How to find the right sport for you today!

Health and fitness is important to me, and yes I could probably improve a bit more on the food side of health but all in all I love sports and I love working out. Therefore, I want to share with you how you can find the right sport for you.

There so many benefits to playing sports including the obvious being great fitness, but also helping with self-esteem and also great for socialising. Plus being a part of sports can be fun and can involve people coming together too.

When you are looking into sports and thinking about the right sport for you, there are many things to consider/think about. Of course ensuring you do your research and even go for trials, I cannot stress enough how just going along and giving a sport a try is good for you to explore and find what works for you. However, I also want to share other things to consider when you want to find the right sport for you today!

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Some of us (like me) might enjoy watching the Olympics or Winter Sports, maybe even football or Rugby or athletics on the TV. But even if you don’t enjoy watching it does not mean you won’t enjoy participating in the sport. I am a strong believer in giving anything a go and finding what I like and dislike doing within my life, and I encourage others to be the same. Let’s get into some important things to think about when we find the right sport today.

Individual or group sports

The first thing to think about when you find the right sport for you, is whether you want to do it solo or as a group.

You might want to join sport clubs to build up confidence or meet people, and that would make group sports the one for you. Or you might want to do things on your own time and schedule and so a solo sport would be the one for you.

I personally love a bit of both. For example, I enjoy running and I like doing this by myself (however I have been thinking about joining an actual running club), and I also love to dance which I love doing as a group. However, I am still waiting for dance classes to be back on because I miss them so much.

Fun and Fitness

Something else that is important when you find the right sport for you is to think about why you want to do that sport. There are a variety of sports that are full of fun and having a good time such as; Zumba, racket sports or even some dancing. These are all great if you are looking for a bit of fun and want to socialise at the same time.

It could be that you are looking for some low impact sports because you want to have a bit of fun and your main goal is making friends and socialising.

However, you could be looking into improving your fitness and so you might want to consider even more intense and active sports (do remember to consult your doctor as well if needed). Therefore, you can consider running, swimming or even weigh-lifting and these will all help to build muscle.

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Think about your temperament

When it comes to sports then certain sports require different temperaments. By this I mean if you are quite a calm person then you might not enjoy sports that are highly competitive or active. Instead you would want to opt for slower sports such as rock climbing.

Whereas, if you have an active temperament then you would want to try faster sports such as basketball, football, running or tennis.

I think it is extremely important to figure our what temperament you have and use this when you find the right sport for you. This go hand in hand with why you want to take part in that sport, and this is why you should always do your research beforehand.


Something else to think about when you find the right sport for you is the money. Are you willing to invest into the sport? If you don’t want to spend money then you should probably consider sports that do not require equipment or much investment. For example, this would be walking or running.

However, if you do not mind investing into a sport then you can select whatever you choose. Also some people like to see the equipment in their home as this provides them with extra motivation to go and participate in that sport.

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A huge thing to think about when you find the right sport for you is the location. This is because, you might hate the outdoors and so hiking or cycling would not be for you. In addition, you might hate the cold and so snowboarding or skiing would not be for you. Therefore, you would want to go for sports that you can participate indoors, or in a hall.

On the other hand, you might love being outdoors (like me) and so there is no limit. Most sports can be done outside and so it would be something to consider when you think about the sports you want to do.


Lastly, I just want to say that when you find the right sport for you just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself even if you are taking the sport seriously. At the end of the day we have one life so why not make the most? Why not try as many things as we want and if we don’t like them then that is fine. But also you don’t have to try and you don’t have to do any sports.

Also remember to take breaks even if you are enjoying yourself it is so important to rest your body and look after your health. And don’t forget sports are a great way to meet people and connect with your community but also build up confidence, help manage mental health and just improve fitness.

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Do you do any sports? Have I inspired you to find the right sport for you now?

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  1. Love all these things to pick the best sport for you! I love to workout on my own as it’s me time but also like to play in a team, I used to love playing basketball a lot back in school. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Health and fitness is really important to me. Running was my coping mechanism during the last lockdowns. I don’t play any team sports but I liked netball at school


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