How to Pamper Yourself After Work This Fall

As the daylight seems shorter when we get further and further into Fall and then into the Winter months, it can be easy to forget to pamper yourself. However, looking after yourself is important throughout the whole year, but especially when the weather may be horrible and it is darker for most of the day.

Letting yourself relax not only reduces stress (which we all need) but it produces a lot of great effects on our body too. This can include reducing muscle tension, pain and improving concentration and mood. Not to mention relaxing triggers those feel good hormones serotonin and oxytocin that we all know about.

Anyway in today’s post I want to share with you how you can pamper yourself after work this fall. Perfect for fitting into a potential busy schedule, and without breaking the bank too!

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Have an at Home Spa Evening

Having a spa evening does not have to mean spending hundreds in order for you to have a good pamper.

You can invite friends or family and grab face masks, wear dressing gowns, pop open the champagne (or non alcoholic beverage of your choice) and have an evening of relaxation. Buying some of these products can be super affordable if you look in the right places and it can be the perfect way of unwinding after a busy day of work.

Get Your Fall Wardrobe Ready

I mean this might not be a great pamper idea for everyone, but I know I love sorting through my wardrobe. Plus knowing that it is ready for the fall season is super helpful.

This can also inspire you to have a declutter of clothes you may not need, and this can focus you on not going out and buying clothes for the sake of it. Instead you can see what you have got and if there is anything you do need then you can go pick that up.

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Spend Time Crafting or Reading or on a Project

Another way to pamper yourself after work is to make sure you are spending time for the things you enjoy. This could be reading for an hour, knitting or crafting or it could be a project you are currently working on.

Most of the time we focus too much on working that we forget that we should make time for hobbies or what we enjoy in life. Doing this is also a great way of reducing stress and you can do things you love. Life is too short to focus solely on work all the time (I know this can be hard we all need money to get through life), but do try to make some time to pamper yourself outside of work too.

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Embark on a Nature Walk

Since working from home getting out for a walk after work is important to me. Not only for exercise but for de stressing from the day, so I guess in a way this is how I pamper myself after work.

However, I could not recommend this enough to everyone else. Plus going for walks in fall is one of my favourites. To see the change in wildlife and the leaves in the trees is such a beautiful experience that we are all lucky to witness. Our world is stunning which is why it is important to protect it.

Plus a 10 minute walk won’t take up much of your time after work but will make a huge difference on your health. You can even set yourself a challenge to motivate you with this too, or even go with a neighbour or friend.

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Prepare Early

I have spoke about this in a previous post but ensuring you prepare early for Halloween/fall and even Christmas is important. Therefore, maybe after work you can schedule in an hour to think about budgeting and what gifts to buy for who.

I mean doing a little everyday can be a huge help in the long term and reduce stress but help with those finances.

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Start a New Hobby

Another way to pamper yourself is to begin a new hobby. There may be something you have wanted to do for a while, so here is your sign to go for it.

I have really been interested in taking beginner tennis lessons recently so watch this space. I am not going to be in Wimbledon but I am going to have some fun. I realised that instead of wasting time sitting at home scrolling or watching TV ALL the time I want to be going out and doing more for me.

So here is how you can pamper yourself after work this fall! Remember that there is more to life than working and we all have the right to enjoy it and do what we want to do.

Do you have any ideas of how you like to pamper yourself?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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    1. Absolutely! I definitely recommend it! I made my own autumn Garland and wreath this year and I have my own knitted products for my small business ☺️ thank you! X

  1. I love having at home spa evenings! It is my favourite way of winding down and relaxing after a long day at work. I also love reading a good book during the autumn months! X

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