The ultimate cosy essentials for your night in

The nights get colder, it is suddenly darker earlier in the evening and all you want to do is stay indoors. I will be honest with you and say I don’t mind this and I love everything about Autumn/Winter.

Also of course with most of us being stuck indoors this year anyway I thought this post will be great for us all. Therefore, here are the ultimate cosy essentials for your night in!

A ginger cat wrapped up in a patterned grey blanket.


I mean it wouldn’t be a cosy night in without something to snuggle underneath now would it? I have a pink blanket from Boux Avenue, and it has a hood and little pockets for your hands which I love. It is so soft and I have had it for a couple of years now!

You can also just bring your duvet down from your bedroom and create an ultimate snug by the fire whilst you watch some festive films!

A birds eye view of a bit chocolate with marshmallows and some leaves as decorations around the bottom of the cup

Hot drinks

My go to favourite hot drink during the colder months is a hot chocolate, especially with all the naughty bits (cream and marshmallows). However, you could also make a tea or a coffee and it still feels just as cosy.

Nothing feels better than all wrapped up in my blanket whilst my hands are cupping my mug of hot chocolate. It just has cosy vibes all over that.

A tall candle in a glass next to two small candles in


I love candles all year round. If I am at home I love going around the house and lighting candles or my wax melts. The smells that just fill my home are wonderful. However, what makes me feel even more cosy are festive candles.

Back at the beginning of October I went to Homesense and had a candle shopping spree. I stocked up on a range of festive candles and the smells were just amazing. Some of my favourites are apple cider scents, fresh winter scents or pine scents! They just make me all cosy and put me in a festive mood and I love it.

A selection of clothes displayed as only the tops of the hangers

Comfy clothes

This could be your favourite Pyjama’s, or a jumper and leggings whatever you find best to get comfy and cosy. Personally if I knew it was a cosy night in then my PJ’s would stay on, but I do also love to just chill in my leggings and a thick knitted jumper too.

Ultimately what you wear will put you in that comfy and cosy mood, and you can just snuggle down with your hot drink and blanket and not have to worry later about getting ready for bed.

Someone in the dark whilst holding up starry fairy lights so you just see their face and hands slightly

Fairy lights

There is something about fairy lights that just puts me in a great mood. I have some over my bed frame and in the evenings to unwind I will turn the lights off and just light up those fairy lights. It just helps to relax after a day of work.

However, if you are creating your cosy night in then put some across the fireplace (if you have one) or create a den and hang some up around that. Just having those fairy lights mean you can shut the main lights off and create a cosy atmosphere for your evening.

A cup of tea wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa

There you have it some cosy essentials for you ultimate night in!

What would be on your essentials list for your cosy night in?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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18 thoughts

  1. Being cosy is pretty much my favourite way to be during these colder months. I love blankets and fairy lights and I’m starting to make use of the candles I have (the one I have is a fireside scented candle that has a wick that crackles to sound like a fireplace)! Fab post!

  2. You’ve actually just described my nightly routine. I get home from work, get in to something warm and comfy, light my candles or put a wax melt on, turn on all the fairy lights and then snuggle under a blanket!!

    Oh I love this time of year SO much!!

    We just made a hot chocolate station at home with lots of yummy treats we can help ourselves to, its perfect for Winter x x

    1. That sounds like the perfect way to unwind when you get home!
      I love this year as well 😍 and no way that sounds like a dream! I might have to recommend this idea to my home too! I love a hot chocolate, perfect winter drink xx

  3. Cosy evenings are my absolute favourites, it is the one thing I miss most in Summer. All the candles, fairy lights and blankets (especially bringing the duvet on the sofa when a film is on!!) Thank you for sharing and giving me all the cosy vibes xxx

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