Spring clean your health and fitness in 8 ways today

As we approach Spring we have the pleasure of the longer days, slightly warmer weather (hopefully) and the bursts of nature and wildlife on our doorsteps. When it comes to Spring cleaning we all think about what we can do around our home, how to organise things and just cleaning. However, what about having a spring clean with your health and fitness?

What I mean by spring cleaning your health and fitness is changing up that routine, sitting down and thinking about what you could improve or how you could switch things up and make it more exciting. This keeps you motivated and this keeps you constantly on your toes when it comes to looking after your health and fitness.

Let’s get into 8 ways that we can spring clean our health and fitness routine today.

Re-evaluate your fitness goals

Sometimes when we set ourselves goals (especially when it comes to our health and fitness) we almost set goals that are too difficult and not ones that will be achieved. This could be because we look to others for inspiration and you might follow someone that is into working out everyday for example, and therefore you feel like you need to set your goals to be high as well.

However, this is not attainable. If you are a beginner you cannot expect to be motivated to workout 3-5 times a week or go on runs. You have to build up resilience, work hard and change your mind-set (now of course even I am not motivated all the time to workout).

Therefore, if you find yourself bored or you are not motivated when it comes to working out then sit down and give your health and fitness goals a spring clean. Think about what you could do differently, what you enjoy doing and even changing your goals to make them more manageable.

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Schedule your workouts/change when you workout

I have a planner and I honestly love using it, and I mean yes it has been more boring to use in terms of I cannot put any plans it in (due to lockdown in the UK). However, I have been using it in terms of work, my small business, blogging and my health and fitness goals.

Therefore, if you have a calender either one you write in, on your computer/laptop or even on your phone then get scheduling those workouts in. I find that when it is scheduled in for the week then I am more likely to get it done. It becomes part of your daily tasks/goals and so this should motivate you (well it does for me) to do it.

In addition, if you find that you are not enjoying the time you usually work out then change that up. If you are working out in the evening then change it to the morning and vice versa. Work out at a time that suits you and that best fits your routine. I personally prefer to workout first thing in the morning and that is part of my morning routine, however it is perfectly fine to workout during a lunch break or even in the evening!

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Plan meals

I am the first to admit that when it comes to cooking I am not the most organised. Now I can cook but I never prepare anything in advance and then I search around the kitchen for something “quick” to cook. Therefore, I know this is one I definitely need to include in my spring clean.

Planning meals is useful for you to know what you are eating that night, for you to use up any food that you may need to and even help you prepare in advance. It just helps you to know what you will be eating and this helps you not waste time.

Get in the garden

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space then this is something you should make the most of. As spring comes along I love seeing the flowers beginning to blossom, and we just planted some new bushes and plants in the garden (some that take years to grow). There is something about colours, flowers and just enjoying a nice garden.

Spring is the perfect time to get yourself outside especially as it is beginning to get warmer. Plus not only is gardening great for your fitness, it is also great at managing your mental health. Honestly, it calms me down, and I just feel so content when I am gardening.

Unplug from the tech/switch up what you see

Something that is great for our health is to ensure we are unplugging from the tech, and even ensuring that what we see on our social media is not constantly negative.

Therefore, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or need some space then make sure you take a step back from the technology. Or even if you are not it is still important to unplug from the tech every day.

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Create a better sleep routine

Sleep is so important for our health, even more than we may realise. Our bodies really do need it! I am not going to lie but I have had a love hate relationship with sleep. When I was a young teen I struggled with sleep and would get really bad anxiety, meaning when I was 13 I had to have sleep tablets. However, as I am growing up I have a much better relationship with sleep and actually I have Ryan to thank for that.

However, even more recently I have developed a great sleeping habit and this honestly plays a massive role on how I am throughout the day. I tend to go to bed after 10pm every night and I wake up at around 7am every day (minus the odd day on the weekend).

Therefore, give your sleep routine a little spring clean and reep all those health benefits.

Take your workout outside

Depending on where you are and what restrictions you have then actually thinking about having a walking meeting can be a great idea.

We all know that going for a walk encourages creativity and inspiration, and plus you are getting that body moving. Therefore, if you are in an office and you have a lot of meetings then maybe suggest going for a walking meeting. Sometimes as well this can get you thinking about any issues that might need to be sorted, come up with fresh ideas and just get you outside.

Think about what you eat/clean out your cupboards/fridge

Lastly it is important to think about what you are eating for your health. Therefore, have a spring clean of your cupboards and fridge and see what your eating habits are. Of course it is important for you to have a balance of healthy foods and foods that are a bit naughty.

