How to Plan For The Fall and Winter Months Now

I know it might sound crazy to plan for fall and winter but personally I find it easier to enjoy and get through the months from September to January if I know when everything is, my home is sorted and I have my finances in check.

I love being on top of everything and I love being organised, and for me these months are extremely busy with birthdays and of course Halloween and Christmas. Therefore, having a plan is important to me to be able to budget, organise events, ensure everything around the home is prepared and of course take some time off.

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In today’s post I want to share with you how to plan for fall and winter and hopefully I can help you get on top and feel organised within the next few months too!

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Check heating

Something that is important and to ensure as early on as possible is to check your heating. We normally test it during September just to make sure it is running properly, but of course sometimes in the UK it does like to get freezing early. Therefore, being prepared is not a bad thing.

I would recommend this early because during the winter months people wanting new boilers or checks will be busy so if you can ensure yours is perfect in advance this will definitely save you a lot of time! Plus it saves you having to go days or weeks without a heater if you do leave it and there is a waiting list for it to be fixed.


I am a big nerd when it comes to spreadsheets. I just love using them for anything and everything. However, when it comes to planning then I use them to help me budget and get organised for Christmas.

I normally create a spreadsheet that will have Christmas and birthdays from September to end of December, and then how much I spend on that person or family. I also like to make notes in a column of ideas for what to get them, whether I have bought them any presents and a running total of all costs together.

Creating a spreadsheet helps with planning throughout these months and I can see what my spending’s are. In addition, I do have spreadsheets for my crafts/business and a spreadsheet that monitors my monthly earnings and costs.

Change up Your Wardrobe

Unless you tend to keep all your clothes out all year then I recommend making a head start on getting your autumn/fall and winter wardrobe ready.

I tend to pack away my autumn and winter clothes in a packing bag and store them away just so they are out of the way and I can focus on each season in my wardrobe. It just makes sense and I don’t get as frustrated trying to find clothes to wear. Therefore, as we approach this season again I can easily swap my wardrobe around and pack away those summer clothes.

Not only this but it is a great way to declutter any clothes from the current season or even go through your previous years of autumn/winter clothes and get rid of anything that you don’t need.

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Prepare and Buy Gifts Early

One way to spread costs and help you with your finances is to begin buying presents as early as you can.

Something I will say when you are buying presents is to think about what you are actually buying. This is why I like to begin buying gifts as early as possible because I can take my time and buy presents that the people will enjoy. Then nearer Christmas I put together stocking presents for Ryan and my parents that will have sweets, chocolates or sprays/bath sets.

The last few years I have been conscious of ensuring I don’t waste my money on gifts especially as I learn more about being eco-friendly and our environment. Now this is not to say I am perfect because I am not, but I am learning.

Declutter Your Home

As your home is soon to become filled with fall or festive goodies it might be a good idea to go around your home and have a deep clean and declutter.

I love doing this to help me plan for these next few months so that as I get my fall or festive décor out I am not just adding clutter onto clutter. I normally then like to donate to charity or take to recycling spaces.

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Schedule in “Me Time”

It is going to slowly get colder and the days will get darker, so ensure you are looking after yourself. Ensure you schedule in time for you and look after yourself during these times when it may seem a bit more miserable outside. But also it is good to prepare for these months as it can be a difficult time and you might have stresses or worries.


If you are planning on beginning an exercise routine during the next few months or if there is an event you are training for.

You want to start getting into exercise as soon as possible because this way you should have built up a much better routine by the time it gets to winter. This is better as the excuses and you wanting to stay in bed longer will come around when its cold, so break that and get onto a good routine now.

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There you have it some ways to get ahead and plan for fall and winter today. I am sure there are more ideas that will help you prepare for the next few months and feel free to share in the comments!

Let me know if there is anything you do to help you get ahead for fall and winter?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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20 thoughts

  1. Definitely agree with getting the heating checked, and bleeding the radiators, before you need to use it – much like servicing the car before a long journey. And I always buy presents through the year, I can’t bear a last minute panic before Christmas. Great tips, Gemma, glad I’m not the only spreadsheet fan! x

    1. Definitely! It is the worst when you come to turn the heating on and it’s not working. I am the same if I get an idea or see presents I will get them no matter what time of year! Thank you Lisa, and I love a spreadsheet 😂 xx

  2. Oh! These are fantastic tips Gemma! I love the idea of creating me time, decluttering, changing your wardrobe and preparing and buying gifts early as I do them and I know they are amazing ways to plan not only for fall but for all seasons as well. I have never tried using spreadsheets before but it sounds like a great idea. I should give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing x

  3. Love this! I’ve never actually had a spreadsheet for keeping track of gifts but it sounds like a great idea, I’ll have to try it out this year. I always try and buy as early as possible too! Thanks for sharing x

    1. It honestly is the best idea! One tab that can factor all the costs/budget and then another for what you have spent/bought and for who- it is soo helpful! Thank you xx

  4. Buying Christmas gifts early is a time saver! Another one I would add is shop out of season e.g. in summer if you see long sleeve tops or nice slippers, buy them then because when winter comes around they’ll be more expensive and those sorts of items are more in demand x

  5. These are all really great ideas on reducing stress during the short days of the next two seasons. I definitely want to get a jump start on Christmas shopping and other preparations so that I can relax during December. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Buying gifts way ahead of time, if possible, allows me to avoid inflated holiday prices, though sometimes there are good discounts around that time of year too. Your spreadsheet sounds amazing and organized!

    It is feeling like fall where I live, so I have shifted my summer clothes to the back of my dresser. Wearing the right clothing helps me get ready for the seasons ahead.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Absolutely! Plus you can buy a range of good stuff rather than having the shelves taken up by gift boxes full of things that people don’t really want but are just drawn too!

      Yeah it has been sunny here but definitely more chilly in the air and I love it. 🎃

    1. I mean that is a good idea! But my heart loves Halloween and fall and I have a nice collection already so I love celebrating 😂🎃 I have started Christmas shopping, defo takes the stress away a bit! X

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