8 small actions that will improve your life today

By taking small actions that will improve your life today you can get out of that slump and away from feeling like life is stagnant. Honestly, time can make life look so bad and stagnant. Maybe your work is unsuccessful or stagnant, your health or personal life is not going well and so on. Firstly this happens to everyone, so you are never alone in this. This is something that we all go through at some point. The most important thing to note is you CAN change this, by using these small actions that will improve your life today.

Stop making excuses

If you don’t want to do something then you are going to dig deep and find a reason not to do it. Anything you will convince yourself is why you shouldn’t do it. For example, waking up in the morning and convincing yourself not to go for a walk or go do a run etc.

Stop making these excuses and start living your life. Start owning your own life, work hard and push yourself to achieve your goals. Achieving happiness and your goals requires hard work like everything else, so stop making those excuses and get to it. It is these small actions that are easy to do, but also is equally as hard to fight against.

Don’t focus on instant gratification all the time

Sure it is nice to relax and watch a movie, go out for dinner instead of working longer on a project or something that needs to get done, or going to the gym, or even spending more time on cooking dinner.

Instant gratification is seductive and it makes your feel good, and of course this is great to do sometimes. However, when it becomes at the expense of your goals that will encourage you to grow, build confidence and help your self-esteem etc then it doesn’t seem as great.

Therefore, think about it. Make sure you are not sacrificing consistency and long-lasting happiness for a momentary happiness that can fade quickly! This will definitely improve your life in the long-term which is much more beneficial than a short quick fix.

Eliminate those distractions

As we are working from home at the moment distractions are everywhere. I mean there is the fridge for one, your phone, the TV and even other people in your home (if you live with others).

However, if you find yourself easily distracted then change this. Start to monitor this behaviour and what distracts you and try and change it/minimise it. This in turn will make you more productive and get more done!

It is something that is part of these small actions because it is simple to do and will improve your life today but also difficult for many of us. I definitely have found it harder to avoid distractions since working from home.

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I love working out and running it is no lie. However, sometimes I do go through periods where I don’t want to do it. Now I am working from home in my new role I have been trying to settle into that before I finalise a workout routine.

However, I know once I workout or go for a run how much better it makes me feel. If I am feeling worried, sad or angry then working out helps me manage these emotions. If I am feeling anxious then this also helps me manage that too.

Exercise is a great way to not only look after your physical health but your mental health too. Plus it can be anything you enjoy from yoga to walking or more high intensity exercises. That is why I love doing it, because of how it makes me feel and it is something that I enjoy a lot. It is an escape for me, and something that I can do by myself and spend that time alone.

Face your fears

I have always found it important to face your faces. For me personally if I am scared of doing something then I know I HAVE to do it (within reason obviously).

Now whilst doing this you might fail and fail again. But that is perfectly fine and ok. For us to improve and grow as humans we do need to fail sometimes, because this helps us learn. Therefore, don’t be scared to fail.

Therefore, do the work, face your fears and know it’s ok to fail. Again small actions but that have a huge impact and will improve your life. You just have to do it and do it again. This in turn will build up that confidence and ensure you are continuously growing. We are all more than capable of a lot more than we believe.

Develop a consistent morning routine

I truly believe the key to a productive day is how you choose to begin your day. Therefore, why not make sure that you start your day in the best possible way? I mean as the days get lighter and spring comes around I am sure this will help too.

I personally like to break down all my tasks into smaller tasks and have a to do list for everyday. Therefore, I know exactly what I need to do and if I don’t get it done then it just moves onto the next day. It is also important in what you are doing during that morning routine and make sure you are getting the most out of it. You don’t want to use a morning routine that you are not enjoying because this will in turn affect your day.

Therefore, having a morning routine that is consistent will make you get through your days much easier I promise! Changing this up is part of those small actions to improve your life. That is what it is about.

Find an energising midday activity

I know a lot of us are working from home right now or just stuck at home. Therefore, I find something that helps me recharge or reboot is doing something midday to kick me up the butt so I can get back to working productively.

For example, I like to put on some music and step away from my laptop (for about 5-10 minutes) and just dance around the room. It certainly makes me feel better.

You could also just read an article/chapter of a book, get up, do a workout and move about, do a crossword, knit or do a bit of cleaning around the house. Again as we come back to this but these are small actions that will improve your life. It is simple to implement into your day but will have great benefits.

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Get rid of things you don’t need

We all tend to accumulate stuff, and sometimes stuff we have no idea why we bought in the first place.

Therefore, declutter and get rid of these things you have accumulated that you just don’t need! However, if you have a LOT of stuff then maybe start small. For example, getting rid of 3-5 things a day and this way it doesn’t seem like a huge task. This will make the task seem not as daunting and will mean you are more likely to get rid of more things.

This will also help you to be more minimal, because you will begin to look at your belongings as “what do I really need/want in my life” and hopefully get rid of anything that is unnecessarily there .

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There we have it some small actions to improve your life. Once you begin to take these small actions and put them into your daily/weekly routine or life you will see positive improvements. Also by implementing these actions into your life you can change your outlook and how you look at life. This in turn will help you stop wasting time, be more productive and feel more fulfilled in your life this year.

Thank you for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I’ve dealt with all of these and I’ve sought out ways to lessen my anxiety. Gratitude, acceptance, and exercise/fresh air have made huge strides in my well being

  2. Great points. Exercise is a big one for me. I don’t log on from home until 9.30am so since it’s got lighter I walk for an hour before work and it has had a huge impact (positive) on my mental health.

  3. I second all of these! I tend to be happier when I have fewer “things” in my life, so decluttering is a huge one for me. So often, we get caught up in collecting “stuff” + not experiences, but experiences are what shape us + grow us as people. Great post, dear! Keep it up. Xx

  4. These are all great actions to add on our day! I think that stop making excuses and work on a good routine are a must for me right now! Thank you for sharing x

  5. Some amazing tips here, Gemma. I find some of these SO CRUICIAL. I didn’t do an awful lot of exercise last week and I felt kinda awful for it. De-cluttering is important to me as well x

  6. Amazing post! There are so many great ideas in here, but I think the most important take away for me, is that I have to look at the long term effects of my actions. Sure spending the day in front of the tv is fun at the time, but I will definitely pay for it later. Sometimes you just have to push yourself to do the things that will improve your life. It is always worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing these tips. They are really helpful.

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