8 ways to give your tech a Spring clean today!

As we are getting through March (pretty quickly may I add), I thought what is more perfect than giving your tech a Spring clean today.

Throughout March I wanted to produce content full of Spring cleaning tips that are helpful. Because for many of us we have been stuck in lockdown, or isolating and just not doing much of our usual routine that we normally would. But it is important to keep up some routine and to look after our well-being and health.

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Therefore, one thing that might have become a bit more of a mess during this time is our technology. This includes our emails, photos, folders/organisation I mean just about anything to do with your laptop/computer, IPad/tablet or phone. So what better time than right now to organise and give your tech a Spring clean today!

8 ways to give your tech a spring clean today, a pin for pinterest.

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Now let’s get into how to give your tech a Spring clean…

Delete unnecessary data

This one may seem like a huge task, and honestly it does take some time (trust me) but once it is done it is so worth it!

I sat down and went through the entire collection of photos that had accumulated on my phone (and there was a lot, over 6,000) and found that actually there were some completely irrelevant photos. Once this job was done I felt so much better! I managed to go down to 4,000, which I think is pretty good.

This can also be applied to your emails and apps on your phone, just go through everything and delete what is not needed. It is satisfying in a way because you are letting go of everything that does not fit in your life anymore, and that is a nice part of giving your tech a Spring clean (or Spring cleaning anything).

Unsubscribe from emails you do not need

I know I am just like you signing up to loads of websites for a number of different reasons (and then forgetting I had even subscribed to them). Therefore, it was so satisfying for me to go through and unsubscribe. Nothing against any of the websites but a lot of them I signed up to back when I was studying at University (over 5 years ago now), including a load of fashion brands which I just don’t use anymore- mainly because I do not buy clothes that much.

So make sure you look at what websites you are signed up to and whether you need those emails in your life, and this can include bloggers too. I mean if you are not reading content then there is no point wasting room in your emails for it, so give that tech a Spring clean and unsubscribe from those unnecessary emails.

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Do your tech maintenance

Just like cars it is important to provide regular maintenance on our technology in order for it to function and run optimally. Therefore maintenance is essential when giving your tech a Spring clean.

For example, if you keep pushing your updates this could be potentially damaging for your tech because it could expose you to threats or viruses.

So stay ahead and install those updates, and run your anti-virus programs and ensure they are up to date. Just do all those little things that will benefit your tech in the long run.

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Organise your wires for your tech

This is not something that is to do with giving your tech a Spring clean however, it will benefit your tech in the long run.

I don’t know about you but I hate it when wires are everywhere, they get in a tangle and when I cannot find the wire I need for my tech. Sure I know it is easy to dump the wires because we as humans can be lazy however, in the long run it is just nice to get them organised so you don’t have to be digging through hundreds of wires to get one you need.

Store photos where you will use them

A lot of our photo’s are memories. Memories of some great times and these are important for a lot, if not all of us. Therefore, they should be treasure and stored in a place where you can make the most of them.

I have a back up storage box where I keep most of my memories (although they can be pricey), and this just clears way of them from my phone. You can also create photo books or print your photos out and have them as physical copies. Just do not let them sit on your phone for no purpose (I guess some are ok to do that).

This is a way of giving that tech a Spring clean but finding a place that can hold and keep all your memories in one place.

Clean your products daily

Something I think a lot of people do not do is clean your tech. I use my phone every day (like a lot of people) and so it is important for me to clean it. I personally do this before I go to bed and with screen wipes (you can get these from Amazon, or other online stores and this is not an affiliate link), and it just makes me feel so much better.

Honestly, you do not realise how much bacteria can build up on your technology, so please ensure you are regularly giving your tech a Spring clean.

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Clear out old tech

If anyone on here is like my dad then it is about time to give your tech a Spring clean. Honestly, the amount of time I have wasted trying to convince my dad he doesn’t need to keep his 2000 computer or old laptops and he won’t listen.

However, do not just chuck the tech out but instead think about whether it can be donated (if it still works) or go and recycle it. The last thing our environment needs is all the old tech filling those landfills, and they release toxic chemicals and it just is not good.

Go through your apps/organise folders

This could be you sorting through people you follow, what you are posting, what apps you are using and so on. Every couple of months I like to sit down and go through who I am following because I want my feed to be filled with positivity, feel good content, real-life/challenging views content and just things that I love and inspire me (and of course wonderful people). You can do this for all of your social media.

Not only this but you can organise the apps on your phone, and give all your folders on your laptop/computer a sort through as well. I have so many random folders from “diary entries” from when I was 16 and although it is funny to read and see my thoughts from that time I don’t think I need that in my life. However, if I did want to keep it then organise it together with other documents.

So make sure you give that tech a Spring clean by going through those folders and apps and seeing who you follow and just figure out how you want to organise it.

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There you have it 8 ways for you to give your tech a Spring clean today! These tips may seem minor but they are essential to decreasing some stress in your life and keeping you on top of your tech.

I am a cleaning lover and I usually use my days off organising or cleaning because I do enjoy it, but I have definitely become more in the routine of giving my tech a Spring clean and this is why I wanted to share those tips with you all. It is important for us to Spring clean a lot of aspects in our life.

Let me know how you give your tech a Spring clean? Or whether you will be using any of my tips?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I’m someone who cannot stand a messy phone haha so I regularly clear out photos, unused apps etc. But I do need to look at my emails haha. I slowly unsubscribe whenever I have time, but I definitely need to set aside a day for them. Great post!

  2. These are all wonderful reminders! I had to factory reset my phone the other day, and it was so nice to get rid of the clutter.. might have to do that for the rest of my devices too. Great post x

  3. This is actually such a useful post cause my phone and laptop is so messy!! I’ve recently unsubbed from loads of emails (more so to save money haha) but its given me less emails to sort through and ive tried sorting all photos into albums and deleting things i know i wont use!

  4. I love going through all of my digital content and organizing! It’s actually weirdly relaxing for me. I haven’t done it in quite some time, however, so thank you for the reminder. I know my laptop and camera roll could use a serious deep clean!

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