10 simple ways to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day

First of all I will say I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t one of those people that was “single and hated all things Valentine’s” but I just mean I have never actively celebrated it because I don’t see the point.

I mentioned in my previous post that this year I wanted to be a bit different and just have something to look forward too, or even focus on during this time.

However, I do think it can be fun and cute to add some touches around your home especially during this difficult time. I think we all need a little bit of cheering up and more fun in our lives. These can be things we already own, or even DIY projects we can all do.

10 simple ways to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day!

A border on a piece of paper of love hearts the sweets.
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Add Valentine’s themed signs

This can be something that you create yourself or even you can buy prints online from small businesses. Either way I think a great way to decorate your home for Valentine’s this year is to put up cute heart signs, or love/Valentine’s themed signs.

This way you just are adding a simple touch that might not be too in your face, but adds a lovely Valentine’s decoration around the home.

Add the colour red

Something that might seem quite obvious would be to add in the colour red around the home. This could be through pillows in the living room, throws, pot plants or just anything you can find/want to buy for you to place around your home.

Adding the colour red sets the tone for having that Valentine’s day theme in your home, and it is up to you if you want to go all out or just have a subtle look.


I don’t know about you but I love a pretty garland. So I definitely think adding in a heart shaped garland would just make the home more ready for Valentine’s day. I have actually began releasing my own products for my “Valentine’s range” and might actually make myself a heart garland.

You might also see a few of these on my shop make a small appearance!

A pink background with a small pink felt heart in the middle
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Heart shaped wreaths

As well as having a garland another great decoration piece is a heart shaped garland! They are not just for Christmas but wreaths are great all year round.

Plus there are a lot of small businesses out there making these for you, or you could get even more creative and join a virtual wreath making class and make your own!

Have a chocolate/sweet station

I think something that could be a unique and cool idea is to have a “sweet/chocolate” station. You could use some empty mason jars and fill them with your favourite treats, and use a chalk board that can be personalised to say whatever you wish.

Also around Valentine’s you always find some themed chocolate and sweets and so you can use these as well.


I think something that is hugely associated with Valentine’s are flowers. Therefore, use these to decorate your home. It could be buying red roses for this occasion, or mixed flowers. Just choose whatever flowers you wish to put into your home.

Mason jars

As I have mentioned above you can use these for sweets. However, I think mason jars are so cute as other decorations too. You can buy pre-made mason jars for Valentine’s or you can make your own.

You can also use these for flowers, or even candles and this would create a cute look around the home for Valentine’s.

Heart lights

I love fairy lights and I really think they can transform a space for that cosy and comforting feel. I already have some hanging in my room, but I think if I want to bring this theme of Valentine’s into the home then picking up some heart shaped fairy lights would do the trick.


At Christmas you have those beautiful centrepieces during the Christmas dinner, so why not have one for Valentine’s day too? You can get creative and make your own (this could even make a cute date) or you can buy from a small business.

Table runner

Something else you can do to add some decoration for your home is to get a heart themed table runner. I am sure there are a variety out there for you to buy, and plus they just add that finishing touch to your table when you are eating.

It is completely up to you whether you would want these decorations up for a short period of time or whether you just want to decorate for Valentine’s day.

There you have it, some ways for you to decorate your home for Valentine’s day. This could be for you to go all out and add that love to your home or just keep it small and simple.

What are your plans for Valentine’s?

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I love these ideas! Since lockdown began my house has been decorated in some fashion. It is my sons 13th birthday on Tuesday, I have bought so many decorations for it. I want to make it special for him. Although the 100 balloon arch that I have to some how put together in secret is already exhausting me just thinking about it!

    I will definitely be adding some valentine decorations this year, plus it is my daughter birthdays around then so the house will be full of it I am sure x x

  2. Cute ideas, Gemma! I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day because my boyfriend and I have never really celebrated it and neither of us are particularly romantic types so it just wouldn’t feel right for us! But these are great ideas for those who like to throw everything at the occasion! x

    1. Thank you hun! I have never celebrated it either, but for some reason this year and I am in a “fuck it” mood and just making the most of anything 😂 thank you xxx

  3. OMG! This is my blog post I’m releasing tomorrow/monday too hahaha Great minds think alike! I love all the points here. The idea of mason jars is so cute! I didn’t even think of that (my list is super short). Thanks for sharing x


  4. So many cute ideas! I think with everything how it is at the minute, adding some extra fun into your home for Valentines is fab – loving the idea of the mason jars especially xx

  5. These are some great ideas on setting a Valentine’s Day tone in your home! I think I’ll be making some heart shaped cookies on the day, as well as buying some of those delicious cinnamon hearts! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love all of these ideas! I don’t really decorate for Valentine’s day, but I would love to have a nice garland of a wreath and every idea mason jar related is always great! Thank you so much for sharing x

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