Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Review Your Goals

When we set our goals and things we want to achieve this becomes an ongoing process. We might set short-term and long-term goals, and these keep us focused on how we want to improve in our lives. However, it is important to review your goals in order for you to succeed at them.

When you set goals this means you are going from living passively to being an active creator of your life. Therefore, in this post I want to go through 6 reasons why you should review your goals and how this is a must for success. If you need some help beginning how you set those goals then you can read my post below.

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It is great to set goals and to have them because this keeps us motivated and increases productivity. Setting goals can help you organise your time and focuses your acquisition of knowledge so you can make the most of your life. However, this is not enough to succeed because if you don’t review your goals then you can lose sight of why you started them in the first place.

Therefore, as you are working towards your goals ensure you review your goals, take time to calculate the progress and think about how they are really going. This will keep you focused, motivated and lead to a sustainable development. Plus having goals for me personally just keeps that momentum going in my life, and ensures I have things to work towards.

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Goals need a plan/review

Goals need to have a plan in order to achieve them. You need to be able to look at a goal and plan out how you will go about being successful with that goal. This is because when you stop to think about what you want/your goals and actively plan this then you are living a life of conscious creation. You are taking charge and thinking about what you want from life instead of listening to others/ letting others tell you what to do.

Therefore, you must plan every step, track and review your goals. Without doing this you will not know what your next move is or how to go about achieving your goals. Having a clear plan helps keep you focused and tells you what you need to do constantly, whilst also letting you take charge of your own life.

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Keep a focus on your goals

It is natural for us to lose focus on our goals because we might feel de-motivated, unwilling to work towards our goals or we might have realised the goal was too ambitious.

However, it is important to remember why you set these goals. You have set these goals because they obviously mean a lot to you and bring a whole lot of value to your life! This is why when you review your goals it can help you continue to see why you want to work towards those goals, but also it can help you alter those goals if needed.

In addition, when you review your goals it helps you to know exactly what you want to spend your time and energy on.

Builds confidence

When you review your goals and the progress you are making then this builds up your confidence. It will make you see that you can do it, and this keeps you motivated to keep going towards your ultimate end goal.

This builds confidence because once you are beginning to achieve goals and show progress you will feel great about yourself. Accomplishing goals brings a great deal of self-respect, confidence and increases your personal value. Therefore, ensure you do review your goals because this will make you see you are making progress and you are on your way to achieving those goals.

Also as you work towards your goals this will make you see that you venture into new situations and places that you might not have ventured into before. This will build your confidence and growth, which is always a great thing.

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To achieve goals and be great you have to be consistent. Therefore, a consistent review of your goals will keep you active in your progress. Plus we all know consistency is key to success.

Yes achieving goals can be time-consuming but showing up consistently and working hard will/can decrease that time for you to achieve those goals. Setting a goal is hard enough, but being consistent in showing up for that is even harder. However, I promise it does get easier and better with a little work.


When you set yourself goals you have that determination to succeed and achieve those goals. Thus, when you review your goals this gives you a chance to reflect.

Like most things that occur in our lives it is important to reflect on our experiences, because it makes you think about the situation in a different perspective. How you feel one day can be completely different to how you may feel a different day.

Reflecting and reviewing your goals are the same, and this gives you a chance to really dive deeper into those goals. Think about what is working and what might not be working for you, and this enables you to succeed better when it comes to achieving your goals.

For example, you may have set a fitness goal to run 50 miles within a month. However, as a beginner once you start running you might realise actually 50 miles is a lot. Or on that first week you could have struggled doing 5 runs, so on the second week you decide to do 3 runs and this works much better for you.

Reviewing allows repetition

I think you probably have experienced that feeling of finding a song you love and listening to it over and over again. However, within a few weeks you might have moved on to a different song and forget about that song for a while.

This is similar to your goals. When you review your goals this allows you to recall the steps you need to take to get there. Thus, this gives you a better chance at implementing the best strategies for you to succeed at achieving those goals.

Scientifically reviewing goals frequently creates a pathway in the brain and this allows them to not escape. Therefore, we are more likely to stick to progressing with what we need to do to get those goals.

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These are your 6 reasons why you should review your goals. I hope this inspires you, motivates you or even gets you to think about your own goals that you might have set currently. This will give you the opportunity to see if there is anything that you may need to change, or even just for you to praise yourself and be proud of what you have accomplished so far.

You can never praise yourself too much (in fact most of us probably don’t praise ourselves enough), and we should always celebrate those small and big wins in our lives.

Do you review your goals?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. This is so true and I really love this post! Also, I think we all grow and sometimes need to challenge ourselves more!


  2. This is a perfect post for a day where life is returning to a little bit of normal. Reviewing your goals right now is a great way to focus on the things we had hoped this year would hold for us.

    Great post Gemma x

  3. These are all great tips and completely agree with them! Reviewing goals is such a great way to consider what you achieved until that moment and reflect on it, be content about it! Also being consistent and implementing your journey! Thanks for sharing x

  4. I totally agree with you. It’s good to set mini goals as well as review the bigger ones. I do this with my Media Kit, I love to update it and show the progression of my blog each month or two


  5. I review my monthly goals more or less every single day and I love seeing the progresses that I’ve made! I don’t really have any yearly goals for this year but love the tips you’ve shared here!

  6. Ooh this was such a good post. I definitely am at a point where I’ve lost sight of my goals and need to do some reflection, so thank you for this.

  7. These are some really important points about goal setting and how you should review goals. I like to goal set quartet because things can change and my goals may change also. Thank you for sharing your advice and tips for reviewing goals.


  8. This is such a good post that we all need to hear. I’m so guilty of creating lots of goals but never going back to reflect on them, I almost forget about them sometimes and never give myself credit if I achieve them. Thanks for sharing! Xx

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