10 Lessons That Will Change Your Life Now

Previously I have spoke about small actions that will improve your life, but today I want to share 10 lessons that will change your life. Sharing these posts I want to be able to show how we can improve our lives in a positive way through simple concepts.

Ultimately I want to build a life that is more fulfilling, peaceful and to encourage myself to be as successful as I possibly can in every aspect of my life. In doing this I want to also inspire and share these lessons with others and help you change your life.

I do just want to say that this doesn’t mean you have to start adopting these lessons, and it might not work for you or change your life. These are just lessons that have impacted my life that I want to share.

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Live an Intentional Life

Intentional living is basically a lifestyle based on a conscious attempt to live according to your values and beliefs.

Once you make that choice to live intentionally you can accept that your life is entirely your responsibility. This ultimately helps you become more confidence, you will be more decisive in your choices and feel more empowered too. Instead of having that passive mind-set of letting others make decisions for us and constantly feeling like things are not the way we want them to be.

Grow Into Your Authentic Self

In a previous post I wrote about connecting with your authentic self which helps us to understand who we are and to focus on being true to you. This is important in these lessons that will change your life.

Once we step into adulthood it can be hard to control some of our childhood impulses and behaviours, but sometimes it is important to let go of these impulses and learnt responses that don’t serve us anymore. This is probably one of the most challenging in our journey but it will be the most rewarding for our lives.

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Connect With Nature

To me I don’t think I can ever feel better than when I am exploring and out in nature, it just is such a beautiful experience.

I know how good being in nature is good for me, but there is a lot of scientific evidence to show how good it is for our mental health too. As humans we have this desire to explore, grow and feel alive in every moment. These are definitely things that are easily forgot in this modern world as we live our day to day domestic lives.

Therefore, one of my lessons for you to change your life is to get out in nature.

Challenge and Growth

I am always striving to challenge myself, learn new skills and just grow into a better person because that is just who I am. But I also believe it is important to do this.

When we find ourselves in difficult situations we work hard and in a different way to try to overcome this. We adapt, learn new skills and discover new things about ourselves and this ultimately challenges who we are and encourages us to grow.

I honestly believe this is one of the most important lessons to change your life. We all know how easy it is to live a comfortable way of being and to be trapped in that comfort zone bubble we all love. But it is important to do unfamiliar or scary things, because this promotes a better life.

Facing Those Fears

Similar to the point above when we challenge ourselves this also tends to mean we are facing those fears. Fear plays such a huge role in all of our lives, in both positive and negative ways. Fear can be good for us and is an essential part of our emotional landscape. However, when we let fear control us this can be when it takes over our lives.

Think about the fact that we are given this life to be lived and experienced with as much passion as you can find. So accept that not everything will be perfect, and live that life you want to live.

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Think About Your Core Values

You want to think about what you value the most, and what is essential to you to help you build a successful life.

Once you think about this and use this then this will give you confidence in your decision making, it will influence the things you do and ultimately create a better life that you want to live.

Break Free From Cultural Expectations

I will say that our society has done amazing things in terms of the science, freedom and the culture we have built. However, with that also comes unconscious toxic lessons that we do not always realise are a part of our life.

Men and women are expected to behave or do things in certain ways and this results in us not being our true self. In addition it could be that we have learnt certain behaviours from movies or books and this impacts how we act in our relationships. However, once we discover this we can break free and fight to be our true self, and this will change your life.

Support Others

I see it and hear about it that humans love to “save people” and I know it is a nice idea to think we can help those around us because we don’t want to see our loved ones suffer.

However, suffering does serve a purpose sometimes and if we smother people and try to take this pain away it takes away those crucial lessons that they might learn. Therefore, instead ensure that you do support your friend, partner or family member but do not take away their struggle. Think about it as standing in solidarity rather than taking over.

Once you are able to do this you will realise this only makes those relationships stronger, which is a good thing.

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Vulnerability and Boundaries

Us as humans love that connection, and we want to deeply connect with others in our lives. However, in doing so and letting our guard down we also need to be clear on our boundaries. This is something that is especially important in all relationships we have in our lives.

It is important to sit down and have these conversations with those in our lives so that you can work together and build healthy relationships.


I think it is a huge part of these lessons to be independent, whilst also ensuring that self-care is dominant in your life too.

Learning to love and look after yourself is essential for a healthy and sustainable life. This will change your life because understanding what is blocking your self-care and seeing what it looks like for you is important. For example, having a bath is not for everyone and this may be part of your self-care but not someone else’s.

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Here are 10 lessons that will change your life! I truly believe in living a life that showcases our best selves, but also one that looks after our health too. You get one life and it shouldn’t be tied down to norms of this “work until you retire” but instead build a life that supports your growth, challenges you and hopefully benefit your life successfully.

What lessons have you learnt or do you suggest that will change your life?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. This is a brilliant post! I especially love your point about breaking away from cultural expectations. Once I realised everything is a social construct, I’ve started living my life on my terms x

  2. Brilliant post Gemma. I’ve been working on a lot of these for a number of years now. Facing the fears being a pretty prominent one as well as living more intentionally!

  3. The hardest of all of these for me is connecting with nature. While I love seeing photos of the outdoors, I have a tough time being amidst them – whether because of my allergies (which are year-round and not *just* seasonal), or the heat in the summer that makes me sick, or what have you. It’s a struggle for me. But I hope to find new ways to connect in the future. Gotta break the mold and find something unique that works for me!

    1. I would agree both of those are hard! Yeah definitely find something that helps you in the best way. I also suffer in heat in the summer (as much as I do love summer) and not feeling well. I hope you find something that works! x

  4. Great post, I really resonate with the nature one, it’s been the biggest thing in my life that’s made a change, I just feel so much more content and positive after spending time in nature!

  5. Loving this wholesome list of ways we can start living more intentionally! Facing my fears is something I have been doing as much as I can for the past couple years and it has given me so many opportunities to grow and do things I had been holding myself back from. I am also a big believer in going beyond cultural expectations and returning some of the support I have received.
    Thanks for sharing!

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