2020 Christmas Gift Guide for all budgets!

This post is perfect for those with all budgets (which I have mentioned previously how important it is to set a budget), and with a variety of gifts that could make anyone you know happy. There will be a selection of small businesses and just other gift ideas for you to buy this Christmas.

Of course this time this year has been incredibly difficult for everyone, but remember that gifts are not everything and this year especially gifting your time and love is just as important. Therefore, if finances are not that great this year then do not worry gifting your time will be just as great.

2020 Christmas Gift Guide for all budgets!

A selection of presents all wrapped onto one huge present. All wrapped in a range of wrapping paper. One is red, the other brown paper and one a silver sparkly paper.
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Letter box gifts

I came across these a lot more this year and honestly they have been the perfect presents for people I know celebrating a special occasion, birthday and of course like today’s post Christmas!

One thing I love about them is the fact it can be posted through your letterbox! Plus there is such a variety of gifts, it is perfect for anyone you know.

Another thing to point out is normally these are made by small businesses so not only are you buying someone a unique gift but you are supporting a business too. They all range in prices too, so this is great for those with a small or high budget!

Some of my favourites (not affiliate links):

Organic letterbox spa gift

Rainbow decoration crochet kit

Emergency pink gin letterbox gift

Runner’s kit letterbox gift

Two knitted Christmas tree's one in white and one green, both hanging on a Christmas tree with other baubles and decorations.

Knitted decorations

I am so excited to be mentioning that you can buy from MY small business! At the moment I am selling small handmade knitted Christmas tree’s in white or green and Christmas baubles in red or green (newly added).

They are a cute perfect stocking filler gift, secret Santa gift or even if you are making a huge hamper! They would be perfect slotted inside and they are only £4 each or you can buy four for £10 (click the link for more information).

However, the last time you can purchase these will be the 15th December if you want them before Christmas (and that is not a guarantee). You will still be able to purchase them if you wish after this date but they might not get there in time for Christmas.

A dark brown perfume bottle laying in a bamboo bowl filled with rose pink petals that are scattered around outside the bowl.
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I have a nice collection of perfumes that I love. But my more expensive perfumes are for the special occasions, whereas my daily perfume is cheaper and just one I can use all the time.

Lancôme La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum

This is my favourite perfume at the moment ( I do also love Marc Jacobs, Black Opium etc), but this one is special. It is a pricey perfume but my last one actually lasted me the whole year, so it was perfect. Of course there are always box sets for perfumes around Christmas so definitely have a look out!

Jimmy Choo Illicit

This one is cheaper and much at my daily perfume price range (under £30). Which is why I love this one, and it smells great! It is a rich and musky smell perfect for those winter days/nights.

There are other perfumes under £20 that are great too if that is more your budget!

A family wearing matching Pyjama's all hanging decorations on the Christmas tree.
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I mean Christmas is the perfect time for pyjama’s, and I am all for it to be honest. There are pyjama’s being thrown around everywhere, so there is more than enough variety for what you want or need.

I bought a present for Ryan of some comfy bottoms from Ralph Lauren (again a luxury item for the upper budget), as they were on offer and so I wanted to treat him. When they arrived they were stunning and gorgeous, and the quality was beautiful. I know he is going to get a lot of wear out of them, and I am slightly jealous I am not going to lie.

However, there are also great pyjama’s in New Look, Primark, Supermarket’s you name it. So definitely pyjama’s out there for every price range or budget.

One of my favourite places to get great quality Pyjama’s is M&S. My Auntie has got me a few from there and I still wear them and have them today. I love their theme and quality a lot.

Three sparkly red small candles in a line all lit up, with a blurry light background.
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Candles and Wax melts

I have spoke about some of my favourite candles previously, but they also make some great gifts!

There a range of small businesses out there as well that have begun selling candles or wax melts which is great for you to check out! But also just your local supermarket’s do great gift sets too.

Here are some of my favourite small business’s (Not affiliate links):

Kindred Fires- Personalised Candles

VeganBunnyCo- Soy candles handmade

LeyLoveCrafts- Handmade wax melts

SmellsGoodScents- Soy wax melts and candles


Sometimes these are the best kind of gifts. Especially as you can make memories and not waste money on gifts that people might not actually want.

There are so many different experiences ranging from Go Karting, afternoon tea and even overnight stays. These are great gifts catered to that individual.

Some of the sites I use are (not affiliate):



A green/blue Instax Mini Camera facing towards the camera with a Christmas tree picture printing out of the top of the camera.
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Instax Mini Instant Camera

I have one of these which Ryan got me for my birthday a couple of years ago, in this lovely baby blue colour.

I think it is a nice touch to take pictures during the Christmas period and they are memories to keep forever. Plus if someone loves their photography (maybe not a professional because they might prefer the more pricey camera’s) then this a great gift!


Something for a tech person could be headphones. I love my pink wireless headphones which again I got from Ryan! But you can also splash out on the brand Beats which do the more pricey headphones (Ryan got some with his laptop and he loves them).

A PlayStation controller being held up in the air in front of a blurry TV and room.
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Depending on your budget this could mean treating that person to a gaming console (PS4 or the new PS5), or even to some of their favourite games or games that have been newly released.

You could even buy any gaming accessories like headphones, controllers etc and these will go a long way for those gamer boys and girls.

A huge basket filled with food and fruit and flowers on the top.
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com


You can get creative and make your own hamper purely personal for the person you are creating it for, full of all of their favourite things.

However, if you are not so creative then they do already pre-made hampers online as well. They range from cheese boards with wine, spa sets, wellness sets, sport sets and so on. Plus they range from £15- £50, so perfect for a range of budgets too.

I love a hamper and I personally think they are such amazing gifts at Christmas. Plus they are already all wrapped up and made for you, so you can just give it straight to the person you are gifting it too.

There we have it a range of Gifts perfect for all budgets! I hope you enjoyed this Gift guide and you find something if you are struggling with gifts this year.

Let me know what gifts are you favourite? Also have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I always think that homemade candles are some of the best gifts to give, because who doesn’t like candles? I also really love your business, your Christmas tree decorations are so cute x

  2. Great ideas! I actually haven’t bought or been bought a PlayStation game this Christmas. I did get The Last of Us Part 2 for my birthday back in September and I lovedddd it. There’s not really any games out at the moment that I want, we’re kinda waiting for the PS5 and games for that! But anyway, great guide. Can’t go wrong with candles and jammies!

  3. These are some great suggestions. I LOVE when people gift me new pyjamas for the holidays. After all, the best way to spend the holiday break is to lounge around in pyjamas and spend quality time with family. Right?

  4. I’ve really gotten into making hampers for people this year. It’s such a great idea because you can really personalise them for the receipient and you can make them fit within any budget. Really loved reading all your ideas, I will definitely be stealing some 🙂

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