Halloween inspired party food ideas!

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The last couple of years I have created an ultimate party spread on Halloween for my parents and Ryan because I live with them. Therefore, of course this is something I will continue for this year, but I thought it would be a good idea to put some ideas into a post for others to use as well.

I love a good party spread and I love creating a party spread. Plus I think it will be a lovely treat for this time where things are a bit crazy.

So let’s get into it…

A selection of hotdogs wrapped in pastry to create a mummy look for Halloween party food.

Sausage roll mummies

I have seen these all over Pinterest and Instagram but I had a little google and found this recipe from Sainsburys which is super easy and quick to do.

Plus this is a great idea because you can use any type of sausage you wish I guess (whether you prefer meat or vegetarian), and also I just love a good sausage roll.

I will actually be practicing these the week before Halloween just so I know I am using the right sausages and they taste good etc. Therefore, head on over to my Instagram to see any updates on that (link at bottom of post).

A selection of Halloween sweets in a round deep plate. Such as lollies with spiders, cats or “boo” on them, some chocolate eyeballs and Halloween chocolate coins.

Spooky sweet collection

There are more than enough sweet collections out there that when put together can create an amazing spooky selection.

We have this orange skull tray that we bought a couple of years ago now from Poundland, and I think it will be perfect to fill with sweets. For example, you can buy vampire teeth sweets, jelly snakes, mice, liquorice etc.

Once you have your collection of spooky sweets of choice then you can arrange it into a Pinterest dream. This will create the ultimate spooky sweet treat, and it is great for a party.

I mean I am not going to lie I don’t think mine will be Pinterest standard, however I will try to arrange them in a spooky way.

A person holding up a taco filled with their favourite fillings.

Monster Tacos

I mean the shape of the taco kind of looks like a monster anyway, therefore get creative and fill the taco’s with whatever you wish.

Personally I love to use quorn mince, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and salsa. But you can then rearrange these ingredients to create a face or for a more spooky theme.

A woman carving out a giant pumpkin on the table

Pumpkin Shaped Pastries

I think this is another simple but tasty party treat. Again you can get creative and add whatever fillings you enjoy.

Personally I am going to be creating some with just cheese fillings and then others with cheese and ham fillings.

For the pumpkin shape you can try and attempt to create the shape by hand, or you can buy cookie cutters online or in shops to just help make things a lot easier.

Two plates with slices of pizza on them.  One has mozzarella in shapes of ghosts attempt.

Ghost Pizza

I actually attempted this last year, but this year I have seen again so many on Pinterest (obviously much more better than my attempt).

If you want the simple way then just buy a ready made pizza from your local supermarket and simply arrange the cheese (or create your own) into a ghost like shaped. Then once you put it in the oven the cheese should melt into a cool ghost shape, and you will have little (or one big) ghosts all over your pizza. You can also use a topping of choice to create little eyes.

You can also create your own pizza from scratch if you are feeling more brave, or you can use small pizza’s with little ghosts on them.

A selection of Halloween biscuits in a brown box, including bat shapes, a pumpkin, and spider webs on a round biscuit.

Spooky biscuits or cakes

Of course it wouldn’t be a Halloween inspired party if you didn’t have some pudding. I already have my baking sets to the ready, and this is the one thing I don’t need practice with.

However, I have seen in supermarkets that there are some great ready made sets for you to buy! Asda have these “witches fingers for shortbread” which of course I picked up because I thought that is a cool idea.

Other brands like Kipling have cake specific ones as well, so if you don’t want to make from scratch then these are perfect for you!

A pumpkin with a carved out smile face.

Are you making any Halloween themed creations this year? Do you like Halloween party food?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. These are all great ideas. I see some seriously cool Halloween inspired food ideas but I don’t know if I’d ever be able to make it myself. I saw some hot dog sausage severed fingers once that even had painted finger nails and they looked so real it was so gross xD (but so cool too) x

  2. Yummy! These are all great ideas! I’m planning pizza for Halloween and maybe shape them into pumpkins! Have fun and take care xo

  3. I guess I never really thought about Halloween inspired food being a thing! I’ve seen cookies and cupcakes decorated but didn’t think that other food could be themed too! Maybe I’ll have to try some of these x

    1. Yeah I see a lot of sweets and cakes being decorated probably because they are easiest! But yeah it’s fun to do it with warm foods too 😁 thank you xx

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