9 Valentine’s day ideas for the fitness couple

As we have begun a new year and set ourselves goals of looking after our health and fitness why not continue that onto Valentine’s Day as well.

If you both enjoy working out as a couple or even a family then have a bit of fun on Valentine’s Day and do something a bit different. To me Valentine’s Day has always been seen as a way to indulge and spend money, so why not do the opposite?

There are always posts on cute date night ideas, food or dinner ideas but there are not many posts for fitness couples. Plus studies have shown that couples that complete a physical activity together report feeling happier in their relationships and more in love with their partner. I guess that is a bonus too then!

10 Valentine’s day ideas for the fitness couple!

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Valentine’s hike

Of course this is something that would need to be within your restrictions right now depending on where you live and what your government state. However, going for a hike can be a great way to see some beautiful views, spend time together and get a good workout in. So a win win in terms of Valentine’s date and fitness.

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5km run

If you are a runner then you might see some challenges available on Valentine’s day like completing a 5km fun run. This can be a great way for you and your partner to go on a run together, and you could even dress up in red for it or turn it into something more fun as well.

You could even do this one if you are not usually a runner too, and it will help get some practice in if you are competing the couch to 5km, or just get you outside on that day.

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Passing sprints

Whilst we are on the topic of running this one could also be fun to do as a couple. Therefore, stick to your normal run or jogging routine but implement passing sprints.

What this means is whilst you are jogging or running break that up by passing sprints. So one of you will sprint ahead, and then the other will try to sprint to catch up- kind of like a mini race. This is great at getting a little bit competitive, having a bit of fun and getting active.

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Yoga for couples

If you want a workout or something that is more relaxed but still does a good job. Doing yoga as a couple is a great way for you to connect as well as reaping many benefits for both of you. There are a lot of poses online that look complicated and so make sure if you are a beginner to choose poses that fit right for you as a couple.

As I have mentioned there are many benefits to doing yoga as a couple. Not only has yoga shown to increase your sex drive, sexual satisfaction but completing these poses together produces a heightened sexual attraction too. This is because, those feelings we get when we are “in the mood” are similar to those when we participate in physical exercise.

If you want to make it extra special for Valentine’s you could also turn it into a little nude yoga, just to spice things up. This is also a great way to help both of you become more confident and comfortable with your own bodies, as well as engaging in a sexual connection with each other.

Bike ride

I used to ride a bike so much when I was younger and myself and Ryan (my partner) would love to buy bikes again. However, we are waiting until we move into our own home first.

Anyway, going on a bike ride is also a cute date day for Valentine’s. Plus it is something that you can do if you are both a bit more advanced, or even as beginners to just explore your local area.

Or if you both have indoor bikes then you could participate on them instead if you prefer. Either way a bike ride together is a fun date for any fitness couple.


Maybe you and your partner are looking for something a bit different. This could be by taking part in virtual dance classes (if there any any available), or even looking online to youtube and teaching yourselves how to dance together. It actually could turn out to be something fun for you as a couple.

Also it could be any type of dancing; street, salsa, ballroom, ballet just any dancing that you and your partner are interested in. Have a bit of fun!

Squat it like its hot

Yes that is a song reference and yes that was terrible, moving on. You could have a squat workout routine going where you alternate squatting. For example, in a “you go, I go” sequence. You can do this in repetitions and how many you like that is good for you.

Wheelbarrow walk

I mean this one might bring back those memories for everyone, because they certainly do for me. The amount of races I had to do at school with a friend and I loved it.

If you have the space then definitely alternate it so this can be done indoors, but if not then maybe throw on them gloves and head to the garden (if you have one), or a local park. Just remember to have some fun but work out at the same time.


This is something I really want to get into (and not as in I want to get in a ring and compete, not that, but as in boxfit), and luckily Ryan bought a punch bag and both of us boxing gloves so that we can train in the garden. I am actually yet to use it but I do really want to at some point.

Boxing is a great way to de-stress and keep fit, but also bond with your partner. Just make sure to follow along with a video or routine if you have never done boxing before.

There you have 9 Valentine’s day ideas for the fitness couple! Hopefully this will give you some ideas and maybe inspire you as a couple to workout together.

If you are into fitness then let me know how you will be celebrating Valentine’s day?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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23 thoughts

  1. These are great ideas. My partner and I have worked out a few times at home, although space can be an issue!

    Can’t wait until we can gym together but we do love going hiking. Even if we do have to drag the kids with us!

  2. Great ideas but I am SO NOT a fitness couple haha! I love Yoga, HIIT workouts and I’ve even started jogging! Can you believe it?! But my boyfriend is like, allergic to exercise, he hates it haha! I can just about drag him out for a walk with me!

    1. I love that haha! 🀣 that is amazing so happy and proud of you! Hope the jogging is going ok, I hated it when I first started!
      Oh no, well I mean it is not for everyone! My boyfriend is the opposite, because he used to compete around the world as a runner so I don’t have a problem 🀣 xx

  3. Sadly, I’m not as active as I used to be, but I love these ideas. I am really into yoga this year, so it would be funny to see my boyfriend bend and try it with me. Thank you for these ideas, they’re really sweet

    Em x

    1. Thank you so much! I mean a lot has gone on so don’t beat yourself up about it, just do what you can 😊 glad you like the ideas, and good luck with doing any with your boyfriend xx

  4. I love these fitness ideas for two! Yoga for couples sounds amazing; by itself yoga is slow and relaxing so doing it with someone, I think, is a great way to connect not only with yourself but also your partner. πŸ™‚

  5. My boyfriend is definitely not one for exercise haha! All these ideas sound so fun, I might try and convince him to do couples yoga as that sounds amazing, I love how I feel after a yoga session – it is so relaxing and therapeutic! xx

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