How to Effortlessly Transform Your Home With Poster Store

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If you have been looking around your home thinking how you could transform your home into a work of art with limited time and in the most affordable way then Poster Store have you covered! They have made it easy for you to use Posters to create a focal point in your home, and bring some character and personality to your living space.

For me one of the most effective ways of transforming a space is through art and interior design. Having prints or a gallery wall can instantly bring that space to life and bring that space together. However, choosing the right piece or pieces of art is important, which is where today’s post will help you out!

Who Are Poster Store?

At Poster Store you can find a huge range of posters and frames with a unique Scandinavian design, all at affordable prices and bringing you that inspiration for you to create your own gallery wall, or wall art to your hearts content.

As you browse you will find a beautiful selection of different themes and categories to suit everyone and fit in with your current colour scheme in your home. There is definitely something to transform your home, and every Tuesday you will find a release of a new collection. You will be constantly inspired.

In addition, all of the posters are printed on high-quality paper that has been sustainably sourced, this means that their goal is to minimise the environmental impact of their production so that they can meet the highest sustainability standards. Also, their current certifications ensure that the wood they use is from responsibly managed forests, and their activities such as short transport routes help them to minimise carbon footprint on the environment.

This is something that stood out for me as I have been making my own personal journey to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle. Therefore, choosing a company that follows the same ethics as I do in supporting our environment is important to me.

Now let’s get into how to effortlessly transform your home with Poster Store…

transform your home with Poster Store, prints of nature on wall

Create a Theme

When you want to transform your home, you want to think about bringing that art into that space. But firstly, you need to think about what art you enjoy and the theme you want to go for. As I have mentioned there are a variety of themes and categories for you to choose from. When I was thinking about my own gallery wall I chose from the “Nature Posters” as my theme/category because I love mountains, trees, lakes and I just personally feel they are beautiful pieces to look at.

Of course, when you are choosing your own theme think about the colours, tone or art that will go with the room you want to showcase them in. You can gather this information and inspiration just by scrolling through the different categories and seeing what theme fits best for you.

Measure Your Space

Once you are aware of the theme you want to go for then ensure you measure your space before you buy anything. This is important because you do not want to be buying huge prints or posters if you are transforming a small space.

On Poster Store there are a range of measurements for you to choose from A4 up to 70×100 (poster size), so you can choose the size that is best for your space you are working with. For example, I wanted to add posters to the small office space at home so that I can feel at one with nature without necessarily being in nature. This just makes me feel calm and relaxed, which is perfect when working my day job. Therefore, I knew I would not be choosing posters at the measurement of 70×100.

Decide on the Layout

Deciding on the layout is important to transform your home. If you are not creative then you can gain inspiration on the Poster Store website, as they have a section dedicated to gallery walls for you to explore.

Thinking about the layout is exciting because you begin to think about the posters in your space. You get to explore whether you want an organic arrangement with all the posters in a neat order, or whether you want to create a funky layout with a mixture of different sized posters. Remember to have fun and that this is your space, so whatever layout works for you.

However, it might be that you just want one or two simple prints in that area, which is also perfectly fine. That can still be your gallery wall. For example, maybe in your bedroom you just want one print hanging over the bed and in your living room you want to create a gallery wall.


Colour plays a huge role in pretty much every aspect of art and design. So, when you are thinking of bringing art into your home colour should be important. The colour will tie everything together in that room and bring the different elements together.

Think about the colours already in the room/space, the furniture, the décor and then let this decide the colours of the posters to add to it. Everything in that room or space should be able to complement each other.

For my own space, my wall is a light colour and so I knew that I wanted some hints of colour within my posters that I was choosing.

Dress up the room

You may look at magazines or show rooms and think this is not how your home looks like. What these rooms and images do not show are the cables, TV’s and the real-life items that we might own. But the best thing is you can build a gallery wall around it and transform your home.

The thing about having a gallery wall is there are a variety of dimensions, and not everything has to be flat against the wall. You can use floating shelves, the fireplace, add in flowers or books and candles. Think about how you can dress up the room and bring everything together.

As I have said I am thinking about my small office space, so I have my desk area which has flowers, my notebook, coasters for drinks, and I even have an A4 print from Poster Store that sits nicely on the desk. Then I can display my bigger posters on the wall, and I will have this mix of some on my desk area and some on a flat area. So, think about the dimensions of the space and dress up the room. As I said everything should complement each other!

Be Creative

This point ties in with everything I have spoken about so far. But be creative not only with how you display your posters, or how you create the gallery wall, but also where you display them. Think outside the box and you will be amazed at what you can come up with. For example, most people will think living room, office or bedroom as the typical places to transform your home. However, a bathroom could be a unique and fun room to create wall art too.

If you are not sure what posters you are looking for then as I have mentioned you can gather a lot of inspiration from the Poster Store site.

Pick Your Frames

Poster Store have a selection of frames to accompany your posters. When it comes to picking your frames, it is ok to mix and match between the light and dark frames to create that eclectic feel for your wall art. I personally chose dark frames for all of my posters because I thought this would complement the light paint on my walls, and the light oak of my desk.

You can also choose golden, white, copper or oak frames if that is more to your taste or theme. If you like that Scandinavian style interior then neutral or white frames would work best, but if you like more contemporary or industrial interiors then copper or darker frames would be more suited.

Stand Back and Appreciate

The last thing to do is to stand back and appreciate the view. Take time to really look and see these prints for what they are, because I was so impressed with the quality and just the images overall.

Also remember the great thing about art is that you can easily swap posters around, update the wall art to fit with the different seasons if you want and update your gallery wall as much as you wish. Like I have mentioned new prints and posters are available every Tuesday so you will always be inspired with Poster Store.

This is the beauty of interior design and using art to create your own gallery wall or wall art, because you can do whatever you wish with art and change it as many times as you want. You have the freedom to transform your home.

There you have it how to effortlessly transform your home with Poster Store. I definitely recommend exploring the site and let it inspire you to create your own wall art or gallery wall, or even adding some personal touches to an area.

I was so impressed with the quality and unique prints / posters and I will definitely be buying some more as gifts for friends and family too! This might be something that you could get ahead with for Christmas (sorry I know it’s early, but it’s always good to be prepared).

If you would love to transform your home, then Poster Store have kindly given me a code to share with you all! For the next month (5th July until the 5th August) you can use the code GEMMA/35 which will get you 35% off all posters (except selection posters and frames) and this does not work alongside any other discounts on the website. Have fun creating your own gallery wall and support a wonderful business, and feel free to share with me what you buy!

Let me know if/what you plan on buying? Or share where you would like your gallery wall?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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