My Top 6 places to live in the UK Right Now

I have read all the posts on what research would class as the best places to live in the UK. However, I have also thought about this and felt like sharing the 6 places to live in the UK (for me).

There are definitely a lot of things to consider when you are thinking about the area you would love to live in. It could be a short term or long term location, so you might think about how long you want to stay there, whether it is a safe area, what is local to where you are looking.

The reason I want to share the places to live in the UK is because I am planning to move (with Ryan). Of course most of these places will not make it for our first home as we have to consider where we both currently work. But we like to think of some of these places as different stages of our lives.

So let’s get into my top 6 places to live in the UK right now….

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1. Lake District

I have not personally been to the lake district before, but I do want to visit so badly. I think from videos and photographs it just looks absolutely stunning. I can just imagine a cute little house near the lake and all the beautiful hikes.

I love that a life in the lake district could offer such a wonderful life in terms of my health and fitness too (which is something I love). For example, there is so much choice when it comes to the National Park such as; walking, cycling, running and explore local history whilst doing so too!

Something I am passionate about is nature and I truly believe that I could live a more meaningful life and be more in tune with my well-being and mental health if I live in an area surrounded by lakes/fields or nature.

2. Bournemouth

Another area to make it onto the places to live in the UK is Bournemouth. Not only is my heart set on nature, but I love being by the seaside. There is nothing better than going to the beach and just appreciating the sounds of the waves and just enjoying the moment. When I studied my degree I moved away to Portsmouth in the UK and it was one of the best decisions. I have such fond and wonderful memories and I love Portsmouth so much.

Whilst I was there I took a trip to Bournemouth with Ryan and we fell in love even more. I think that Bournemouth is perfect because it offers the best of both worlds for me (sorry for the Hannah Montana reference). There is a wonderful park (which also connects to Southampton), as well as the beautiful seaside.

Bournemouth is definitely top of my list of places to live in the UK. But I think as a first home it probably won’t be it just because of our career commitments right now.

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3. Brighton

Next on the list is Brighton. I can honestly say I have visited Brighton a lot. I love the place and I love the vibes, it is just a beautiful area. I will say that the fact it is busy nowadays is probably one factor that can put me off, especially as I want to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city (I currently live in London).

However, in saying that I definitely could move to just outside of Brighton but still be close enough that a trip to the beach is fine/easy distance. That would work.

4. Sevenoaks

Somewhere a bit different in my places to live in the UK is Sevenoaks. Unfortunately it is an expensive area to live, but it has such beauty and history to it.

I have been a few times and practiced running my half-marathon around the beautiful Knole Park there, before I actually ran my race at Windsor. So of course there are a lot of memories for me here too.

Also in the town close to the park is some beautiful old style buildings, as you would imagine full of history and just as wonderful. This is definitely an area we would consider for our first home as it does still have great access into London if we need it.

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5. Norfolk

Next on my places to live in the UK is an area that I love, but I am not sure if I would convince Ryan to move there. Norfolk has the city vibe but with a mix of country, kind of perfect if I still wanted to keep some of that city around me.

For me Norfolk has a beautiful heritage, culture and historical attractions. Not to mention the local vibes, I mean I love how different it is. In addition, depending on the area again you have the beautiful seaside or you can have the countryside, which is perfect for me.

6. Cornwall

Last on my top places to live in the UK is Cornwall. I have visited Cornwall since I was a kid with the family, and I even went on an art trip with the school their.

Cornwall is full of stunning beauty, offers activities and much more. The main reason for a life change to Cornwall would be to escape to a more quiet side of, and cleaner life. Living by the sea offers cleaner air and the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful nature.

In addition, Cornwall has some brilliant sporting events (especially running) which is great for me and Ryan. I love watching as well as joining in so that would be the perfect way to keep me motivated to run.

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There you have it my top 6 places to live in the UK right now!

I believe there is so much beauty in the UK and I would be honoured to live anywhere, but one day I hope to live in one of these places.

Where is on your top places to live in the UK? Or what is on your top places to live abroad?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Loved reading this! I have thought about moving away from London so many times, Norfolk and Cornwall sounds great to get some more of a quiet life! I really want to visit the Lake District too, just from the pictures I have seen around it looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Honestly there are so many brilliant places here in the UK and some beautiful historic places too. I hope you get to come too! Good luck with that ☺️ xx

  2. I love Bournemouth especially! I’ve always wanted to visit Brighton and the Lake District so hopefully I can go there one day! I’m lucky enough to live in Bath and it’s so pretty! X

  3. I’m going absolutely crazy over here with a desire to visit each and everyone one of these places. I just NEED to get out of the US (I’ve never even traveled away from the East Coast of the US, so I’m truly desperate) and the UK is one of the first places I’d like to see – or live haha!

    1. That is so amazing! You definitely should come to the UK. I have only ever been to the US once and I went to New York so I feel like there is loads for me to explore in the US too! πŸ™‚ x

  4. So many lovely places! I’d love to live in Brighton, it’s one of my fave cities and has the appeal of the beach which is a must for me as I grew up on the coast x

  5. I’ve been to Bournemouth and Brighton before and they are just so amazing and picturesque!! I’ve never been to the Lake District though and that sounds amazing xx

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