Festive candles review

I had a week off (back in October) and so did my mum and so we decided to go for a bit of girly shopping, because what better to cheer us both up during this time? We had spent the other days doing little chores around the house that needed to get done and so we just wanted to get out. Plus it was a great opportunity for me to pick up some more Christmas presents (yes I like to be on it) that were on my budget list and that I couldn’t get from the small businesses I was shopping from.

I am a huge fan of TkMaxx/Homesense in the UK and I just love their collection of candles. So of course as I headed into Homesense I knew I was going to be leaving with a collection of candles. Although to be fair the last time I went to pick up some Autumn stuff there was just nothing in the shop at all.

However, when we walked in this time it was filled with Christmas and winter stock which just made me so happy. So let us get into the ones I picked up and what I thought!

Festive candle review!

Sand + Fog

The first brand I want to talk about is Sand + Fog because I feel like this candle brand nail it every time. I have bought this brand previously and love their candles. This occasion I ended up buying four candles from this brand; two small ones and two larger ones. Overall, I just find these candles last really well, their have a nice strong smell for hours (which I love) and I really love the Christmas packaging.

Two green candles next to each other, one light green and the other dark green.

Winter pine

The first small candle was in a lovely green packaging with the “tis the season to be jolly” on the lid, and it was only £4.99.

The smell I just love but I feel like it would not be for everyone. It reminds me of walking through a forest or going on those winter walks, and I love that fresh outdoor smell.

Overall rating: 5/5 (based on smell, packaging and how long it lasts).

Two candles next to each other, showing the top of lids. One has cats in stockings on it with the words “ meowy Christmas” and the other one  says “‘Tis the season to be jolly”.

Winter white

The second small candle was in a lighter green/turquoise colour with three cats in stockings and “meowy Christmas” in writing underneath, and again was £4.99.

This smell just completely reminds me of Christmas. It is fresh, clean and just reminds me of sitting there on Christmas day, smells flowing from everywhere and opening all the Christmas presents.

Overall rating: 5/5

Small but wide green candle, next to the candle lid that has a paragraph of words about the company.

Holiday berry

One of the larger candles was in a dark green colour and had this cute snowflake on the lid, and was £7.99. Which I think is a great price for a candle.

This smell is pretty much as it is named, a sweet and berry aroma and it is perfect if you like those more sweeter scents.

Overall rating: 4/5

A dark red huge candle next to it’s lid that has “there’s gnome place like home for the holiday”  with two Christmas gnomes in the middle.

Apple spice

The largest candle I bought was a lovely dark red colour and had the cutest lid which has “there’s gnome place like home, for the holiday” with two Christmas gnomes in the middle. This one was priced at £12.99 but it is a huge candle and will last a long time.

This smell is my absolute favourite but they only had one left otherwise I would have picked up another one. It is a beautiful smell and probably the most magical Christmas memories that come with this smell for me. It fills the room with a slightly sweet but not too much aroma and is perfect for a cosy setting.

Overall rating: 5/5

DW Home

The second brand is also a known brand that I have bought previously and that is DW Home. I only bought one from this brand and I gave it to my mum, but again I love this brand for candles. I love huge candles and so that is one I love Homesense for the range, but this brand is great and reasonably priced too!

A lilac/purple candle in the scent lavender .

Relaxing Lavender

This candle is in a beautiful purple/lilac colour and has the branding on the front which is elegant and simple. It is priced at £7.99 which is a great price again!

My mum absolutely loves Lavender and plus there are many benefits of this smell to have in your life! Therefore, I could not not get this for my mum and she will be so happy buying it. Lavender is not for everyone because it does have a strong flower like smell, but I know it does freshen up the home.

Overall rating: 5/5


The last brand was a brand I have not heard about before, but it looked beautiful. The brand is called Pecksniffs. I really loved that it came in a little box and it had the most beautiful design out of all the candles I had bought.

A “floral wonderland” small candle next to its beautifully decorated box. Has the feeling of the flowers and Alice in wonderland theme.

Floral Wonderland, rose dreams

I was immediately drawn to this one being a massive fan of “Alice in Wonderland” and it just reminded me of that. As I mentioned the packaging is stunning, and the smell is like walking into a garden paradise (or secret garden). Therefore, if you don’t like sweet, summery or flower smells then this is probably not for you. It was priced at a reasonable price of £4.99.

However, after that first lighting it just did not smell for me after that at all. The packaging was beautiful but the long lasting smell (which you want from a candle) was just not there for me.

Overall rating: 2/5

A decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath, against a grey wall and next to a brown chest of drawers.

I hope you enjoyed my review of some of the winter candles I have bought and I love how wonderful the smells have filled my home. It definitely has got me into the festive spirit!

What are your favourite candle smells during the festive season?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Nothing like a heavenly scent that evoke those emotions. A nicely scented Candle does just that. Like the sound of the Apple Spice.

  2. I feel like TK maxx do the best candles and they’re always so adorable. I’ve bought a sand and fog one as a Christmas present but I’m so tempted to keep it for myself haha!! The apple spice one sounds amazing, thank you for sharing xx

    1. I love the candles! They are always my go to for candles, although this year I have tried to buy from smaller businesses too. The Apple spice is my favourite and it smells so great xxx

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