Plus by doing this you can look at reducing food waste, which is great for our environment. But also

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How would you like to spring clean your health and fitness routine?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Love this! I definitely need to have a Spring clean on my health and fitness because I definitely feel a bit all over the place with it at the moment. I tried going for a jog in the afternoon over the weekend and I just couldn’t do it, so I know for a fact that mornings are better for me and if I don’t exercise in the morning, I probably won’t at all, so I definitely need to concentrate on making that a priority! x

    1. I felt the same a couple of weeks ago! Then I sat down and had a meeting with myself 😂 and I am the same! It’s mornings otherwise I make up a mountain of excuses and I won’t do it! Good luck xx

  2. I am still needing to do a spring clean on my health and fitness from spring 2020!! lol

    This is great advice though and something I definitely need to embrace. Sometimes small changes are not enough but a complete overhaul equals a change of mindset. Thank you so much for sharing x

  3. This was just the post I needed to read today. I’ve been feeling really inspired recently to try and rework my health and fitness and you’ve given me some great ideas here. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Love these ideas, especially the switching off and going outside more! Now we’ve got more sun and some flowers are starting to blossom it’ll be so refreshing x

  5. I need to set some sort of fitness regime in motion because lockdown has not been kind! Like you, I love being in our garden but it’s not enough on the exercise front. Maybe now the mornings are lighter I could do something outside though! x

  6. Great post, Gemma! I find that I enjoy morning workouts but honestly I workout more in the evening. Now that the days are brighter, I’m thinking of switching it up! My sleep schedule needs work but doing better than 3 months ago Lol! Thank you for sharing xx


    1. Yes I workout sometimes in the evening just for convenience! Don’t worry my sleep schedule was awful, and now it’s sooo much better and my body and mind are thanking me for it haha! Xx

  7. I just recently revamped my fitness and nutrition style and am seeing great progress. Planning meals can make such a huge difference and help keep you on track with dietary goals. Also, I agree that getting outside in the garden is great for total body/mind/soul nourishment. I look forward to growing some food of my own this year. As the weather warms up I am definitely going to get outdoors more often!

    1. That sounds amazing! Yes definitely and planning meals was something I really needed to get on top of. That is great, I would love to grow some fruit or veg ☺️ x

  8. These are great tips! Now that the sun is out and it is warmer, I’ve started waking up early to get some exercise in before work and I quite it like it. Haven’t adjusted my sleep schedule yet so I’m very sleepy sometimes so will have to change soon haha.

    1. Thank you! That is a great idea, I agree of making the most now the sun is making more of an appearance! Hopefully your body will get adjusted to the sleep ☺️

  9. Hey, Gemma! I love these tips because they are very easy to follow and implement into our lives ♥ These days, the less complicated something is, the better!

    I love your idea of “Spring cleaning” our health and fitness. Brilliant way to look at it! 🙂 My favorite was being in the garden and getting outside for walks and/or other exercise. Being outside is very healing. Most of us spend entirely too much time in front of a technology screen. It has a terrible effect on our health in every sense. Which is one of the reasons why I loved your tip about stepping away from our screens too!

    I smiled reading what you said about being disorganized in the kitchen, ha ha. I’m with you on that! Meal planning is something I’ve always wanted to do because it saves time and money, but I just haven’t figured out how to be consistent with it!

    Thanks again for this great post. Lots of love to you & yours!

    1. Thank you I am glad you like it!

      Yes I love being in the garden and walking they are just both amazing things to do for our health ☺️ absolutely too much time, especially more so now!

      Yes I definitely need to get more organised with the meals but it’s a work in progress haha!

      And you! X

  10. These are all great tips! I enjoy working out in the morning, but really want to try and start earlier to it, as morning right now looks like ten a.m. which makes it difficult for the rest! We already plan meals for the month which helps a lot, need to get a better morning and sleeping routine though! Thank you for sharing x

  11. Spending time outside is SO important for my workout routine. I struggle to stay active during the winter months, I’ll be honest. However, as soon as it warms up enough to work long hikes with our dogs into the mix, I’m ready to go! We love exploring local trails and challenging ourselves with different skill levels. Then, in the summer months, we add paddling and swimming into the mix.

    1. I feel that is the common thing for most people! I actually prefer winter workouts because my running is much better haha as the air is cooler/better ☺️ but yes I agree about the summer/warmer hikes. That sounds amazing x

    1. Absolutely! I remember speaking with my partner the other day and I told him that if it was not for keeping in touch with people and promoting my blog I would remove all social media. I prefer to live in the moment and experience the real world.

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