12 ways to successfully transform your garden this Spring

Spring is finally here (which I am absolutely ecstatic about) and this means more time can be spent outside. But if you are lucky enough to have a garden then now is the time to start your own garden this Spring.

I don’t know about you but the last couple of days have been wonderful seeing all the flowers, plants and trees blossoming around me. I honestly love going for my run or going for a walk and seeing how beautiful nature truly is. Spring is such a beautiful time and it really makes me appreciate and enjoy my garden so much more. Therefore, this post will take you through how you can successfully create your own garden this Spring!

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Now is the time to get going with your garden so that during those Summer months you can truly be surrounded by beautiful plants/flowers and be able to enjoy being in your garden.

Normally I would try to get started a tiny bit earlier and try to do some jobs throughout the winter months too so that it can truly prepare the garden. However, this post should be useful for those that may want to begin preparing their garden right now.

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Grab summer-flowering bulbs/seeds

If you want your garden in the Summer to be full of wonderful scenery then now is the time to be planting all your summer bulbs/seeds. A top tip for successfully preparing your garden this Spring.

Most bulb/seed packets will have the months that they flower on them (which is of course super useful), but also make sure to pick flowers that are good for you and your family/who you live with. Remember that some plants and flowers are not so good for those that suffer with hay-fever (such as chrysanthemums, sunflowers or daises). Therefore, choose plants/flowers that look wonderful and will add some colour but will also be good for your health too if need be.

Tidy up Garden

Of course once your flowers are ordered/been bought it is important to give your garden a tidy up before you do any planting. In most occasions the garden probably has not been touched throughout the winter months (unless you enjoy gardening), and so you want to just go around the garden and just ensure it is looking all good.

Remove any pests

Something that does tend to occur with outdoor plants is the pests. This might not be the most exciting task but it will do some good in the long run, especially when it comes to late Spring and Summer.

Therefore, go around your garden this Spring and take a closer look at your plants, see if there are any snail trails or any colonies sheltering during the Winter. Also check for white-vine-weevil larvae that tend to feed on plant roots and compost. This is important as you don’t want to be planting your new seeds to then find these pests destroying them before they can even flower.

Install a water butt

In case you have not heard of a water butt then it is basically a way of collecting rainwater and re-using that throughout your own garden. A perfect and great way of looking after our environment and saving on water.

This is something that is great for throughout the winter months, as you can collect all the rainfall and then use all of this during your Spring and Summer months when your plants and flowers are beginning to come around.

Personally this is something I have been looking into and want to successfully implement this year, so it will be something new for me too!

Flowers blooming in the garden this Spring in a bed in front of a  white fence

Check gates and fences

The Winter is the perfect time for you to do all those horrible little jobs that you don’t like to do. You want to walk around your garden checking fences, gates or anything that could possibly be damaged from the weather.

Once you have identified anything that is broken then immediately replace them, because it is much better to get these tasks all out of the way before Summer comes along. So if you are only attempting to go into your garden this Spring then there is still time to check and get anything sorted before Summer comes around.

If you have done all your checks and nothing seems broken then ensure you power wash (or wash) down anything to remove mosh, dirt or any mildew. Once you have done this it is best to apply a coat of stain paint and leave this to dry. Doing this will just give your fence panels or gates a nice freshen up or Spring clean for the Summer.

Clean tools

One important thing to do is to give all your garden tools a clean/sharpen. By maintaining your garden tools this will help you preserve them, and prevent the spread of diseases. This is because, dirty garden tools can carry a lot of bacteria and fungi, and this is something that is not good for your new plants/flowers. Also by looking after your garden tools this will save you money in the long term.

When you are cleaning your tools use a strong detergent and hot water and this should do the job.

