20 stay at home date night ideas for Valentine’s day 2021

Now I am not a massive fan of Valentine’s Day, I mean I don’t hate it I just don’t celebrate it. Last year I did not dedicate any posts to this occasion apart from one post on “tips on loving yourself“. This post was a lovely post to write and I really connected with it as I think a lot of us struggle with self-confidence and just loving who we are. However, you can head over to that post for more on that.

This year I decided that a lot has been ruined in our lives within the last year so why not celebrate anything I can. It gives us all something to look forward to and even focus on especially during tough times. Therefore, in this post I will be talking about…

20 stay at home date night ideas for Valentine’s day 2021!

These activities will cater for all! Whether you are in a relationship or not, I have put together a post that we can all enjoy (well I hope so). Have that cute date night for yourself, family or with your other half.

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Indoor picnic

This could be for one or two (or however many), but having an indoor picnic is actually so much fun.

Imagine the scene…. a cute blanket laid across the floor, candles around the room, a basket full of goodies in the middle of the blanket, drinks (alcoholic or not) and even some yummy pudding. That sounds perfect enough for me. I would also actually do this one by myself as well, because I mean food, drinks, whatever I want to watch on Netflix what more could a gal want?

Dance party

I mean I love a good dance party (either solo or with others). I think this can be such a great night as well. Just put on some of your favourite tunes, set some snacks on the table and just have a dance and a sing-a-long. Plus it can make you feel so much better, especially if you are feeling down or stressed.

Games night

I have mentioned this one a few times in my previous themed date nights, but I love playing games. Whether that be on my PS4 or board games, I am all for it.

Therefore, you could play a two player game on your console, or get that board game out. This is something that is perfect for families too, as there are a variety of games both on console and in board game form for that too. Myself and my mum love playing “Overcooked” and that is a great games night for us.

There are also “couple” themed game boards that are a bit more on the sexual side, so if you are looking to have a more special evening (you know what I mean) then there are those available too!

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3 course meal

Now you don’t have to be no Gordon Ramsey (it might help), but I mean it is not every day that you set down and have a 3 course meal (unless you do do that then maybe skip this one). One of you can create a menu and come up with ideas of food for the other person, yourself or family and it can be so much fun!

Also if you are a family you could also dedicate one part of the menu to each member. For example, one of you cook the starter, another the main and the other the dessert (if there is more of you then just pair up).

Create a themed bar area

This is time for you to get creative and this could be anything drink or food related. But just create an area in your home that is the “bar” where you can go and get that particular drink or food item of choice.

For example, it could be a bar area for a chocolate fondue, full of fruit, marshmallows etc and you can dip them all into the chocolate.

DIY night

This is perfect for singletons, couples or families but why not get crafting? You can set the Valentines theme and just create crafts using different materials. It could be that you focus on one particular activity (for example making a pillow) and all make your own heart using those materials.

Valentine’s themed cocktails

I always like to throw this one in because making cocktails might be your thing, or you might just want to have a bit of fun. There are loads of recipes online that you can find and attempt to make yourself. All you have to do is grab the ingredients and then get making!

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Pizza making

You could also just have a cute pizza making session. You can even turn this into a bit of a competition on who makes the best pizza (again perfect for couples and families, but you can also do this by yourself too).

Valentine’s quiz

This could go one of two ways depending on what you are like as a couple, but it can also be quite fun. There are a range of quizzes online that you could choose from to test your knowledge of each other, you could also make your own quizzes for each other. You could also just pick random Valentine’s quizzes that might not be related to asking questions to each other. Just remember to have fun!

Movie night

Of course it wouldn’t be a date night if I didn’t suggest a movie night. In terms of Valentine’s then you could theme the movies as romantic, and just snuggle under a blanket/duvet and watch all the soppiness wrapped up in one movie. Or maybe a few.


I mean this might not sound romantic but maybe if you are that couple or person that loves hiking then this could be for you. Of course remember to stick to restrictions as been told right now, but you could arrange a cute romantic walk/hike around the local area.

