20,000 daily steps challenge October 2020

It was approaching the end of September and I was feeling in a bit of a weird mood in terms of trying to get out more, I was failing at motivating myself to go for a run as well. Therefore, I was sat on my sofa and I just got to thinking maybe I need something to motivate me again.

I then remembered I had watched a Youtube video by Brogan Tate where she attempted to walk 15,000 steps a day for a whole week. I found it pretty interesting and it got me to thinking “could I do this but even more?”.

Now normally on a typical work day I will get anywhere between “10,000-13,000” steps. Therefore, I knew if I was going to do a walking challenge then it would have to be a bigger target. That is where the 20,000 steps came in, and I decided that this was what I wanted to do and instead of just doing it for a week I wanted to do it for the whole of October. I mean if you are going to challenge yourself why not go all out?

20,000 daily steps challenge October 2020!


Yes I did decide to do some preparation because 20,000 steps would be a massive challenge. Therefore, I made some decisions in regarding what I would do if I was home for the day, what I would do when it’s a work day etc.

I knew it was going to be a struggle on some days, and that there would be times where I can’t be bothered. But I was hoping that would happen because I know that having that challenge there should be the kick up the butt to get me moving.

Firstly, I decided that if I was at work then I knew I could get half of my steps down. Therefore, I would then go for one walk after work to get the remaining (or majority of) steps on that walk. If needed then I knew I could get between 1,000-2,000 steps just walking around the house.

Secondly, if I was not at work then I would go for a walk in the morning before lunch to get half of my steps. I would then do an afternoon walk around 5 pm to get the majority of my remaining steps. This way it doesn’t seem like too much and it breaks up the day nicely which I why I decided to do it like this.

A woman looking back at the camera whilst walking forward through a grassy field

First week of challenge

I knew that the first week would probably be the hardest because I am not used to this many steps. Those first few days were tough, and I felt tired by the time it got to 8 pm, and I mean physically tired. However, I was really motivated and felt great and excited to go out and get my steps done.

Therefore, although the motivation was high, it was difficult when I had done a day of physical work. However, I will say that going for that walk after a shift of work actually really benefitted my mental health which is a positive!

During challenge

As I mentioned I did have my days where I wanted to give in and I felt so shattered. Even more so on the days I had been too work. My current role is very physical so that tires me out, to then have to do a walk it was hard. However, what I did notice is that it got easier.

As the days went past I found it easier as I was doing the 20,000 steps a day. I really did not want to give up at all or miss a day so I powered through. I am so pleased with myself that I stuck to it and never gave up, because life is tough and you have rubbish days. In saying that getting out for that walk on those days was amazing for my mental health and well-being (as previously mentioned above).

I mean I know as well as anybody the benefits of walking, getting outside or exercising. A lot of research has shown this and a lot of Psychologists and therapists recommend walking as a great way to manage your mental health too! Therefore, get out and get walking.

A person walking down a road in a dark forest with tall trees, and snow everywhere apart from the road

Post Challenge

After this challenge I feel quite good and my health feels a lot better both mentally and physically.

The challenge overall I found challenging at times but most of the time I was motivated and enjoyed it. It was a great way for me to get moving whilst sticking to a goal/a focus. I definitely recommend setting yourself challenges (big or small) to give you a motivation boost or just something fresh to focus on.

It challenged me, changed up my routine and gave me a new lease of life. I am hoping to continue the walking but without the added pressure of having to complete 20,000 steps. I just want to have that walking in my life.

It will be a complete change to go back to normal now after doing this for such a long time! But I definitely want to give this another go every now and then to just get me moving and walking more.

New Challenge

For November I wanted to continue this motivation and keep myself going, but with a different challenge. I have really struggled motivating myself lately with my running. Therefore, this month will be a running challenge!

It will start off with the first week of running 1 mile a day everyday. Then it will go onto the second week running 2 miles but every other day. Then the third week 3 miles every other day, and lastly the fourth week 4 miles every other day.

It is just another little motivation boost, and hopefully it will get me moving and build up those miles. But also slowly build up those miles to get me back into running again. I am looking forward to jumping in to another challenge, so follow me on Instagram to see how I get on!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Oh my gosh I’m in awe! Over the last month I started walking more and going for walks in the morning around the park next to my house. The step count from door to door is around 2,200 and I was happy with that! This has definitely encouraged me to get out and get more steps in!

    1. I honestly can not recommend enough how important it is to get out! Even for small walks broken up throughout the day 😊 I mean you were getting out and moving that is still great! Thank you xx

  2. Wow. I am in awe! I normally have no trouble getting 10,000 a day but even that has been a challenge the last couple of weeks because my job has been crazy busy and I am kind of chained to my desk 10 hours a day. I can’t imagine 20,000.

    With the darker days of November, I definitely need to step things up again.

    1. 10,000 steps is still brilliant! 20,000 was quite tough at times but it shows that it can be done 😊 yeah I can understand if working at a desk it can be more difficult!

  3. Amazing!! My job is so lazy. I literally sit at my desk all day. It is almost 12.30 and I am only at 1362 steps! It’s appalling. I really feel inspired to get my butt moving!

    I work in a school and try to remain out of the way of students due to Covid so I think I need to start getting out for a walk in the evening and at least try to hit 10k a day.

    Thank you for the push x

    1. That is the thing though because working at a desk is completely different and you don’t move as much. But I definitely recommend getting out as and when you can 😊 x

    1. I know it sounds a lot! I couldn’t agree more, getting that step target is amazing and it made me even more happy when it came up “31 days in a row” 🥳 thank you x

  4. Oh my! 10,000 steps a day is a crazy challenge for me and that’s considered the average amount of steps you should be getting in each day. Even with school, I’m way too sedentary. You are brilliant! Great job Gemma. I can imagine you’ve really upgraded your wellness practice! x

    1. I think 10,000 steps is still ana amazing achievement! Thank you so much for the lovely comment 😊 it really has improved my wellness and health a lot x

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