10 ways to practice self-love this year

We are approaching Valentine’s Day, and there is always talk of couples and doing things for your partner. But in reality the most important thing for self-love.

Self-love is important for us to be able to give love to another. In order to fully give yourself to your partner you need to be able to provide that much love for yourself. It is important for us to appreciate our own self, to love our own self because in turn by doing that we become unstoppable.

Now I don’t mean that by loving yourself you have to be on form all the time. There will still be days that you don’t feel great or love yourself, but by practicing self-love you will just become better equipped at managing those days and then picking yourself back up again.

Last year for Valentine’s 2020 I wrote a post all about loving yourself. But this year I wanted to share a post that puts that into practice.

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Begin the day with a positive affirmation

Something that will help you to begin your day in the best way, and even to set your mind-set up in the right way is to tell yourself something positive. For example, you could tell yourself how lovely you look today, how proud you are of handling a situation, of giving a talk yesterday etc.

Whatever it is that will make you smile, but is positive in relation to what you have done. This helps you begin to look at positive things about yourself, and will just help you begin your day in the best way. Plus it builds up that self-love slowly so you don’t even notice it, but in a positive way.

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Stop comparisons

I know everyone shouts and raves about this one and it is much harder to practice than preach. But it could not be truer. By comparing your life to someone else’s it is almost like dismissing your own greatness, and that is the opposite to what self-love is all about.

You have to remember that we are all different, we all view the world different, we all go through life at a different pace. You just have to accept that and accept that someone else might be at a different stage in life than you. Appreciate other people but focus on your own life.

There is so much greatness and good to be found in our own life, if we just choose to focus on it rather than wasting time comparing with others.

Celebrate ALL wins

I have mentioned this a few times before as well, but it is important for us all to acknowledge all of our wins in life. No matter how big or small every win deserves to be celebrated, and this in turn helps us on our self-love journey. This is because, you are celebrating small or big wins that involve you in some way and that is damn great.

I might just be that type of person but I get excited over anything and everything, because why not? If I have done something that is worth being proud of then I deserve to celebrate that.

Remove toxic content and relationships

I have put both of these in the same category because they both have the same intention. Remove all that toxic behaviour. Anything that does not bring you happiness or joy does not deserve a place in your life and keeping it in your life has an affect on your self-love.

It could be that someone you began following a few years ago is not what you are looking for anymore and that is ok. You can follow and unfollow who you want (and I think a lot of people need to accept that and understand that), and it is nothing against anymore but maybe you just don’t want that content on your feed anymore.

Similarly, if there is anyone in your life that is toxic then you have every right to remove them immediately. However, I know this in turn is not as easy sometimes so remember to be careful and seek extra support if needed.

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Take time to calm your mind everyday

Take time everyday to just clear your thoughts and your mind. It could be as little as 10 minutes up to 30 minutes or even an hour. However long you feel necessary make sure you dedicate or even schedule in time to calm your mind.

This could be through meditating or literally just sitting on the floor or reading a book. Just do what you need to do to keep building up that self-love.

Step outside of your comfort zone

By stepping out of your comfort zone you can make yourself realise that there is stuff you can do that you didn’t think you could do before.

That is the whole point of a comfort zone, we stay there because we are comfortable it is what we know and it is safe ultimately. However, by making that leap outside the comfort zone you will realise other things that you are capable of. Things that you never believed you could do. So always step outside that comfort zone.

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Be grateful

Practicing gratitude is something that is important to me and something I attempt to do every day. This is something that is great to do on those days where you might feel down, it can be a useful way to bring yourself back a bit. By doing this it almost helps to shift your mind to the energy around you.

Bye bye approval

There will always be someone out there that does not appreciate you. Now is the time to just embrace that and move on.

Not everyone is going to accept you or be your friend, and that is totally ok. We are all human, we are all different and we like different things. We don’t all need to be friends, sometimes we can just be civil and move on with our own life.

Write down things you love about yourself

It might be cheesy and corny but DO IT. Write down a list of all the things you love about yourself. For example, it could be how you deal with difficult people, it could be your eyes, it could be how you help people etc.

Think about everything and not just looks that you love about yourself. This is also useful on those days you are struggling to look at and remind you how amazing you truly are.

Be someone that loves

It can be hard if you are someone that is stuck in a self-hate bubble. However, like everyone else self-love takes practice and time. So go easy on yourself.

Therefore, if you need somewhere to begin then instead of focusing on loving yourself, focus on being someone that loves. Let love flow through you. For example, focus on what you love about people when you first meet them, what do you love when you go shopping, when you are writing etc. Simply make these adjustments to feel these positive emotions and love as much as possible.

What do you do to practice self-love?

There we have it some ways for you to begin practicing self-love if you have not already and become the best version of you this year.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. This post is amazing! I 100% agree, we should celebrate all the wins we have no matter the size! We need something to look forward to and it’s so motivating! I also heavily believe that influence plays a huge part in our lives so it’s always good to ensure that we are removing toxic relationships where we can. Thanks for sharing Gemma x


    1. Thank you so much! Yeah definitely all wins should be celebrated for us to enjoy life a lot more. That is sooo true, and even if relationships change and you need to remove that that is also ok. xx

  2. some really cool tips in this post. I have been really working on my self care this past few months. I’m taking more time for myself and I’m really trying not to compare myself to others!


  3. Love all these things and I like to think I’m practicing all of these on a much more regular basis. They’re definitely not just reserved for Valentine’s Day but that’s a great place to start on your self love journey! x

  4. These are such lovely tips. I think I definitely need to start working on comparison as I know it’s something I am guilty of doing a lot. Thanks for sharing this!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  5. I 100% agree — no matter what our relationship status is, we need to still continue to learn to love and accept ourselves. I’m going to try to do more of a calming activity everyday!

  6. Amazing post!! I love your suggestions for how to put self-love into practice. Stepping out of my comfort zone is always a difficult one for me, but I always feel better for having done it. It is a great way to build self-love and confidence. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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