Afternoon tea

I love a good afternoon tea and last year myself and my mother went to a chocolate themed afternoon tea and it was bliss (when we could all go out). However, this is something that could easily be set up at home as well. There are “afternoon tea kits” online that you can purchase, or you can just find stuff you already own and come up with your own idea.

This is something that you can theme completely to your tastes as well. It might be that you like the more traditional theme, or you can do a chocolate theme or something else!

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Spa night

It might be all that you need to do is relax and have that spa night. You can walk around in your dressing gown and slippers, have champagne at the ready, have a bath, do a face mask and give each other a massage.

You can also do this with family or even alone. Just having that special spa night and looking after yourself and well-being can be a great re-boot.

Chocolate making/tasting

Of course I always associate chocolate with Valentine’s (no thanks to advertising) but it could be fun to make your own chocolate and then have your own chocolate tasting session!

I love a good chocolate treat every now and then but I have never actually made my own as of yet. So this could be a great idea!

Tasting session

Now linking on from the point above you could also just have a “tasting” session, and this could be for anything that you both love. For example, it could wine, gin in terms of drinking or you could do a food session. This could burgers, pizza, cheese, fruit etc. Whatever you enjoy turn it into a session to try new things.

Sunset/Sunrise watch

If you have not done this already then I could not recommend it anymore. It is such a beautiful experience. Just get up that bit earlier and both head out to a local park and just watch the sun come up (it is break taking I promise). If you are not an early riser then of course the sunset is just as nice!

A shot from the crowd of a concert with yellow, orange and red tones in the lights
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Watch your favourite band

Sadly we cannot attend any concerts or watch live music in person at the moment. However, you could find a live concert that has been recorded put it one the TV and just pretend you are at a concert. Sing loud, dance, jump and just have fun in that moment!

Couple’s virtual cooking class

I have seen a couple of these online but I have not done any of them. But I think it is a great idea, especially as you cannot attend places at the moment. It is something you can do in the comfort of your own home, have a bit of fun and learn new skills!

Book club

If you are book nerds then this could be a great idea for you. You could both set yourself the same book to read, and then have a cute book club date night. You can talk about the book, have snacks and drinks and just have a discussion.

Take a “trip” to a Country

What I mean by this is I know we are not travelling right now, however you can theme your day around a destination that maybe you want to go to. You could do activities around that theme, cook meals and make drinks that would be in that destination etc. This is such a different and fun idea to make you feel like you are travelling in that moment (I mean it won’t be the same, but it is all about making the best of a bad situation).

There we have it, some ideas for you at home to re-create as a date night for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Let me know if you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Or share some of your ideas in the comments below?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. These are all such great ideas! Pizza and DIY nights sound like loads of fun! Chocolate tasting would be on top of my list though! Thanks for sharing x

  2. These are some lovely ideas to do at home Valentine’s Day and night ideas. Unfortunately I am in a long distance relationship, so we will have a date night on video call. Thank you for sharing Gemma. Xxx

  3. A lot of these are date nights that we already enjoy. We’re total homebodies so anything that can be enjoyed in the comfort of our living room is definitely our style. I’m looking forward to what will probably be an indoor wine-and-cheese picnic, games, and movie night on Valentine’s Day!

    1. That sounds like a dream Valentine’s Day, and I feel the same myself and my partner are homebodies too! So these tips are great every year 😊 x

  4. I love this list! Being at home does not mean there is no fun to be had and I think that doing something like a three course meal, cocktails, or making and tasting chocolates offers even more time to spend together in the making of delicious food, drink, and treats. πŸ™‚

  5. No that I have anyone to share Valentine’s Day with this year haha, but if I did the pizza making idea sounds so good! I love experimenting in the kitchen and pizza is something I’ve never actually made from scratch πŸ™‚

  6. Lovely post! Thank you for sharing this! I love how inclusive it is and the activities sound so fun! I will try and do some of these ideas on Valentine’s Day this year!

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