Launching my new business: Gemz Crafts

Today I am back with a slightly different post, and I hope you don’t mind. Basically, I decided to go for it and launch my new craft business! I am completely nervous and excited but I love art and creating so this is a dream come true for me.

This post will include ALL information and I will separate it under questions so hopefully that will answer everything that anyone would need to know, and also introduce my products!

Launching my new business: Gemz Crafts!

What is the name?

I decided to just use something simple at the moment and call my business “Gemz Crafts”. I have launched my business with my passion for knitting however, I knew that if I wanted to branch out into other creative products then having a name dedicated to “knitting” would be a bit restrictive.

Therefore, at the moment it will be “Gemz Crafts” during my trial run which I am doing up until the 15th December.

Christmas trees that are knitted in both white or green!

What is the product?

Let us get into the product! So I am basically trialling out my business just before Christmas. Therefore, I have small handmade knitted Christmas trees on offer (as you can see in the picture).

They are available in two colours; white with a slight sparkle and a green tree. They are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree, or you can hang them up around your home. I completely love them and they would be great to reuse year after year.

A small knitted  white Christmas tree hanging on an actual Christmas tree

How much?

I am sure you would be interested in the pricing! Well my small knitted Christmas trees are only £4 each including postage, or you can buy FOUR for £10 (saving you £2).

I think this is super affordable, perfect for yourself or as a gift. Especially for Christmas this could be perfect as a stocking filler, or a secret Santa gift.


As I am just starting out unfortunately I will only be shipping around the UK. Hopefully when I launch properly next year I will be able to offer shipping to the US and to Europe as that would be amazing.

Where can you buy?

At the moment as I have mentioned it is a trial so it will be just heading over to my Twitter or Instagram and messaging me your order. The payment will then be over PayPal, and once that is sorted I will get your order sorted and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Instagram: Gemz Crafts

Twitter: Gemz Crafts

Why I started my business?

I have always been crafting since as long as I can remember, and naturally I am a creative person. I have a passion for art and creating things, and I studied Art at school and enjoyed it.

In relation to knitting I first began learning when I was 8 years old and I approached my Grandma asking if she could teach me. I then began knitting myself a scarf, which I ended up wearing for a couple of years until I donated it to a family. I then gave it up for a bit around the ages of 13-23, but recently fell back in love with it.

As a result, today we are here with me launching a business and showing off my love of knitting and crafting. I am so happy and excited and I hope that I can grow and people can enjoy the products I make.

A small cardboard box filled with tree tissue paper and a small knitted white tree with a thank you card. From a small business.


Lastly, I want to mention the packaging because before I launched my business I wanted to make sure my packaging was sustainable and eco-friendly.

I do think there is always room for improvement and hopefully it will constantly get better and better. However, I believe I have done the best I can to provide packaging that is eco-friendly and can be recycled or even reused!

Therefore, all my knitted trees will be packaged in a letterbox sized cardboard box. Inside the trees will be wrapped in tissue paper that can be reused or recycled. Also there will be a small thank you card, that is eco-friendly and can be recycled!

Tiny knitted white and green Christmas trees hanging on a real Christmas tree as a close up

I have already mentioned how important it is to support small business and listed businesses I love and recommend for you to shop for for Christmas. Even if you don’t want to buy the product I would appreciate if you could share, or even follow on both my social media accounts. Every little helps.

Do you have any questions? Have you launched a business and have any tips?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Huge congratulations lovely, this is so exciting for you and the decorations look so cute!! Its also so amazing that you are taking sustainability and eco friendly measures into consideration, woo you go girl! xxx

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