The importance of continuous learning in adulthood

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As adults I feel like we tend to believe that continuous learning in adulthood is not needed. We become adults and feel as if we know everything, when in reality there is a lot to learn out there. A lot for us to open our mind and eyes to, it is a lifelong process. Therefore, there are many benefits for continuous learning into adulthood.

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What is continuous learning?

Continuous learning is you as an individual acquiring knowledge and competencies in order to expand your skillset. It forms part of both your personal and professional development in order for you to reach your full potential.

I truly believe that continuous learning in adulthood is so important for us as individuals to develop our own skillset. In order for us to do our roles we need to be moving with the times and challenging who we are and the skills we have. For me learning is only ever a good thing and you can never have too much knowledge or too many skills.

So let us get into why this is important…

The importance of continuous learning into adulthood!

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Helps you focus on your goals

Firstly, continuous learning into adulthood is important because, continuous learning encourages you to keep a track of major or minor development changes that are occurring. For example, planning brainstorming sessions is vital for you to think about any future goals of your business or in your job role. Therefore, you will be able to work out what development or learning processes will influence these objectives and goals.

For example, in terms of my blogging journey I know that in order for me to grow and improve I need to do my research. Therefore, a goal of mine might be to blog full time within the future, but having never done this before I would need to do some research before I make that jump.

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Skill improvement

In addition, continuous learning in adulthood is great for that skill improvement. Research has shown that 40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training will leave their positions within the first year. This could potentially create a disruption in the work balance of your organisation. Especially if you are constantly recruiting individual’s and they are not staying.

When continuous learning is practiced this encourages individual’s to adapt to new skill sets. This also increases the ability and skill improvement of your current workforce (if you are in a business), by having that extra training.

In addition, with the constant advancement of technology there is a need for these additional skills. Therefore, continuous learning is keeping yourself or employees in the loop.

In terms of being a content creator, blogger or freelancer it is also necessary that you constantly adapt in order for your business to thrive. It is important that you learn these skills so that you can keep people coming back and seeing what you create.

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Increases engagement

In addition, continuous learning in adulthood increases engagement. I don’t know about you but when I am learning new skills I am feeling motivated and excited, and this keeps me engaged in my work. Similarly, employers want their employees to be engaged in their jobs, as this produces the best work.

When there is this culture of continuous learning for yourself or your business then engagement and productivity is what will be the result. It is one of the best ways to provide personal and professional development to build engagement.

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Creativity boost

Lastly, continuous learning in adulthood gives you endless opportunities and different perspectives of things you may already know. But ultimately the more knowledge you gain the better understanding you will have for the changes occurring all around you.

Also through learning this sparks up new ideas and gives you a bit of a creativity boost. Therefore, encouraging your business or content to grow or change. This could have a huge benefit for your business and making you more positive with your work.

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In order to prepare yourself well for the future continuous learning in adulthood is vital. I have mentioned the importance of continuous learning such as; helping you focus on your goals, or improving your skillset. However, it is important to note that continuous learning takes time, but it will encourage you to explore and grasp knowledge and this will impact you positively in the long term.

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  1. This is a great post. I find myself feeling really unstimulated when I’m not learning something or working towards something. I don’t think we ever get a chance to feel like that in school / college etc but it’s SO easy to fall into patterns of what you know as an adult x

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