In terms of sharpening your tools please ensure you are careful and follow careful instructions. For more guidance on sharpening your tools this video I found very useful.

red and green fruits on brown wooden bench used for compost
Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

Create a compost area

Something that I have begun creating (yes I am trying to improve my DIY skills) is a compost area in the garden. I am doing this by creating a box out of spare wood we have lying around, however you can go to your local garden centre and see if they have any if you are not one for DIY.

Having a compost area means you are able to throw away any waste organically (and not leave anything just thrown all over your garden). You can then let it all break down and create your own rich compost that your plants and garden will thrive on.

Make sure your compost has a great mix of grass clippings, vegetable peelings and wood pruning’s and ensure you use your garden fork to mix it up each month. This will just help the process much better and be useful as you prepare your garden this spring.

Take care of your lawn

Another good way of preparing your garden this Spring is to feed and rake your lawn. This is a great way to allow your grass to breathe and get rid of any of that dead grass cuttings.

You might also find that some areas have become uneven, and so this is the time to fix this and add new grass seed or give your turf a bit of love.

Plan if you want to add herbs/vegetables

Remember if you want to begin growing your own herbs or vegetables then ensure you do your research, and you choose things that you will actually eat/use.

Now if you are a beginner then I would recommend starting small, pick a couple of vegetables or herbs you would like to enjoy and practice growing them. Use it as a trial and error and then you can always expand/grow in the future. But there is nothing like making a start and why not start now to transform your garden this Spring.

petunia flowers growing in garden
Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

Ensure you water at the right time

Most people get lost with their garden because they cannot be bothered to give the garden the daily love it needs. However, in order to have a well kept and amazing garden you need to work at it.

Most flowers require daily water, but I just recommend just spending 5-10 minutes walking around your garden every day and give your plants a check. However, you need to make sure you don’t over water and the soil is not too wet. This is something you should make a continuous habit of and begin doing for you garden this Spring.

Container gardening for small gardens

Now if you have limited space then including a bed for your plants might not be possible. However, using pots or containers are perfect for flowers or plants.

Just remember that even pots or containers need regular maintenance and work in order to keep them in top shape. But this does allow your limited space gardens to look just as great! Therefore, grab some pots and containers and transform your small garden this Spring.

Think about smells and colours

My last point for you to successfully transform your garden this Spring is to think about all the different colours and smells. There are so many wonderful plants and flowers out there that can provide these different senses for you.

I guess it is personal preference but I love ALL colours in the garden, the more the better to be honest. Now we have planted some new bushes (which will take a few years to grow) but they are full of beauty and colour.

What are you excited about most to do in your garden this Spring?

There we have it 12 ways for you to successfully transform your garden this Spring! Now I am currently living with my partner and my parents, but I cannot wait to move out and have my own garden that I can grow loads of wonderful goodness. In saying that I do love going out to my current garden and doing jobs around it.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Spring is such a amazing time in the garden, isn’t it? I love all your tips, especially about looking ahead to summer with seeds and bulbs to plant now. Also your tip about having a go with herbs and vegetables – just make sure you grow what you’d actually want to eat! πŸ™‚

  2. Since I live in a townhome, I can’t have a garden – but my sister’s family lives on a farm and they spent the weekend planning their big garden. They mostly grow fruits and vegetables, rather than flowers, but it was fun to be there with them and pot the seeds and mark everything so that they can transfer them to the beds in a few weeks!

    1. That is understandable! I have seen people grow indoor vegetables which is pretty cool ☺️ and that sounds lovely, I definitely want to get started on growing some vegetables! X

  3. Lovely ideas! I’ve recently added sleepers to my garden so that we could add some bulbs and flowers to give the whole look more colour!

  4. These are all great tips! I can’t wait to have my own garden to plant flowers and veggies, for now we use pots and still do the job. Really love the idea of creating a composting area in the garden! Thanks for sharing x

  5. Lovely tips and tricks! I definitely want to pay more attention to my garden this year after spending so much time in it last summer. The lawn is first on my list, my goal is to get it healthy and long again πŸ™‚

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

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