How to decorate your home for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favourite things to do out the whole year. I mean I do love Halloween as well don’t get me wrong, but Christmas just cannot be beaten.

Firstly, before you think about decorating you should be thinking about your budget and the items that you actually want within your home. This could be whether you already have the items so you don’t need to be spending more money or you could be looking at small businesses that are sustainable to support this year.

How to decorate your home for Christmas!

A lit up Christmas tree with presents underneath in a living room at night

Living room

Firstly, I want to begin with the most exciting room for me. This tends to be the room that will display the Christmas tree (however of course that depends on you). So I want to provide some suggestions on how to decorate your living room.

Christmas tree

As I mentioned this is where I personally have my Christmas tree. I like to have it by the front window so as people walk past they can see it. But also whilst I am chilling in the room it is nice to be there and look at.


I am a garland lover. We have a fire place in our living room and this is where I love to put our garland. I just place it over the top and hang down the sides. For me personally I love a big chunky garland because it just stands out more and makes me feel more festive. However, of course it is completely up to you.


First of all I want to say I don’t recommend buying tinsel now, just because it is not good for the environment at all. However, we bought tinsel back when I was little and we were not educated on these matters and so we have always used that tinsel since then. Therefore, although I wouldn’t buy it today, it is good that we have managed to re-use ours for years. That is just something to consider.

We like to decorate the shelves in our room with tinsel, and just randomly place the other tinsel wherever we can!

A couple of red and white Christmas stockings hanging on a fireplace. With a Santa sleigh decoration on the mantle piece


Stockings are cute, fun and just adds that personal touch to the fireplace. Therefore, they always go just along the top of the mantle piece so they hang down for me. Similar to many traditions.

Plus you can fill them with little gifts and this is a nice surprise for the family on Christmas day.

Fairy lights

Similar to the tinsel we like to throw lights everywhere we can. I might wrap some around the garland (if it doesn’t come with lights already), wrap some in the tinsel and of course around the Christmas tree as well.

Lights just add that cosy and Christmas/festive touch and I love it. Especially as it is darker during these months it is nice to add loads of sparkly lights.

Also we love to add lights to our window, however we normally put them indoors but still hanging around the window. This is just because we don’t have a cable plug for outdoors at the front of our house. But it still looks just as beautiful, and it lights up!

Someone holding a Santa Christmas decoration in their hands.


Lastly, some random decorative pieces would include Christmas statues or hanging decorations. Just anything extra that you feel you want to add. Personally we love to have cuddly statues in front of our fire (our fire place is electric but doesn’t work), and some candles just to keep that cosy feel to it.

A stair case surrounded by candles and Christmas decorations and lights


I have put these together because they are not huge spaces in comparison to main rooms, and they flow nicely to one another.

Firstly, we have a hand rail going up our stairs and so I love to wrap it in tinsel and fairy lights. This adds that magic touch, and it looks so beautiful as you walk up the stairs.

On the landing, well this year will be different because I redecorated the hallway and so it is ready for that Christmas touch. Normally we have some fake flowers and my wax melt burner burning away filling the rooms with amazing smells.

However, for Christmas I have a small tree that I want to use and put next to the wax burner. It was a tree I used when I was studying at University in my bed room, but it is perfect. Therefore, there will be a tree filled with decorations and lights on the landing.

A selection of rubber ducks on the edge of a bath tub


Rubber ducks

I know some people probably will think we are crazy but, we love the Christmas themed rubber ducks. Also why not bring the Christmas spirit to every room in your house?

I mean I love it when I can go to the bathroom and see Christmas decorations. We have added to our collection and last year we bought a Santa duck on a sleigh with duck reindeers and we love them.

Soap dispenser

We have a couple of Christmas themed soap dispensers and they are so cute. We normally treat ourselves as well and fill them with luxury hand soap (I mean is that even a thing?).

Bath matts/toilet covers

A couple of years ago we treated ourselves to a Christmas Santa bath matt and it just makes me smile every time I have a shower or get out of the bath.

You can also pick up toilet cover’s, if you want to go all out in your bathroom for Christmas. However, that was just not for us.

A kitchen table with pink flowers in the middle and someone setting up plates and cutlery for a dinner , all white themed.


The kitchen normally has some light decorations. By this I mean table decorations or themed glasses and cutlery.


I like to have a table cloth normally with a pattern or just a plain red or white cloth. You can buy loads of re-usable ones now as well, which is what I do and our one has lasted a couple of years now!

Also I picked up some golden place mats from Wilko last year and I love them! They are simple but add a bit of sparkle to the table on Christmas day!

Lastly, a nice centrepiece brings the whole table together. We have had our one for years now, but it has a candle in the middle and it is surrounded by pine cones and gold decoration. I am terrible at describing it. But it looks great!


One way to add some more personal touches is to use Christmas themed glasses or baking equipment or cutlery. It just adds that personally touch, but obviously it is not essential.

We picked up a couple of glasses last year from Asda that have snow flakes on them, and we just use them. I also had a Christmas mug but my mum dropped it on the floor and it broke, so I am on the hunt for a new one.

A Christmas tree with presents underneath- a  close up

Any recommendations for places that sell Christmas mugs then let me know?

These are just some ways for how to decorate your home this Christmas! Of course you may decorate more rooms or decorate in a different way, but I just wanted to provide some ideas and how we decorate our home.

Do you have any decorations you MUST have in your home for Christmas?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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