What I Stopped Buying to Keep my Life Clutter Free

Shopping and buying have become natural routines for us humans to throw money and build up a collection of possessions in our homes that we might not need. However, a few years back I realised this is not the life for me anymore and I want a more clutter free way of living, and to be more minimalistic.

For me building up a collection of “stuff” was just not making me happy, instead I wanted to focus more on experiences and building up a collection of memories. I wanted to be able to do more for myself, build up my confidence to take solo trips and utilise my time to spend with the people in my life. Not to mention that walking into a home where there is just clutter everywhere does not exactly make you feel at home.

Also I am currently saving up for buying my first home, which is no easy task and does cost money. Essentially this way of living means I save more!

I want to say that going on a shopping spree and buying things should not be a negative thing and I am not here to tell you how to live your own life. All I want to share is my own personal journey. Therefore, for today’s post I want to talk about what I stopped buying to keep my life clutter free.

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First on my list of what I stopped buying to keep my life clutter free is duplicates. Now this applies to everything in my life.

I ensure that within my own wardrobe that there are not the same pieces of clothing that I only need one of. I mean three white tops is not needed (unless that is something you only wear). This is the same with other items around the home as it creates more clutter when I want to live more clutter free.

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Sale Items

I know sale items are appealing and in your mind you are saving money (which in some cases is true). However, unless it is something I have needed in my life then I am not heading for the sales ALL the time.

Most of the time the sales entices us to buy things we don’t need. It is not entirely our fault it is how we have been brought up to invest in materialistic things – just listen to that old song by Madonna which is the truth. Therefore, for me living my clutter free life means less sales.


For this I don’t mean make-up entirely as I do wear concealer and mascara on the occasion. But the foundation and make up palettes I have ditched. I haven’t actually worn foundation in three years, and it feels SO GOOD.

I will be honest and say I do love creating a make-up look every now and then, doing my eyeshadow and putting on a lipstick. But I just don’t feel the need to have piles of palettes and lipsticks that most of the time I won’t be wearing.

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I love reading when I actually do read, however I have found myself in the past buying a load of books and then they just pile up.

Instead I made the decision to only buy books once I have read all the books I currently own and if I have then donated or given the old books to friends. If I want to live my clutter free life I need to stick to it.

Sometimes I will keep books that I have loved and plan to read again, but I cannot keep a habit of having books when I won’t read them again.


Something else that I stopped in my clutter free life is to look at the subscriptions I have. This could be physically or online.

There were many apps or website subscriptions that were sending me emails and I just don’t use that brand or company and they were just cluttering my life. You don’t realise how many you sign up to and it all adds up, and most of them just are not adding to my life anymore.

Therefore, it might not be physically around the home but keeping those subscriptions clutter free will help your mind and soul too.

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Physical copies

As we progress and technology advances it is more accessible to watch whatever we want instantly. Gone are the days you have to run around the house looking for a specific DVD or VHS as I can just turn on my TV and have all the choices in front of me.

Plus having physical copies does take up a huge amount of space. This is similar to games as I tend to stick with buying games on the online store, and this just all saves to my extra hard drive. Overall not owning as many physical copies and stopping buying them has improved my clutter free way of living.

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There you have it some things I have stopped buying to live a more clutter free life. If you need some help with decluttering then this post I found really useful to begin with!

Overall remember that when you begin decluttering it will be hard and it is a process. So give yourself a break and know it takes baby steps to build up habits. Also it is ok if you are living the life you want and are happy. This post is about my own journey and where I am headed and I am wanting to live more in the moment and remove the unnecessary buying and spending I was originally doing.

Is there anything you have stopped buying? Are you living a clutter free life?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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30 thoughts

  1. This was so helpful Gemma! I’ve been trying to live less with clutter so I wrote down these tips! Thank you x Penny

  2. Duplicates is something I’m trying to stop buying – I go through different phases and when I come out I end up having lots left over. Currently it’s candles & wax melts 🙈 Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Absolutely and it is a hard process! I love candles and wax melts too but I have been soo good and only buy when I finish the ones I currently have 🤣 xx

  3. I am terrible with buying things I already have and then stuff piles up. I need to get out of this kind of mindset and organize my buying habits a bit more. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who does this, tbh. You’ve given me some things to think about and ideas for how to keep building on living more simply — thanks!

    1. I was the same and it does take time and it is hard, but worth it in the end! I have a spreadsheet that I fill in every month and it just monitors my spending and I track how much I have got paid that month and then everything I have spent my money on and what! ☺️ xx

  4. Love this! I feel like I’m definitely guilty of getting draw in to sales and wasting all my money, and I wish I could have the amount of willpower you do with your books! Currently have nearly 100 unread ones on my shelves, haha – it’s a problem! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Yeah I think we all are, that’s just what advertising and marketing is for! Honestly it took some time and hard work for me to get to this place 😂 xx

  5. Such good recommendations here. I love having a declutter, the problem is I often buy more. But now I’m trying to streamline everything. Sales are often so tempting. But now I only buy if I definitely need or am replacing something. So one in, one out. And for things I want to buy if they’re not directly necessary I don’t buy immediately. I’ll wait and see if I still want it a few days later

    1. That is a good way, one in one out! I am the same if I want to buy something I always wait. Also if I am ever debating whether I want something then I normally don’t buy it, just because if I’m questioning it then it probably is not the one! X

  6. Love that you have been cutting back on subscriptions! It is as easy to let things auto-renew as it is to get bargained into the ‘sale deal’.
    Staying organized is how I keep up with what I have to avoid buying duplicates and my book rule is to not overfill the one shelf I have.

    Thanks for sharing some of the ways you keep your life clutter-free!

  7. I really need to manifest your energy, I’m so rubbish at not buying especially when there’s a sale! But I also love de-cluttering, don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t do it every once in awhile.

  8. I totally agree with this. I am not buying things for the sake of it any more. I try to avoid gift bags and wrapping too as this is actually wasteful. Brilliant blog!

  9. Your post is timely as I am currently reading “the life changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo.
    I agree on the list you have of what to stop buying. This post gave me an idea to write about minimalism on my blog too soon because it is a lifestyle I want to at least achieve. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I loved this! I go through a similar phase in my life. I used to be a total minimalist living my life owning just a small suitcase of clothes and few pairs of shoes (I used to live from one hotel to another without earning a lot). After that there was a period that I went crazy buying staff just because I could. During the lockdown that I spent being at home I started wondering why the hell I own so many things that I do not really need. I started to get rid of furnitures, books, clothes, shoes, cups,candles, make up, everything that made me feel I had too much of it.
    Thank you for sharing this post!

    1. Thank you so much! That is a lovely story and thanks for sharing. I go through phases sometimes too, but I am the same as you once lockdown happened I looked round at the stuff I own and realise I don’t need half of it! x

  11. I love a declutter. I am the same as you, I stopped buying make up at the start of this year and made a promise to actually use the drawers full that I’ve accumalated over the years. Would you believe that I’ve not run out of a single thing yet

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