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We are officially in the month before Christmas of this crazy, unreal, confusing year, which is why my post today on supporting small business this Christmas is important. Also this means the Christmas content is making it’s way onto my blog again. Trust me I couldn’t BE more excited about that, and I hope you are too.

Recently, and even more so this year I think we have all realised the importance of supporting each other, and helping those small businesses. I have a few friends that are small businesses and they always tell me how difficult it is for them. Therefore, I wanted to dedicate a post to these small businesses that I love and use. I will be mentioning businesses that cater to a variety of niche’s, which I think is personally great, so hopefully you all find something you can buy this Christmas whilst also staying on budget.

A beautiful seasonal photo with a huge Christmas tree, presents surrounded underneath in front of a grey wall and brown  mini cupboard.

Let us get into…

Support small business this Christmas!

Firstly, I want to talk about why you should support these individual’s and the benefits it can have on all of us.

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Why support small businesses?

First of all supporting small businesses means you are supporting the local community, and this helps to stimulate the local economy which keeps business booming in your area.

Not only this but I feel that with a small business it is normally run by an individual (or sometimes a group), so you get quality and care with the products you buy. Plus these products tend to be a reflection of that individual, because their work is themselves essentially. This is something that you do not necessarily have a connection with when you buy from bigger businesses.

Lastly, just the fact you purchase from that small business will literally make their day. For example, my best friend (who you will see me mention in this post) I randomly ordered a load of her art from her site, didn’t tell her and the messages I received afterwards from her were amazing. She was so happy and that is what I want to do when I buy from these individuals. Most of the time you are supporting their life, but overall you are showing that you love their products as much as they do.

Anyway let’s get into the small businesses I want to talk about today, I am going to separate them into categories to make things easier.

A wooden table with a grey laptop on it. There are plants either side and a giant stone crystal

Blogging essentials

This year I wanted to add this section in because, I think with more and more talk about sustainability it makes sense to me to use Christmas as a time to invest in yourself. This way you are buying products that you will actually USE, rather than buying for the sake of it.

I totally understand that people enjoy opening something for Christmas, but why not have the best of both worlds? Buy some presents you can open and then invest in Ebooks, blogging planners and so on for the rest. It just makes sense to me.


The first individual I want to talk about is Vee She was a social media manager and consultant, and now into creating beautiful jewellery, and just overall bloody brilliant.

Scrabble pieces that spell out “blog” on a wooden table


AffSocial Media Handbook

This is perfect for businesses or brands to really understand the fundamentals of using social media. You will learn techniques, how to use hashtags, what content to produce/put out there and so much more!

Aff- How to ditch the 9-to-5 and be your own boss

This is a brilliant Ebook to give you an insight into how to dive into the world of the self-employed. If you are thinking about being your own boss then this is for you!

These are just a couple of what Vee has to offer, so head to this link (aff) if you want to scroll through the whole package of what she has to offer.


The next individual I want to talk about is Jordanne. She is a content creator that is primarily known for her blog “The life of a Glasgow girl! She loves to work on designs and recently has opened up her own shop!

An open planner as a flatlay on a table, all white.
Not what the actual planner looks like


Aff- The ultimate yearly blog planner- Blush floral design

Firstly, she offers a range of blog planners, to which I own the “Blush floral design” and I love. It is perfect for; planning your content, staying on top of those tasks, and providing you with useful checklists. Plus you can download it or print it, and this is great because you can re-use it! Therefore you are paying to keep it for life basically, and that is a bargain to me.

Again she also offers other designs like I have mentioned, and she has a range of Instagram highlight covers that are on brand for you to switch up your social media themes. So head to this link (aff) to check out all she has to offer.

Those are the main blogging bits and bobs that I wanted to mention! Let me know if you purchase any and what you think?

Now onto some creative businesses…

A selection of single stickers, a sticker sheet and a art print from a small art business “Sophsscribbles” on Etsy!

Creative presents

The main person I wanted to mention in this section is my best friend Sophie, and her business “Soph’s Scribbles“. I have mentioned her before, and I do promote her on my Twitter but I think it is full of great art that will make perfect presents around Christmas time.

If you have a look around on her site you will see it has journal stickers (which I LOVE), art prints and even Christmas cards! All of them created and designed by her. If you are interested please do support her, because she is so talented and this is her life basically. Also I think some of her pieces would make great stocking filler presents too!


I came across two different individual’s in this category this year, and both of them are fab. I think if you are looking to invest in some jewellery for Christmas this year then these gals have got your back!

A bowl of pot pourri with pumpkin earrings, a pumpkin necklace and a rose silver  ring

Obsidian Hollow

Firstly we have Obsidian Hollow which is a witchy and gothic inspired jewellery range and I am all for it. I ordered these beautiful pieces that I have included in the picture above (the earrings was free with any order for a Halloween special), and I am in love with them.

I just think if you have someone in your life that is into anything gothic style then this is perfect and affordable for them!

A beautiful green and blue circle crystal on a silver choker chain. Held up by some hands over the red pot pourri
A green, blue circle crystal choker displayed on the neck of a female wearing a green jumper.

Paisley Posies Designs

The second small business is Paisley Posies Designs which sells handmade jewellery. I actually came across her on instagram, and I fell in love from there. I ordered this beautiful chocker, and I love it (as seen in the picture above).

She sells a variety of beautiful handmade jewellery, and the fact it is homemade just makes it feel that even more special I think.


I don’t know about you but I love décor, especially cute small quality pieces from these small businesses. It could be that you might want to buy to decorate your home for Christmas, or you might find some cute presents! Here are some home companies to check out!

This is not part of the small business. It is a free photo used from stock.

Cheshire Gift Company

This company is a small family business based in Cheshire that has a range of quality pieces online sold for low prices.

They currently have a Christmas section that is full of cute signs, lanterns, fake flowers, and cute key Christmas decorative pieces for the home. I love this company because, they sell such unique pieces from local creators that you just don’t see anywhere else!

Home sweet homeware

This is another small family run business and is one of my favourites! Natalie the lovely lady that runs the business aims to add “cosy finishing touches” to our homes, whilst looking at “Scandinavian” style homeware. I follow her on Instagram and I just love her and her shop!

A white mug that says “all I want for Christmas is you”  on it filled with hot Choi late and marshmallows. In front of a blurry Christmas tree.

There you have it some ideas and individual small businesses this Christmas to support! These are all ones that I fully support and have purchased something from previously, so that is why I recommend them. Plus now more than ever we need to help and support each other when we can.

Let me know if there are any other small businesses that you love in the comments below?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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