My festive bucket list for 2020

As the seasons change I love to write a new fresh bucket-list of all the things I want to do in that time. However, I am aware that this bucket-list will be a bit different this year due to everything going on. But it is still full of fun things that I am excited to get done.

I think especially during this time it is just nice to have something to look forward to, or be excited for. So make that list of things you want to do and spread that Christmas cheer.

So put on those festive tunes, grab a drink, wear a festive hat or whatever and let us get into my

Festive bucket-list for 2020!

First of all I have wrote other bucket-lists throughout this year which you can of course check out before or after reading this post. As I mentioned I always enjoy writing a list to get me through the seasons or a period of time, because I think they are fun!

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A selection of Christmas biscuits on a white plate with a pine cone that is frosted, next to a gold Christmas present box with a bow and a candle with the words "home" on it.
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Bake festive biscuits

Of course nothing beats a little bit of festive baking with the music blaring. I am hoping to bake some shortbread reindeer shapes, cookies and some other festive shaped biscuits.

Decorate the house for Christmas

I always get so excited about decorating, because it is just lovely to see everything come together.

Honestly waking up and coming down the stairs and just seeing all those decorations… I don’t think anything beats that feeling that it gives me.

Create a festive playlist

I actually have never done this and I don’t know why?! But this year I am going to create that playlist full of my favourite tunes.

Watch ALL the festive movies (maybe one a day?)

I have already begun watching some festive movies, but I think one a day sounds reasonable right?

A selection of big and small gift bags some with the words "sale" on the front of them, and a small shopping trolley with a gift card wrapped in a red bow in it.
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Get the last few bits of my Christmas shopping

I have done all the big and main parts of my shopping, but now I just want to buy some small stocking filler type presents.

I am a little bit worried of going into town though and I don’t know why. But I might have to brave it at some point just to get those last few bits!

Begin showcasing/selling my festive decorations that are homemade/knitted

So I actually have begun to sell some of my knit projects! You can check out my post all about it here. I am so happy and excited though and I just love my creations and hope other people love them too.

At the moment I am selling Christmas tree decorations and Bauble decorations all handmade and knitted!

I am also hoping to fully set it up as a business next year and properly get myself into it.

Two sets of hands holding onto a silver present wrapped with a red bow. One holding as if to give to the other, with a blurry Christmas tree in the background.
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Post festive content throughout December

This is my favourite time for content either reading it from others or writing it. It brings me so much joy, and it just cannot be beaten.

Go on cold winter walks

I love wrapping up and going for walks during these colder months. I mean it might be freezing but it is still nice to get out and breathe in that fresh air.

There you go my festive bucket-list full of festive fun. I love this time of year, it is honestly my favourite. I am looking forward to decorating, baking and all the festive content!

What is on your festive bucket-list this year?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. You’re going to watch all festive movies!! Wow that’s definitely ambitious πŸ™‚ As for posting every day, I love that it’s on your bucket list

    1. Well maybe not all of them but we want to try and watch our favourites πŸ˜‚ also I don’t think I will post everyday but I am aiming for 3 days a week πŸŽ„

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