7 Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned on my Health and Fitness Journey

The last few years I have been interested in my health and looking after myself and body, but I know I have always been passionate about sports and exercise. I naturally love any physical activity and will always give anything a go. Therefore, with my built up acquired knowledge (I mean maybe) I want to share the lessons I’ve learned on my health and fitness journey.

I am going to be completely honest here and say that I don’t have total enjoyment when I sit down for long periods of time. I hate wasting time watching TV or sitting at a laptop for long periods. Which is kind of contradictory when I love writing and I love TV, but I like to do those things in small doses.

In align with this mentality I have dreams and goals, things that I want to achieve and these things are not going to get done with me playing video games, watching TV all the time or scrolling endlessly on my phone. This is why I want to share the powerful lessons I’ve learned on my own personal health and fitness journey.

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Why I changed?

Before we even can begin with the lessons I need to take it back for you. I want to be honest and I want to be real. My relationship with my health, body, food and exercise has definitely been one long ride. In the past I built this negative relationship with my body image and eating and it is not something that will ever be easy.

However, in order for me to positively change my life and my health and fitness journey, then I realised that I didn’t want to be defined by label’s and what others might perceive me to be. Instead I needed to focus on me, aspire to be more and actually make this change happen. In a healthy way for me of course.

My health and fitness journey has come a long way and yes it is great to see your body change, but it is the lessons that really stay with you and help you grow.

Here are the 7 lessons I’ve learned on my health and fitness journey…

Build a positive routine

I have previously spoke about how having a routine can have a positive influence in your life, but it is actually true.

I make sure I set aside time for going to the gym or going for a run and at the moment where we have to book slots at the gym this has been working a treat because it forces me to go. I mean I love it when I am at the gym it is more the motivation to get me to the gym.

Anyway, creating a routine will help you to understand what you are up against and build that right mind-set to achieve what you want to achieve. This will result in you being successful and building positive habits. I know we all tell ourselves “21 days it takes to form a habit” but in reality it depends on the person and can take less or more time. So don’t think about that, instead create your routine and take it one day at a time.

The excuses get worse

We all experience this where we want to get something done but instead our mind seems to run through a million excuses NOT to do it. I have definitely become better at this and I will tend to ignore it (unless I have a valid reason e.g. my body is exhausted and it needs rest) and just go get it done now.

Something that is also funny is when we blame our inability to perform certain tasks on everything but ourselves. We forget the excuses we have made and the lack of work we put in and instead blame anything else we can think off.

A huge lesson for me in my health and fitness journey is to just focus on the task ahead without giving yourself time to make excuses and you will find yourself to be more successful. This is also applicable with eating healthy meals as well.

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Just get it done

Similarly on the point above just skip those excuses and get that task or workout done. Honestly it will feel so much better and you will thank yourself for it in the long run (no pun intended).

You will have those days where you don’t want to show up and you don’t want to go to the gym or get that workout done. But in the end it will all be worth it if you are passionate enough to want to do it. For me I know how much I love the gym and how it makes me feel and that is what makes me motivated to get it done.

Show up get it done and put the work in and you will be successful. This will help you on your own health and fitness journey.

Set goals and have a plan

When it comes to my health and fitness journey I need to set myself goals and have a plan and this is how I achieve what I want to achieve.

When I go to the gym I have a plan of what I want to do and what I want to focus on. Similarly, when it comes to healthy eating I find it best when I plan or even when I meal prep. However, for me the healthy eating is still a work in progress but I have still learnt so much.

For you to develop your health and fitness journey then set goals and carry them out. This will help you know what steps you need to take to complete your goals.

Hard work really does pay off

It is easy to compare our lives with others and think everyone else has it easy, but the truth is our lives are hard and we have to work hard at it. The amount of effort that you put into something is what you will get out of it.

For example, if you are only going to the gym 1 day a week and then complaining that you are not getting fitter it is because you are not doing the work. So put in all that hard work and reap all the benefits in the long run.

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Celebrate the wins

I have always shouted that we should celebrate our wins however big or small. It is important that we build these positive relationships with ourselves and don’t push aside our achievements.

Therefore, if you have been working hard towards something and you achieve it then let yourself celebrate. But do remember to dust yourself off post celebrating and get back into the grind. After all you don’t want to lose all the hard work you have fought for.

Don’t give up the foods you love

I think when people think about going on a health and fitness journey they think about it being clean eating all the time and exercising all the time. In reality this is not the case, it is about building healthy habits and still enjoying life. If you restrict yourself from the foods you love you will fail, because you will develop a negative view of health and fitness.

Instead research healthier recipes and experiment whilst also enjoying the foods you love in moderation. This will be more successful and you will enjoy it more.

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These are my 7 lessons I’ve learned on my health and fitness journey and I hope they help you in some way too. Remember that being healthy and fit is more than the aesthetics and more about the quality of life, your psychological state, the way you feel and the focus you have. It has a lot of benefits on our mental health, and for us to be able to do other physical things in our life.

What lessons have you learned during your health and fitness journey? Or are you just beginning?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Great post! This is so interesting 🙂 I’ve finally got back into working out after a longgg break and I love these tidbits that you’ve learned x

  2. These are really great lessons that I feel like I can relate to. The one about hardwork is so true. It’s easy to think that other people got it easy.
    Amazing post!😊✨

  3. Just get it done. That’s what I need to read and hear. Stop putting it off, stop stressing and fretting about it. Get it done and then it’s done!

  4. You’ve made so many good points in this and it’s so amazing seeing how much your health and fitness journey has grown, especially over your Instagram. Thank you for sharing, it’s definitely so important to not to give up all your favourite foods xxx

  5. I feel like reading this was the reminder/push I needed. I’ve been overwhelmed by stress for a while and it’s really impacted my physical (and mental) health. I know I need to make changes and just make a start doing them — thanks for this!

  6. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned so far. Making excuses are always on top of my list. I am și good at them that I’ve let myself gain a lot of weight during these past years…

    Anna xx

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