6 Ways to connect with your authentic self

During our lives we go through periods where we feel lost or we feel distanced from who we really are, our authentic self. Getting to know yourself is never an easy process but it is definitely beneficial to all of us if we begin this journey. This self-awareness will allow you to understand your abilities, look at your strengths and weaknesses, your boundaries and triggers, what you truly value and even to think about what you like and dislike within your life and as I have mentioned helping you become your true authentic self.

Being your authentic self means being true to yourself and looking for those answers within, rather than searching around us for those answers. We are brought up to look at our surroundings and what is going on around us, but we are never really taught to deal/ look at what is inside.

Therefore, in today’s post I have put together some ways/questions that will help you evaluate these needs and connect with your authentic self.

6 Ways to help you reconnect with your authentic self!

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Love your authentic self

I wrote a post more in detail about practicing self-love so if you want some tips then check that out. The most important thing to remember is that we all have good and bad days, we are not going to feel or be perfect all the time.

Self-love and being your authentic self is not something that always come naturally, a lot of the time it does require practice. But in order for you to be your true authentic self you have to learn to love yourself. This in turn helps us to connect to ourselves. There are a lot of resources online to help you begin and for you practice on this journey.

For example, you could begin to practice activities that will encourage this by “describing yourself in one word” or “writing down 3 things you love about your self” either everyday or once a week.

Think about a time when you were happy

Sometimes reflecting back on moments when we were at our happiest is a great way for you to connect with things that you truly enjoy in your life. This is also a great way for you to see if these are still applicable for you now or whether what you enjoyed in that moment might have changed. Again coming back to that focus on your authentic self, because this is what we want to focus on.

For example, if I think back to a moment I was my happiest it was when I was snowboarding in France the beginning of 2020 (before everything changed). By reflecting on that moment I think about how I felt, what I did and just the activity of snowboarding. Therefore, I know that it is something that I still enjoy and when I can I definitely will be returning.

Therefore, by doing this you are diving deep into what you like or dislike and thinking about being true to yourself and what you enjoy.

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Connect with nature

When we are thinking about finding ourselves (or your authentic self) connecting with nature is a great way to help. Getting outside and embracing our surroundings is beneficial for motivation, inspiration and getting those creative juices flowing.

Also by connecting with nature this also allows us to build upon those positive relationships towards our environment, wildlife and habitats.

There is also large amounts of research that documents the positive impacts that nature has on us. Being near, in or around nature or even seeing it in art can positively influence our brains, bodies, thought processes and produces all these positive emotions. Therefore, opening us up to connecting with ourselves, letting us open up and inspiring more generosity and creativity.

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Think about what you are like when you alone

Other things for you to consider are what you are like when you are by yourself. What do you find yourself most drawn too, what is your focus, what do you like to do?

It is incredibly important for you to schedule time that is purely to be spent alone. I always hear a lot of people think I am weird when I say I enjoy spending time by myself, but it is an escape in a way. You have no one restricting anything that you want to do, no one bothering you, you can spend that time focusing on you.


I guess one of the best ways to connect to your self is through meditation. Meditating is great for calming the mind and for managing your mental health too. The many benefits that meditation can provide but it is also great for you to deal with questions and issues when you are discovering your self.

Not only this but meditation is great for managing your emotions and overcoming problems that may occur throughout your life. Plus the hardest part of this is just starting. You are in complete control of your meditation and you can choose how long or short you do it for. I personally like to spend around 10-15 minutes on this as that is best for me, but you can decided what is best for you.

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Through all the questions and things I have discussed so far it is important to note all these down in a journal.

You can use this to answer the questions, to write about those times you felt happy, excited and passionate in your life. Think about those moments and use this time to bring those moments into your current.

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In all of this connecting with yourself is something we can all do. We all have it within us, it is just about finding and unlocking that to be who we truly are. Letting go and exploring the inner work so that we can connect with our true authentic self.

I love exploring things about myself and reflecting on the past and seeing how much I have changed and even how my tastes have changed with time. So begin this journey and work on

Do you do any of what I have mentioned? Do you struggle with finding yourself sometimes?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Great post! Meditation and nature are my favourite – I love journaling but need to do it more going forward❤️❤️ including some journal prompts! Thanks for the inspo x

  2. My favourite ways are being in nature and journaling! They really help me find peace and remind me of what really matters to me and what makes me, me!

  3. It’s so important to spend time by yourself if you want to discover your authentic self! If you think of those types who go from one relationship to another, they become trapped doing things that makes others happy, and have no idea who they are and what they enjoy doing.

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