Spring cleaning: completely clean your bedroom in 9 steps

Hello Monday and hello to a new month on starting on a Monday (love that)As we are approaching Spring (which I am excited for) I thought I would begin this small series every Monday this month where we spring clean something in our lives! Today in my spring clean series is the bedroom, where I will be sharing spring cleaning your bedroom in 9 steps.

Throughout this month as well I just want the whole month to be filled with positive vibes/real talks. For example, my spring cleaning series providing you with tips to create a home for you, some mental health talks and more. I will be sharing tips and advice so that we can ensure our homes and spaces within our home are only creating positive vibes for us. I truly believe it is important to be living in a space that is clutter free and one we truly love.

Having a bedroom that is clean and organised means that every time you enter it it feels like home. Something that is important for us all is ensuring our bedroom is a place of rest, and to be a place for you to be able to unwind. Therefore, it only made sense it would be the first in my spring cleaning series.

However, even though this is part of my spring cleaning series the tips can be used all year!

Before you get started on transforming your bedroom, I want to share with you everything you will need when it comes to spring cleaning your bedroom.

Products/items you will need:


Garbage bag

Storage for items that belong elsewhere

Cleaning cloths/ cleaning products

Here you can add or get rid of anything you feel you may need when you are cleaning.

cozy light interior of comfy bed and bedside table for a spring cleaning
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Now I am going to break everything down into simple steps so that you can fully get into spring cleaning your bedroom without it feeling like a massive chore. Plus by breaking a huge task down it can actually make it seem less daunting, and help you get through it (and not give up halfway through).

Step 1

First you want to just go around the room and collect anything that doesn’t belong there. Put these items into your storage bag/box (that I mentioned on the list above before you get started). You can then just place this bag/box outside the room and once you have finished spring cleaning your bedroom then you can find the spaces where these items usually go.

This is also a great way to organise everything in your bedroom.

Step 2

Remove everything that needs to be washed. These include; curtains, bed sheets, and any clothes that are in your laundry bag (if that is in your room). Remove these items and take them to be washed (either in your own washing machine or to be dry cleaned).

Step 3

It is time to get dusting. Once you go around your room you will be surprised how dirty/dusty things can get. However, dusting is essential in your spring cleaning.

Also remember when you are dusting always work from top to bottom and left to right, as you don’t want to be scattering dust everywhere and in places you have already cleaned.

Also remember to remove frames off the walls and you can just place these on the bed, dust around windows and on the ceiling. Just dust everywhere to ensure a nice deep clean.

Step 4

The next step is to wipe down surfaces/sensitive areas. By this I mean windows, frames and mirrors. Of course ensure you are using the correct products for each area. For example, you have your standard sprays for surface areas, but for things such as your windows this will require window cleaner.

turned on silver macbook on white bed, ready for a spring cleaning
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Step 5

Clean your mattress. You can find some cleaning tips for this online (if you have stains or anything), but if it’s in good shape then a simple vacuum over will do the job. Just ensure you do both sides! Once you lift your mattress up as well you might want to dust or clean underneath the mattress on your bed frame.

Step 6

Next up is getting the vacuum out. Probably this one will be one of the easiest (unless you are not a fan of vacuuming) Now this is self-explanatory but just go over the whole floor and give it a nice vacuum to pick up all that dust and dirt.

I personally love the feeling of a nice clean floor. However, if you feel it is needed you can also give the carpet a spring cleaning too, and there are a lot of products out there that are good for getting deep into your carpet (if you have carpet in your room).

Step 7

This step is pretty simple but basically remove any rubbish from the room and take it out immediately.

cozy bedroom interior with no people, whilst spring cleaning.
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Step 8

Once your curtains and sheets are all cleaned them put them all back in your bed room! I personally love fresh bedsheets and knowing that everything is cleaned.

What could be better in your spring cleaning than removing everything and then putting it back all clean?

Step 9

This step can also be done at the beginning as well, when I am spring cleaning I love to make sure all rooms are well ventilated (and sometimes this applies to some of the products you might be using). However, I have put it here as once you are done it is perfectly fine to open the windows and let the room freshen up, and even give the room a little spray (or light a wax melt).

empty bed with laptop and notebook for spring cleaning.
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Using these tips will ensure your bedroom is spotless and you will feel so much better sleeping that night! Plus breaking all these steps down make that spring cleaning much easier and this post/series is about focusing just on one room at a time.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. This is actually such a good blog post! When im cleaning my room, which i know should be more often, i spend way too long putting everything where it should be before ive even started cleaning so i love the idea of the putting everything thats not in place in a basket and leaving it till near enough the end!

  2. This is such a detailed blog post and so helpful for people looking to clean and declutter. I love a good clean re-organise time! Thank you for sharing these tips Gemma.

    Lauren x

  3. Shockingly enough, my bedroom is often the cleanest and most organized room in the home. This is primarily because we have two office rooms (one for me and one for my husband) that are used far more often. All that’s in our bedroom is our bed, an armchair, and a tv stand haha! I know this is highly unusual. However, you’re inspiring me to deep clean my office soon. While it’s pretty organized and shiny on the surface, I know my drawers could use a serious clean-out and my carpet could go for an intense wash. Thanks for these awesome tips!

  4. Great post. I just LOVE a good declutter! I try and do a big one at least twice a year. I also love hoovering. Like absolutely love it. I love seeing the dirt etc physically leave the floor hahaha!

  5. As a person who finds cleaning very relaxing, I find your nine steps very complete! Deep cleans really leave a room feeling fresh and open and so full of space. As I just did a deep clean on my home, I am currently living in clean heaven. The work is worth it! 🙂

  6. These are great tips for cleaning! My boyfriend and I are doing a major reorganization of my home for this spring and so this was helpful. Thank you!

  7. I love love a clean space and environment. I hate clutter, I always clean my space regularly and I must admit, these 9 tips are spot on. I usually start cleaning by putting everything where they are supposed to be, then I put all the clothes that need to be washed in a place, dust whatever needs to be dusted, clean the cupboards, make the beds, then use the vacuum cleaner and lastly, mop haha. It can be really tedious but it’s so well worth it.

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