Workouts inspired by Halloween

I love moving my body and exercising which I know is not a lot of people’s cup of tea. However, I just live off those feelings you get afterwards and it is escape for me to do a workout, either through running, dancing or just a plain old workout.

Therefore, of course whilst I was sweating my butt off the other day I had this idea come to me. I love Halloween and I love working out so why not combine the two and come up with some workout’s inspired by Halloween?

What I mean by workouts inspired by Halloween is that maybe there are moves that have a spooky look, or even workout moves to fight off those Halloween villains. But before we get into that I want to tell you why you should workout in the first place!

A woman doing bicycle crunches on a mat on the floor in all black workout gear.

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The benefits of a good workout!

I think we all know that doing a workout is great for losing weight, toning up and even a variety of health benefits such as; prevent high blood pressure, manage anxiety or depression and so on.

A good workout can also boost your energy by encouraging endurance. This is because, through exercising this delivers the nutrients and oxygen to your tissues that your body needs. Thus, this then helps your cardiovascular system work efficiently. As a result, your heart and lung health will improve and this means you can tackle those daily tasks, chores or even stairs at work because you will have more energy.

In addition, not only all of the above but it can improve your sleep, bring a spark back into sex and can be fun and social.

However, of course you can find out more on the NHS website.

Anyway let us get into today’s post…

Workout’s inspired by Halloween!

If you are looking for changing up your workout routine and just all round having a bit of fun then this is the post for you! So grab your workout gear, some water and pop those Halloween tunes on and let’s get started.

A woman lying flat on her back with arms out flat above her head on the floor
Lie down flat, arms above head
A woman rising up from the floor like doing a sit-up with arms above head.
Rise up with arms still above head to sit up. Repeat.

Awake from the coffin

Now I have named this purely on how it looks, or if you are a fan of Wrestling then it could possibly remind you of the Undertaker but if not then we shall leave that there.

Firstly, don’t be fooled this may look like an easy move but it does work and burns that core. But makes a great Halloween workout move.

In order to do this move lie back with your arms extended over your head (as seen in the pictures I have taken), then engage that core as you rise up your upper body off the floor into a seated position and then reverse back onto the floor. Repeat in reps of 10 x3.

A woman in a workout plank position.
Begin in a plank position.
Woman in a bear crawl workout position with knees in behind the elbows.
Walk feet in towards elbows and then back out again.

Spider crawls

Now if you are into doing workout’s then the original name for these is actually bear crawls, so you can just do that same move if you know what I am on about. However, to change the name for the Halloween occasion just makes it extra spooky.

In order to do this move then get yourself into a plank position, and walk your feet into just under your hands and then walk them back out again. It is as simple as that, but very effective move. Repeat in reps of 6-8 x3.

Woman standing up with feet slightly apart, and left arm above head holding a weight.
Stand up, arm above head with weight, feet slightly apart.
A woman doing a lung with a weight in one  hand.
Lunge backwards on the same side as arm holding weight. At same time bring your arm down in front of you.

Halloween slasher

Of course I could not do a workout inspired by Halloween and not mention the King of Halloween Michael Myers himself. So get your best impression of being the King in this Slasher move.

In order to do this move then stand with your feet slightly apart and holding a dumbbell in the left hand (or a tin of beans whatever you have available), then extend left hand above your head, then step back with your left foot into a backwards lunge whilst lowering the left hand down (as if you are slowly throwing a dart on a dart board). Repeat in reps of 12 x3 and remember to do the right side as well.

I mean to get into the character of Michael Myers then just think he is about to attack his next victim, but this is a killer workout (minus the pun).

A woman squatting on the floor for a workout position.
Begin in a squat position right down near the floor.
A woman jumping up from a squat position for a workout move.
Then jump up with arms in air and your best scare face.

Possessed jumper

There are many horror movies out there about some girl (most of the time) that has been possessed by a dark spirit. Therefore, time to get into that role for this next move.

In order to do this move then stand in a pre-squat position with feet slightly apart and toes angled outwards, then squat downwards right down to the floor, then explode upwards (being careful of course) pushing hands out above the head and jumping in the air. Just as if you are about to pounce onto someone. Repeat 8 reps x3.

These are just some of the workout moves you could do to get into the Halloween spirit and just have a bit of fun changing up the normal routine. Or even add into your routine as well.

Will you be trying any of these Halloween moves? Do you like to workout?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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