Discover 10 ways you can celebrate Women’s history month

Today we are taking a break from my Spring Cleaning Series to look at something rather important. The last couple of years I have loved bringing posts that fully support and empower women! I am a feminist and I will always fight for the rights for myself/future family and for others around the world.

I also am a supporter of rights for all (both men and women). However, for today this post will be dedicated to fabulous women (yes you and you) in honour of Women’s history month! So I will be sharing how you can celebrate women’s history month (whilst also featuring some women that have inspired me in some ways the last year).

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Explore women’s history

I mean my last two post have featured a lot of historical and brilliant women so go have a read of those. However, I believe we should understand and know about these women because it’s important, and they deserve to be remembered.

Therefore, dedicate some time exploring women during women’s history month and you might find this inspires you in some way. It can motivate you to take on that project, go for that job, or just bring your confidence back to boss life.

Look into today’s issues for women

It’s no lie that women still face a lot of issues today, and although we are slowly progressing we still have a long way to go. This includes pay in work, women in sport, workplace stigmas and even old fashioned views about women.

Therefore it’s important to recognise this current issues so we can all work together to improve them. I mean after all we cannot expect things to improve if we are not fighting for them to improve. By fighting I mean this could be as simple as speaking up if you hear someone at work say someone that seems negative about women or stereotypical. Even these small changes can make a huge impact, because ultimately it is challenging/changing people’s views.

Support charities that help women/girls

Something you can do for women’s history month is to support a charity that supports young women/ and adult women. This could be through volunteering your time or donating money, either or is great.

They are a lot of fantastic charities out there that support all causes for women/girls, so have a look around and see what you can do this month/this year and for years to come.

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Host an event/virtual event

Another great thing to do during women’s history month is to hold events. This is a great way to raise awareness, present information and build that solidarity with other women. But make it positive and empowering and come together with all the females around you and have fun! For example, you could hand out awards to women in your workplace (or in your personal life).

Watch movies directed by women/or strong female leads

You can have a movie night with whoever you live with or maybe a virtual one with your girl friends online and watch movies.

Think about all those great movies directed by a woman or that have a strong female lead. This doesn’t have to be for one night either, it could go throughout the whole of women’s history month.

Support women owned businesses

Research has suggested that women still represent the minority of business owners. Therefore, what better time to show your support for these wonderful women than during women’s history month?

This could inspire you to find some really amazing businesses and hopefully keep on showing your support throughout the rest of the year too. I have put some below that have inspired me in some way in the last year, and I really hope to one day meet these lovely ladies and thank them.

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Write a note to the women in your life

There is nothing people love more than a little recognition for what they do in life. Therefore, write your mum, best friend, boss, work colleague, family member, daughter, just about any woman in your life that you know is pretty damn great a note.

It is literally just a few words explaining how they inspire you, or maybe what you admire about them or how grateful you are for them. Honestly you don’t realise how much the women in your life will appreciate this. Plus what a special gift for women’s history month?

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Write yourself a note

Staying on topic with writing notes, as I have previously explored it is important to love yourself. Therefore, you can also do something for you during women’s history month.

For example, you can write down all the things you have achieved, what you love about yourself, and just celebrate you being a great boss woman that you are!

Support women authors

I think it is important to support women authors as well, and give them the recognition they deserve. However, I know there are a lot of wonderful book bloggers out there (please do suggest some in the comments as well and lets give each other love and support), and these bloggers will point you in the right direction in terms of women authors.

Become a mentor for a fellow woman or young girl

There are some amazing charities out there where if you are a business woman/work in a business then you can become a mentor for a young girl. You can be that girls inspiration and show her that what you have done and help her to see that potential in herself.

I am actually on the waiting list for “the girls network” in the UK to become a mentor (which literally only requires you to spend 1 hour a month of your time to mentor a young girl).

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Even though these points have been written with women’s history month in mind, I cannot stress enough how important it is to showcase your love for women all year round. However, I think this month is a good place to start!

We can raise awareness and we can fight for a day that our future women can live in a world that is equal. That men and women can be who they want to be without all this prejudice and crap. We can just live in a world where it’s fair. But until that day let’s keep fighting.

Share with me in the comments any woman own businesses, authors you love, or just any woman in your life that inspires you?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. These are so amazing and I love every single one! I really like the idea of writing a note to the women in our life. Thanks for sharing :)! Xxx

  2. These are some fabulous tips, I’ve been trying to support more local women’s charities this year, particularly for those who are survivors of domestic abuse. Thankyou for sharing x

  3. Love all of these ideas! Mostly writing notes to the women in your life and yourself! Also supporting charities and women’s writing are such great ones. thanks for sharing x

  4. These are some fantastic ideas! I recently had the opportunity to mentor a junior intern who was just starting out as a writer, and it was amazing to pass on wisdom and insights to help her in her career. We need to keep up the great work of uplifting women in all areas of society.

    1. Thank you! That is amazing, and I am sure that junior intern was so grateful for that opportunity. I agree we do need to uplift women in all areas xx

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