How to Make Fall Workouts Fun

Most of us approach October and November and don’t think fall workouts are fun and the cool air and weather that comes with this time means we want to hibernate under a blanket. However, these cool temperatures are great for keeping your body alert and a lower body temperature. If that is not enough to persuade you then I am here to share with you how to make fall workouts fun this year!

Last year I was inspired and came up with a way of having fun exercising during October with some spooky workout ideas, so get your favourite spooky tunes and get that body moving!

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Why Workout During the Fall?

Well as I mentioned above the cooler air is great for your breathing (especially if you are running) and your body. As a runner myself I always look forward to running outside in the fall/autumn and winter months (not so much the rain though).

Research has suggested that fall workouts strengthens your immune system and decreases your chances of getting a cold.

If that doesn’t make you want to exercise then think about how beautiful nature and our outside is during the fall. The leaves are full of colours, the air is fresh and sometimes it is quieter outside. It is honestly the perfect time to make the most of our environment.

Of course ensure you wrap up and wear the correct gear but remember to have fun!

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Now to get into how you can make fall workouts fun!

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Walking Dates

One way to have some fun and get your body moving is to organise some walking dates. Get your family together, meet up with friends or even with your partner and get outside.

Fall workouts don’t have to be about high intensive exercise but can simply be about appreciating the great outdoors with those you love. You can wrap up, put your boots on, fill up your flasks with your favourite hot drinks and just enjoy some lovely company.

Buddy Workouts

Another way to have some fun fall workouts is to buddy up. Similar to my point above to having some walking dates, this can apply to everything else.

I personally prefer to run or go to the gym alone, but if you are the opposite to me then grabbing a buddy can be the perfect motivation. Especially if you need that extra push as it begins to get colder. This helps with encouraging socialising, benefiting your mental health and of course great for your physical health too.

Join Sport Classes

When you think of sport classes you probably think that you have to be naturally good or want to go into that sport. However, there are a load of classes that are great for beginners, and great for building friendships.

Back in 2018 I decided to get back into dancing again and not only was I having a great time just being able to dance for an hour every week but I made some friends too! Therefore, try something new this fall and make your fall workouts fun.

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Change up Your Routes

If you already run or walk regularly then this fall might be the perfect time to switch up your route. Sometimes we find it hard to enjoy our workouts because we stick to the same route over and over.

If you have a car you can also drive to a new area and then complete your walk, run or bike ride too. This might seem silly to drive to do your workout but honestly you can experience so much more if you do venture further (or use public transport).

Find Something to Train for

Sometimes when I am stuck with my running for me personally signing up for a race helps to give me a kick up the butt that I need.

You can sign up for walking races, bike races, running and even if you are attending classes for any sports then you can see if there are mini competitions within the club.

Having something to train for even if it is simply you just enjoy it is a great way to motivate you to enjoy your fall workouts.

Reward Yourself

Set yourself goals, work hard and remember to reward yourself. It could be as simple as treating yourself to a bath, letting yourself read for 30 minutes or watching an episode of a current TV show you are binging.

Having something to motivate you is a great way for you to enjoy your fall workouts that bit more. It does not necessarily make the workout more fun, but it does keep that enjoyment for working out up because you know that there is something there for when you finish.

For example, I have joined running virtual races before where you run a set amount of miles throughout the whole month and if you complete this and submit your evidence then you get sent a medal. For me it is a nice piece of physical evidence that I can push myself and I can do it.

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There you have it some ways for how you can make fall workouts fun this year!

Do you struggle to workout when it gets colder? Do you have any tips for working out during fall?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Oh wow!!!!!! It is soooooo nice to go for a brisk walk and do a lot of workouts during autumn. Autumn is so beautiful and the breeze is cool. I wish my country has breeze like autumn.

  2. Unlike you, I thrive in autumn and definitely find myself wanting to be more active since it’s not so dang hot outside anymore. I’ve been going on walks nearly every day with my husband and loving it! I can’t wait to have cooler mornings to do yoga on my back porch too! Great ideas here 🙂

    1. I love Autumn a lot it is one of my favourite seasons, and I definitely run better during these months! And thank you for sharing it sounds wonderful how much you thrive ☺️

  3. I always enjoy taking walks in the Fall. Where I live, it gets really hot in the Summer so it can be difficult to go for walks unless you do it early in the morning. Thanks for these tips!

  4. Fap tips! I’ve always been meaning to get into a workout routine but I’ve never gotten around to it. Perhaps now will be the time to start! I love the sound of walking dates, they sound like something my friends and I would really enjoy, and rewarding yourself is so important. Thanks for sharing x

  5. These are amazing tips Gemma. I am not so much of an exercise/work out person lol but these tips sound fantastic. I never knew fall workouts strengthen the immune system and reduce chances of getting a cold…. I think the idea of walking dates and rewarding yourself are just fab.

    1. Thank you so much! I mean it is not for everyone ☺️ absolutely, working out in the winters has a lot of great benefits for our bodies that people don’t realise! Thank you xx

  6. Yes, the switch from summer workouts to fall workouts always throws me off a little, because nothing is less comfortable than starting out in a chilly atmosphere. Warming up properly therefor becomes something I put a little more effort into and, once I am warm, I good to go. 🙂

  7. I absolutely love autumn and honestly much prefer to go for walk when the weather is chillier. I think the crispier air is such a great treat, so walking dates sound like an amazing idea for me and hopefully add some indoors workout too x

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