Second Hand September: How to Get Involved and go Beyond Today

Second hand September comes around every year and Oxfam began this pledge to make those into fashion rethink Fashion week and the need to shop for new clothes for the coming season. Instead shoppers should say no to new clothes for 30 days and help reduce the impact on the planet.

This is a great pledge to make and while I think it does help encouraging others to reduce fast fashion for a month I do think it should go further as well. This new lifestyle and the fashion choices we make should not be limited to one month. I fully believe that being conscious whilst shopping is important throughout the whole year.

However, if Second hand September is where to start then I fully support this to encourage others to develop positive fashion habits for the future.

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Why Second Hand September is Important

According to Oxfam (as linked above) 13 million clothes go to landfill every week, which is absolutely shocking for our environment. Not only this but 93% of fast fashion companies do not pay their workers a living wage. So it is important we help to get workers a fair wage whilst also playing a role in reducing waste to help the world we live in.

Climate change is happening and with the right direction and education we can contribute in small ways to make a big difference.

In saying this I can understand that we are all not perfect and that we will shop fast fashion sometimes. But if we all made small changes and cut that shopping down then even that would make a huge difference. This is when second hand September helps, but just needs to continue throughout the year.

Anyway below I have listed some ways we can all get involved during second hand September and beyond.

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Buy Second Hand

Of course we shall start with the most obvious and that is to shop second hand. There are many ways to do this and even more are becoming available.

I regularly sell and use Depop to buy clothes from, there is also Ebay, ASOS Marketplace, or just wandering down to your local charity shop. Plus you never know what gems you can find.

This is also great for shopping for books, home décor and crafts and you will find some great bargains.

Learn to care for clothes

Sometimes it is actually us that ruin the clothes we own either by over washing, washing wrong and just not caring for our clothes.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to care for your clothes to make sure they last longer. Some useful tips come from some experts in Stockholm that have helped share ways to care for the clothing in the best ways.


In addition to the point above we should also attempt to fix our clothes in order to make them last that little bit longer.

It is just important to think twice before we throw in the bin. Second Hand September is great for this because it is almost like giving your clothes a second chance at life. For example, you can simply just mend an item of clothing that you own, or you can use it for something else.

I have had clothing items before that were not in the best condition to sell or donate to charity so I have used the material for crafting, making my own headbands, turning into a new clothing item or turning into cleaning cloths.

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Use What You Have in Your Wardrobe

I have previously spoke about this before but I think we need to use and look at what we currently own before purchasing further items.

Most of the time we go and buy items that we have in our wardrobes. Therefore, if we just look at the clothes we own and wear what we have, switch outfits up – give the clothes we own a new lease of life. This will not only be beneficial for the environment but will save us money in the long term too!

Clothes swap

Another idea for second hand September or for whenever is to do clothes swap.

When I studied at University and I lived with 3 girls we always wore each others clothes if we could. But this is something you could do with family members too and it might be fun to switch up outfits with those around you sometimes.

This would also work if you are getting rid of clothes to give to those around you and then swap with clothing items that they want to get rid of.

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There you have it, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on second hand September and ways for us to get involved not only this month but throughout the year.

Let me know your thoughts on second hand September? Do you get involved or are there any tips you would love to share?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Fabulous post Gemma. In 2020, I vowed to not buy any new clothing. Since the beginning of last year, I’ve bought only about 5 new clothing items. The pandemic has helped but I’ll definitely choose second hand from now on. Thanks for sharing these tips. These are excellent ideas.

  2. Great suggestions! It’s always good to be more conscious of what you’re buying in regards to clothes but I think something like Second Hand September is such an easy way to introduce yourself to shopping more sustainably!

  3. The whole concept of second hand September is very new to me but I love this idea and I think it’s a fantastic one. The stats are crazy to be honest! 13 million clothes go to landfill every week?! Wow! And we complain that our earth is deteriorating everyday! This is an amazing concept. I love the idea of a clothe swap and that of using what you haveve in your wardrobe. I would really love to participate in second hand September. Thank you for sharing x

  4. Fab suggestions! I love finding second hand clothes, I always have a wander around the charity shops on the weekend. I’d love to do some swaps with my friends too – I’ll have to suggest it to them! Thanks for shairng x

  5. A clothing swap sounds like such a fun way to expand on your wardrobe options without actually buying anything new, and it works for all parties involved! I need to find someone interested in trying that out with me.

    Upcycling and buying secondhand, as well as selling gently used clothing to a new life, is also a lovely way to buy responsibility when you must buy. I have got quite a full wardrobe so the only new things I add to it frequently as items passed on to me by friends. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh it actually is and if you can find people it is great! There should maybe be like a local event and people swap clothes etc – that would be cool!

      Yeah definitely, it is always good to buy what you need and not just buying for the sake of it. ☺️ xx

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