How to Stay Safe This Summer

As the weather gets warmer it is important to make sure that we look after our bodies. Therefore, to stay safe this summer will ensure that you are protected and can enjoy your summer in the best and safest way.

We all know that summer means more time spent outside with outdoor sports, swimming, BBQ’s and just sitting in parks. Whilst these plans are emerging this is why we need to plan and prepare so that our health and bodies are not affected.

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Why is it important to stay safe?

Research has suggested that hot weather can increase health risks and this is even more so for those that are very young, the elderly and those with chronic or severe illnesses.

In addition, the heat can just be uncomfortable causing sunburn, heat stroke or many other skin conditions (e.g. heat rash). However, by being prepared this can help in many ways so that we can stay safe this summer and still enjoy ourselves!

Here are some tips to help you stay safe during the summer:

Exercise with caution

Running or exercising in the summer can be difficult or tough on our bodies. This might influence changing the time you choose to exercise/run. The sun is at its hottest during 11am – 3pm so for me I try to run or work around that. I even leave it even longer and sometimes find it best to run from 7pm but as that is later just ensure you stay safe in other ways.

Also our bodies become more dehydrated so ensure you are drinking a bit more water, or even have water on you if you are running. I believe it is recommended that every 20 minutes of exercise in hotter weather you should then drink some water.

When we exercise this increases our body temperature and where our bodies natural cooling system would normally keep this ok when it is hot this can sometimes fail. Therefore, water is important to look after our bodies and ensure that you can run or exercise safely.

Another tip for when exercising or running in the summer is to keep the clothes loose fitting and this will allow air to circulate around your body! Vests, baggy tops and shorts are perfect for this.


I won’t dive too much into this because I think we all know how important SPF is for our skin (all year round) to stay safe. Not only does it protect our skin but our health too!

This is definitely something many take for granted with the assumption “I will be ok” but it is always best to just apply that protection anyway! I tend to use factor 50 but you can choose what is best for your skin, and just use it as part of your morning routine and it will just become natural for you to apply that SPF.

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Stay Hydrated

This is also something I don’t need to go on about and I did briefly mention above how important it is. Just remember to keep hydrated (but don’t overdo it as that is just as dangerous), but buy or use a reusable bottle and keep yourself hydrated.

Look After Your Skin

During the summer our skin is more sensitive to rashes, sunburn or even encouraging our skin to breakout.

Therefore, looking after our skin (all year) is important but in the summer even more so when our skin is more prone to being clogged due to sweating.

For me I break out in heat rashes very easily when I get too hot, so I look after my skin as much as I can. One thing for me as well that has benefitted my skin is deciding not to wear foundation 3 years ago! This has not only been great on my skin but my confidence too. However, I am not saying that you should get rid of foundation that is just a personal choice for me, but do try to not wear foundation all the time so that your skin can breathe.

To help your skin in the summer avoid heavy make-up, have a good skincare routine (including eyes, lips and feet), clean body regularly and use that SPF!

Protect Your Hair

Something else we might tend to neglect is our hair. But with the intensity of the humid summer weather this influences hydration of our hair and makes it more fragile.

Therefore, you can protect your hair through wearing a hat, using protective hair products and also remember to look after the scalp! By these simple tips you can stay safe and keep those locks healthy!

I know for me that when I sit in the sun the top of my head can sometimes start to burn, but wearing a hat will help to stop this and just as I said regularly looking after the hair will ensure it is protected.

There you have it how to stay safe this summer. It is so important for our bodies and health to look after them. Your health will always be number one and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

Do you have any tips to stay safe this summer?

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  1. This is SO important, one thing us Brits tend to do is sunbathe as much as possible because we know having time in the sunshine is so rare (typical british weather). Thank you for sharing these tips xx

  2. This was such an important post! I used to hate wearing hats when i was younger and I now never leave the house without one on my bag! STaying hydrated and taking care of yourself in this heat is so important! Thank you for sharing these tips x

  3. I always struggle with drinking enough water when I go out to be honest! I’m honestly the worst at it so I really need to try to stay hydrated this year. Also SPF is so important x

  4. These is a good summer guide. It is also good for people who’s living in tropical countries. To me, stay hydrated is the most important. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I do my exercise in the evening now, and pilates in the early morning before the heat sweeps in. The same goes for weeding too; I do it when it is coolest out but still wear a sunhat and take water with me. It is almost oppressive but, on the same note, I also enjoy it.
    Thanks for sharing some awesome ways to make the most out of summer responsibly!

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