The Top 3 Positives I Read in August This Year

Sometimes it can be hard to think about the positives around us, and life is up and down that is just reality. However, for this post I wanted to share some positive stories from around the world that I have read about in August.

I have been doing a lot of reading of my local community, anything to do with science and even how people are helping our environment. I found some brilliant stories and I kind of wanted to share with you all some good news and give you something feel good.

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Now I will say that I don’t actually think it is a good thing to always be positive and to always focus on positives. I think it is important for us to utilise all emotions and for us to be able to allow ourselves to feel sad and take the time to look after ourselves.

However, for my post today I do what to share these inspiring and wonderful stories because it shows that we can all make a difference in some way big or small. So let’s get into 3 positives of August this year!

I do want to point out that these stories may not have happened on a date in August but I read these stories in that month and they are happening right now.


I want to start with a wonderful story of a product called “Sow Beautiful” created by a group of students from a grammar school in West Yorkshire for the Design Ventura’s competition.

The idea is to help combat the declining bee populations around the UK and everything about the design and product and materials have incorporated a sustainable approach.

How it works is that you build it yourself (as it comes in a kit) and then it launches seeds which have been approved and chosen by the Royal Horticultural Society’s list of best pollinating wildflowers. This then acts as pollen for the growing bee populations.

One thing I love about this is it shows that young generations do care and want to make a difference and this product is such a lovely and wonderful idea to not only enhance people’s crafting skills but helping our environment too.

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*Just a warning I am not intending to upset anyone but this is a trigger warning as there is mentions of Domestic abuse (I don’t go into personal stories or details but please skip past this section if you wish)*

Something else I read was that a programme is supposed to be launching that will train hairdressers and those in the beauty industry to look for signs of domestic abuse.

It is said that roles which require face-to-face interaction that is a high part of the job role should be aware and understand what to look for if a customer was to show signs.

I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. As someone that previously worked with pre-schoolers we undertook training for a lot of different things to look out for in children but also families. Therefore, I know how important it is in these roles to be able to look out for others when they cannot do so themselves.

Health (and Environment)

We are seeing the end of leaded gas. Not only will this be hugely beneficial for the environment but also for our health too.

Science has suggested that lead effects every psychological domain in the human body, so I don’t know about you but I can wave bye to having this in my life. It is no secret that lead contaminates air, dust, soil, food crops, drinking water and this in turn causes high human blood lead levels – this even more dangerous for children.

This is a huge step in the right direction but there is still a long way to go in getting rid of the current contamination (pollution) in our communities. However, I hope with changes like these we can help our environment for the better.

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It might be an incredibly short post today but I enjoyed reading about the positives in the world and I love to know when change is coming that benefits people or the world we live in.

Positive in my life for August

Something positive for myself is exploring sports that I would love to get into (or back into) such as; swimming, tennis and gymnastics. Also I have really enjoyed gardening the last year and into this year which is something I will be taking with me when I finally get my own place. I am continuously learning and growing and that is good enough for me.

I have been enjoying crafting and learning about materials and being sustainable and also upcycling things and giving them a new life.

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Have you read anything positive lately? Or have you done anything in your life that you would love to share?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. This is such an uplifting post! It sounds like so many different things are stepping towards the right direction, which is lovely to see. Thanks for sharing, I needed some positivity today x

  2. I love that gardening is something you have loved and will carry with you into the future! Plants, growing, and harvesting make me happy.

    I am fascinated by the news of people in the beauty industry being trained to recognize signs of domestic abuse. I think that is a wonderful way to help clients (and friends) in more ways than one.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Honestly I am the same they make me so happy! It would be so cool if I could do that as a job, but definitely have to learn more about it!

      I agree I think it is amazing and I hope that workers in them fields do the training because it could help! X

  3. This post put a smile on my face. It’s great to hear some positive news. I particularly love the school kids helping the environment. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  4. Love the positive post! I completely agree that training about abuse is so important. For whatever reason someone might not want to come forward about their abuse, and so having someone to spot and discuss it with is so important. Thanks for sharing

  5. As a fellow gardener I was so happy to read about Sow Beautiful, what an amazing project! Thank you for sharing your positives, this was such an uplifting post to read 🙂 x

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