Fall fashion favourites in my wardrobe 2020

I do love me a fashion post I am not going to lie. Plus fall is one of my favourite seasons and so of course put those two together and we have a great post. However, sticking with my attempt to transition into more sustainable fashion and being more minimal in my choices, it will be a post of outfits from my wardrobe that I already own.

I personally love diving into my organised wardrobe and putting together outfits, I think you can play around have a bit of fun and even a fashion shoot if you like. You might find that some things that you didn’t think would go together actually do.

So let us dive into my wardrobe and see what I am loving to wear during fall season. Here are my…

Fall fashion favourites in my wardrobe 2020!

The last couple of years I have found myself really figuring out the style I want and how I want to dress. Overall I have just been really enjoying playing around with fashion and finding what is best for me.

A white boot with a small heel and white roses in the background and a white wall.

White boots

I won’t lie to you but I am a boots kind of gal. As soon as the cold weather just starts coming around all my boots are out and I am here for it.

I love a nice heel on a boot because I just think it adds to any outfit that I want to wear throughout fall/winter. Plus it is perfect when the weather is not so great at keeping your feet warm and not wet (well if you buy the right boot).

Now normally I would always go for a black pair of boots, and to be more precise the black pairs I have owned for a few years now. However, last year I invested in a white pair in the sales, so I didn’t really wear them. Fast forward to this year and yes I will be wearing them.

I feel like they will be cute for any date nights with Ryan, or girl days (if can) and just shopping or going out really. I won’t be wearing them for any walks because I am aware they can get dirty quite easily. However, I just love these to bits, and they have a cute little heel which is great to add a bit more height for me.

A woman wearing a burgundy jumper and leather trousers!

Leather look trousers/leggings

I feel like this is one thing that will always make it onto my fall fashion list, just because I adore a leather look trouser.

These are also a purchase from maybe last year or the year before but, I love these particular pair because they have a cute belt around the waist. Also they are stretchy which is perfect if you are eating out and maybe get a little bloated.

Overall I just love the look and feel to them. They kind of have that smart trouser look but with the leather style. Also they are great for styling with a warm jumper or a nice top, so a win win for any outfit really.

A woman wearing a black short sleeve top underneath a red and white sporty dress! Taking a mirror selfie with a headband in.

Strappy dress over top

I began doing this a couple of years ago when I started my masters and loved the long top underneath a dress look. But this dress is just perfect for summer and autumn.

It is strappy for those warmer weather, and then when it get’s colder you just put a black top underneath like I have done and it creates the cutest outfit. I even have a matching headband, which goes with it perfectly. Plus I feel like to top this whole outfit off I can pair it with my white boots.

A woman in a white jumper looking down to the floor.


Of course I couldn’t mention a fall fashion favourites post without mentioning jumpers. Looking in my wardrobe most of my jumpers I have owned for a year or more. I personally love my collection of jumpers and just don’t feel the need to add to it.

But I will say I love a bit of colour with my jumpers, or a pattern. My favourites in my wardrobe are my yellow jumper, my white and pink jumper (which is actually from the kids section) and my purple and pink baggy jumper with a rip down one side.

You can always get creative with jumpers as well because they pretty much go with anything. You can wear them with a skirt and tights, over a dress for more layers or even with a pair of jeans.

A woman wearing ripped blue jeans,  a black top and a cream cardigan

Blue ripped jeans

I do love a ripped jean but my main pair I wore was a black pair with rips on the knees. However, I found this perfect blue pair that I just adore.

First of all the fit is the best fit from a pair of jeans I have ever bought. They are from the “short” section (which is best for me because they are not too long), they are sort of in between a mom jean and skinny jean look. Then they have a rip on the left knee area and a rip on the right thigh area.

Overall I have been non stop wearing these, just with anything and everything in my wardrobe. Mainly for fall though I have been pairing them with my jumpers and I love it.

A woman wearing a black and white spotty skirt and a white junper.

Skirts and tights

Now I don’t mind getting my legs out but nothing beats a cute skirt, top and a pair of tights. I personally love this black polka dot skirt I have owned for a while now, with a pair of tights and my white boots would look cute.

I also love the fact that you can style a skirt how you want during fall. For example, you can wear a jumper with it for a more casual look or you can wear a long sleeve top for a more smart casual look. Just style it however you feel comfortable and it will look cute.

There you have it my fall fashion favourites in my wardrobe for 2020!

What is your go to outfit during fall?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I have been wanting white boots since forever! But I thought they were too out there for me and it’s heading to summer in Australia but I’m definitely getting them next year. The strappy dress you had on is the cutest! πŸ™‚


    1. I love them so much! And I am the same I was afraid to wear them because of the colour, but I have worn them a few times now and it’s been fine 😊 xx

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