How to make Easter fun this year

As we are approaching Easter and there still may not be a lot of options for us, I thought I would share with you ways to make Easter fun this year. It could be that you are a family looking for activities to do, a couple looking for something or you might want to dive into something creative. Then this is the post for you.

I don’t personally celebrate Easter (in terms of religion) but there can be ways for you to take part in activities for the family, decorate your home and make the most of a long weekend. Plus it is supposed to be really good weather in the UK so we may as well make the most, and celebrate the Easter occasion if you do so.

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Egg hunt

Of course the first thing I have to mention for you to make Easter fun this year (and every year) is to take part in an egg hunt.

I am not sure where this all started but it is a yearly tradition and it can be so much fun. You can honestly get as creative as you like and cater the hunt to your own needs. For example, if you want to do a more adult themed hunt then you could use alcohol instead of eggs or food items etc.

However, if you are using this as an activity for the whole family then the traditional Easter egg hunt is probably for the best. You can do this within your home, or outside in the garden depending on the weather.

Easter themed garland

Something that will involve you getting a bit creative and having some fun is to create your own Easter garland. This could be Easter eggs, little chicks or anything you think that relates to Easter for you.

This is also a great idea for families with children because it will definitely keep them busy, if they are quite creative.

Plus once you have finished your garland you can then hang them around your home and decorate for the Easter weekend. It would look great if you have an Easter party with those you live with.

Easter bakes competition

One way to make Easter fun is to have your own baking competition, however it has to be Easter themed. For example, egg shaped biscuits, nest cakes, chocolate egg brownies and more. Have some fun, get creative and think about what you would love to bake.

Once you have all completed your bakes then you can rate them and choose who you think is the best. I mean this is something that could definitely get competitive but also be a whole lot of fun!

I know when myself and Ryan spent time baking cakes it was a great date and we had a lot of fun (including the occasional flour fight), and you get to eat your amazing creations afterwards so what could be better?

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Get in the garden

Easter comes just at the time Spring is beginning and nature is blossoming all around us. Therefore, if the weather is great get outside in the garden (if you have one), or to a local park.

Some activities you can do is plant some flowers, plant veggies or herbs and just do some gardening. This is also something that can be great as a family activity, by yourself or as a couple. Also planting activities are great for kids, and they are educational as well. You can talk about growth and how a seed turns into a plant or a vegetable.

Afternoon tea

Another way to make Easter fun is to have an Easter themed afternoon tea, and I mean I love a good afternoon tea believe me. We have done a chocolate themed afternoon tea, which went down a treat and we all really enjoyed it.

Plus one good thing about a home afternoon tea is that you can completely cater it to what you want to eat. You can add the Easter theme to it, with chocolate mini eggs/nest cakes and just have some fun with it. I mean that is what this is all about.

Easter fitness challenge

If you are into your fitness then maybe a fitness challenge could be a way for you to make Easter fun this year.

You could set yourself a running challenge, hike somewhere locally, learn a dance routine (I recently came across Kyra Pro on Youtube and I love her dance fitness videos) or do a workout challenge. I mean maybe there is an Easter themed fitness challenge out there online which you could re-create.

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Just remember that it is all about having fun and just looking after yourself this Easter. Things are tough right now, so spending a weekend full of activities (or even just winding down) is what you deserve. If how you make Easter fun is simply just to sit on the sofa reading a book then you do that. We all have to do more of what makes us happy right now.

I hope you have enjoyed reading how to make Easter fun this year. I am sure there are many other ideas and activities out there so feel free to suggest some in the comments!

What are you going to be doing this Easter?

Thanks for reading.

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I like the idea of making Easter fun this year (as a way to unwind from all the stress). Love your proposal on the fitness challenge too. I celebrate Easter religiously, but I don’t see why people shouldn’t celebrate it too (even if they’re not religious) — you’re right! Love your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are all wonderful ideas for a lockdown Easter! I’ve made garlands and prepared an egg hunt, seems like I should focus on baking next. Thank you for sharing x

  3. These are such fun ideas! Easter has always consisted of church and time with family, but the last few years that hasn’t been the case, so I’m not sure what this year will entail. I love the idea of afternoon tea!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I have one for Halloween, but I think with all the Spring colours and like you said the bunnies it would be cuteee! πŸ™‚ x

  4. Love all of these ideas! I can never pass a garland or a chance to bake, i mean mostly eat, because me and baking are not great together! Thank you for shairng x

  5. These are brilliant ideas. It is going to be tough to keep 3 kids entertained while things are still all over the place! We have made a start on the garden actually and we always do an epic easter egg hunt, its the highlight of the year for the kids! My partner goes all out x

  6. This Easter we will be out in the garden, weeding, dead heading, and planting new treasures from a garden centre trip – your typical fun BH weekend, haha! x

  7. You have some lovely little Easter ideas!. We going out tomorrow then having a chilled Easter Sunday with lots of chocolate consuming haha. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  8. These are such eggcellent ideas, really love the idea of an Easter egg hunt. I’ve never thought of doing one as an adult! xx

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