How to manage your time effectively with these 10 tips

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Managing time is something you may notice is high on that skills list when it comes to applying for jobs or being interviewed for jobs. This is because, being able to manage your time effectively means you can handle your work smoothly, meet deadlines and make better use of your time. But it can also be used in your personal life too.

Managing time effectively results in you giving back to yourself and giving you more time in your life. It can also create more opportunities (like me for beginning my own business) and is great for reducing stress levels. In comparison to poor time management which can produce poor quality work and increase stress levels.

Therefore, in this post I want to share with you

How to manage your time effectively with these 10 tips!

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Set goals correctly

I have wrote about this in more detail in a previous post but setting your goals correctly is important in helping you time manage.

By setting those goals that are revelent you can avoid wasting time on other goals or things that are not a priority in your life. So make sure you spend time to focus on setting goals that fit your life.

Prioritise wisely

Similar to setting those goals that are correct, you also want to focus on tasks that a priority for your life. You can do this by creating a long list and then picking out what goals are a priority and need to be done and what tasks can be left until later.

You can also use a planner to help you get on track and manage your time with the important tasks you need to get done. Jordanne sells a range of blogging planners (AF) that can help you with this. I personally use this blogging planner and I have a planner for everything else in my life, and I love having that separation between my two worlds.

Time limit to complete tasks

Setting a time limit is great for you to be able to see how much time you need to dedicate to a task. This way if you feel like you might need more time on a task (if this is related to work) then you can delegate to someone else, and this can help you manage your time.

However, this is also useful when it comes to home tasks. For example, setting a timer to help you with your chores around the home. I love doing this when cleaning so that I can see how much time I can work on each task.

Get Organised

Staying organised is key to managing time. Again you can use planners or your phone to keep a note of all your plans/tasks that need to be done. You can also get organised in dedicating days in which each task needs to be done by!

I don’t know about you but I feel so much better when I am organised, on top of my work and everything is in my planner.

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Plan ahead

Planning ahead again ties in nicely with all my previous points. I personally love to plan for the week, but I also love to create a to do list in the morning of each day. Therefore, this tells me what I need to get done for that day, and in turn this helps me focus on things I want to get done and remove that time wasting on tasks that are not a priority.

Also by planning ahead if there are any tasks that would come up last minute you can work that into your schedule without forgetting anything important.

Get rid of non essential tasks

I cannot stress enough how useful it is to just remove those tasks that are not essential. Not only does this free up your time and encourage you to manage time more effectively, but it can make you see what tasks actually mean the most to you. Also it can help you create more time for all the things that you enjoy the most.

Set time for breaks

Similar to the time limit you also want to time in those breaks! If you are working on a computer/laptop all day everyday then making sure you set time limits for those breaks is important. For example, I like to set a 5 minute break for every hour and even for my lunch breaks. This just ensures that I am taking that time to just step away from staring at a screen, and it honestly helps with me producing better quality work.

Learn to say no

One thing to ensure you are doing is to make sure you are not taking on too much you cannot handle. You can say no or even defer it to a later date etc. This will also benefit your time management because then you are not trying to fit too much into your time, when you could focus on some tasks that need your priority now.

Batch similar tasks together

If you have a list of tasks then you can easily see how some can be batched together, and this means that you can save yourself time because some tasks can be done together.

This makes it easier to work through your tasks and you can realise all the tasks you need to focus on as well.

Leave time between each task

Similar to me saying every hour take 5 minute breaks for you to function better and be more productive with your work, I also suggest leaving time between each of your tasks.

For example, once you finish a task give yourself 5-15 minutes to wrap that task up or relax before you move onto the next one. This will ensure you are making the most and getting your tasks done more effectively.

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There we have it, some ways for you to manage you time better and create a better work life. This in turn increases your productivity levels, reduces stress and helps you make time for the things you enjoy the most and wave good bye to those pointless tasks.

Do you use any of these? How do you manage your time effectively?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I love a good list. Usually before I go to bed I’ll set out things I want to do the next day and check them off as they day goes by. Anything I don’t complete I just follow it on to the next day.

    1. Yeah I do as well! That is a great idea and I love to do that as well, it is great to not pressure yourself as well when doing tasks- which like you just carry on any tasks you don’t do is great! ☺️

  2. these are all great tips, Gemma! I am still working out the planning ahead and giving myself time for each task, so it’s kind of a work in progress, but it’s much better than before! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Thanks for the amazing tips! I thinking say no more and giving myself a break is definitely what I need to incorporate more of!! Thanks xx

  4. Love this list of tips! I have always been a busy person. I started working my first job at 14 so I was juggling high school and working part time all my life then got into post secondary and get promoted at my job so more responsibilities + making new friends and social commitments, clubs, projects/assignments and all the small side hustles I do Lol! I still don’t know how I did all that to this day and just thinking about it makes me exhausted but i say the biggest takeaway is to always continuously do the little things which you talked about above! Like putting away cooking, doing the dishes and setting up your lunch for the next day all at the same time etc! I enjoyed reading this Gemma! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you for sharing that! I have always been the same, because I just love doing too much at once I think- I am mad 🤣 but thank you for your lovely comment xx

  5. I am all about batching, but it is important to batch tasks that are similar rather than trying to get everything done at once. I batch most often when cooking, but it is always possible to get smaller things done while something is uploading or saving. Breaks and time setting are also so important to staying motivated! 🙂

  6. Excellent tips here! I’d like to consider myself a very organized person and an effective planner, but there is *always* room for improvement. I definitely need to take these suggestions to heart and see how I can maximize my time as much as possible.

  7. Juggling everything can be so hard, especially if you are stuck for time so these tips are so great! Especially now I have a newborn, organisation is key! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

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