that would look amazing!!

  4. Fab tips! Planning is always crucial when decorating for any season, and spider webs are essential for creating that spooky mood! Thanks for sharing, you’ve made me a lot more excited for Halloween x

  5. We have carved three pumpkins; two with happy pumpkin faces and one with a wicked grin. They bring in the Halloween vibes when we light them at night! With spiderwebs and cardboard cut bats and owls, we have decorated several sections of the house, but planning is definitely key when it comes to putting together a bigger scene. A couple weeks to go and we are still having fun with it.
    Thanks for sharing your tips!

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