6 Self-care tips during winter

Much like we change up our wardrobes as the seasons change and our wardrobes become more layers, comfy and thick jumpers make an appearance. Our self-care routine needs a switch up as the seasons change too.

As the winter comes around these 6 Self-care tips will help you brave it through the cold. So grab your hot drink of choice, snuggle under a blanket and let’s get into it…

6 Self-care tips during winter!

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As we become less active and in a way “hibernate” in the winter months we tend to turn to actively scrolling through social media to get through. So every now and then it is important to take a step back and unplug from your phone.

Instead find other ways to lose yourself including; getting outdoors, reading a good book or just enjoying the company of those around you.


There is nothing better than wrapping up with your hat, scarf and coat and getting outdoors. It is also a great way for you to get some natural light especially as these months get darker, exercise and have some fresh air.

Plus I personally love just putting my headphones on and getting lost in a podcast or my music whilst taking in my surroundings. Since lockdown in March and when I went back to work in July I made the decision to not go back on public transport. It was just a personal preference, however I have really enjoyed getting that morning walk in.

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The most relaxing thing to do on anyone’s list is to have a bath. I will be honest and say I will have that bath anytime of year. However, as the months get colder just having that hot bath makes things so much better.

You can even make it more relaxing by lighting candles, adding a bath bomb or reading/watching something whilst you soak all your stresses away.


You might find during these colder months that you feel that bit more sluggish. Therefore, instead of pushing through just slow down and do as much as you can. Interestingly as the nights get longer our metabolism takes things down a notch, our energy levels drop and we need more sleep.

So don’t fight it and just let your body and health follow the pace of the seasonal cues. Also sometimes it is important if you feel like you are “on the go” all the time to use this season to slow that pace down, especially when it comes to self-care.

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I believe it is important to say your thanks all year, but this is something even more important in these winter months when maybe your mood sinks a bit.

Therefore, get practicing or even writing your thanks down in a journal and I promise it will help your mood lift and to de-stress from any of those Christmas worries that you may have.

I personally like to think of three things everyday before bed or in the morning when I wake up. This just impacts how I am in my life and is a great form of self-care.


You may have heard of this word “Hygee” before but it is basically the Danish cultural practice of coziness. I mean nothing sounds more perfect than that to me.

It is really simple in that as the temperatures drop you should put a conscious emphasis on surrendering to the weather outside and embrace those indoor evenings with those you love. This in turn will turn those dark winter months into a fabulous winter wonderland. It can include the dรฉcor in your home such as lighting, fireplaces, candles, hot drinks and loads of blankets. Sounds good enough for me.

There we have it 6 self-care tips during winter!

What are some of your self-care tips during the winter months?

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  1. Love this. Couldnโ€™t agree more with slowing down and unplug from iPhone. We need the time off. To just breathe. Especially in cold days when everything feels grim, self care is essential. Xx

  2. This post is so needed for me today. I feel like my self care has kind of gone out of the window and I am feeling anxious about Christmas!
    My phone brings me a lot of happiness but also a lot of distraction and mixed feelings. I like to hide it another room throughout the day, otherwise I find myself scrolling through it mindlessly!


  3. Getting outside for a walk at least once a day is one of the only things that keeps my mood high right now. I also slowed right down yesterday and it really helped as I’ve been feeling so low this week.

    1. Yeah I try to do the same! It is just incredibly hard right now with being in lockdown and having the same things to do all the time! That is good and I hope you are better today ๐Ÿงก

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