5 Spooky staycation places in the UK

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I remember quite clearly having a discussion with my friends when I was younger about “who would stay in a haunted house” and quite frankly we all tried to be brave and say “well of course I would”. In reality I would probably be a bit more scared.

However, I feel like as I have got older it is definitely something I would to do just once to experience that and say I have done it really. I do think though it may be one of those things that once that idea is in your head, you end up overthinking it and making out things are there when really they are not. I don’t know if that makes any sense but what I mean is you have that idea that the place is “haunted” before you go so anything that happens whilst you are there you are going to believe it’s because it’s “haunted”.

Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to do a little bit of research and look into locations or “staycations” that may provide a bit of fright night entertainment. I do understand that this is probably not for everyone, but if you are interested then keep reading!

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5 spooky staycation places in the UK!

According to Hotels.com statistically 1 in 5 British individuals would be up for a Haunted staycation, and 1 in 3 would consider it. Which I think is quite high stats if you think about it.

I think in my spooky bucket-list I mentioned that I would love to go to a Haunted place or ghost walk type of thing. However, I think I can add now that maybe staying over in a Haunted place could be a good one for my bucket-list.

In addition, it could also make a perfect spooky date night if you are your partner are both into spooky season. What a perfect adventure and spooky filled fun it could be.

Anyway let’s get into today’s post, so read ahead and book at your own peril…

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The Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

We have to begin with a more famous one if you have watched “Most Haunted” before then you may have seen this in one of the episodes. If not then basically Most Haunted is a TV show with individuals that can contact spirits/ghosts and they go to these “Haunted places” I guess to find out why they are there and to help them move on I am not sure. Obviously it has come with a lot of controversy over whether it is real or fake, but that is up to you.

The crew that filmed Most Haunted just basically said this was one of the most scariest places to film. I cannot vouch for that as I have not stayed there myself, but it is popular with guests especially around Halloween time.

The Schooner Hotel, Northumberland

This beautiful grade listed 17th century hotel that is very picturesque and looks like it is from a movie, has actually been named a few times as Britain’s most Haunted hotel.

Therefore, if you are looking for a scare fest staycation then I think you may have hit the jackpot here. There are over 60 resident spirits here and over 3000 paranormal activity reports. I mean if those statistics do not sway you then I don’t know what will.

This hotel also hosts regular ghost hunting events that you can take part in as well, so definitely check into this one for the ultimate spooky staycation.

Samlesbury Hall, Preston

We have another one that made it onto Most Haunted which people may recognise. This one has also been classed as one of the UK’s most haunted homes.

It is believed to have plenty of spirits throughout the building, however there is one that is more well known and that is the “white lady”. This lady is said to roam around the building and the grounds.

I mean I am not going to lie but this building has spooky staycation written all over it, and it is just a typical home that you would see in a horror movie or something.

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Pluckley in Kent

This particular location is said to be Britain’s most Haunted village, so not just one building but the whole damn village. I mean you could argue this would make the best spooky staycation considering everywhere you turn there would be something spooky going on.

Now this may look like a cute little village and trust me I love a cute village. But this one is said to have 12 known resident spirits. However, there are two main ones that seem to come up regularly. Firstly the headmaster that was found hanging by his students, and secondly a woman that sits on Pinnock Bridge smoking her pipe and drinking gin.

Hall Garth Golf and Spa, Durham

This is a 16th century hotel and spa that holds a specific scary room. Specifically room 2, and so if you stay in this room then you might see some spooky or hear some spookyness going on.

The story is that there was a nun that had an affair with one of the monks living at this house however, as they found out they then buried her alive between the walls in that room 2. I mean when you put it like that it does not sound very relaxing for a spa, but it is known during the night for the bathroom taps to turn themselves on.

A house on the hillside surrounded by trees

There you have it my Spooky staycation list for the UK. I mean I am not saying this will guarantee you to see something spooky or spirits but I am just putting together this list for what is recommended by others. Therefore, you could see or hear something but then again you might not.

Would you stay in a Haunted hotel? Are you into Haunted places/history or do you steer clear of anything scary?

I would love to have included some pictures but I haven’t personally got any and I did not want to randomly use pictures that didn’t relate to the location. However, you can just click the links and have a lot on the websites if they are linked.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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    1. Thank you so much! I have definitely changed my mind over the years and feel like it has to be done at least once! Probably would not be able to sleep though haha xx

  1. I have to say this is not my idea of a relaxing staycation, haha, and that poor nun! I have been to Pluckley for Hallowe’en years ago when I lived in London and I don’t remember it being especially creepy, but it’s always possible that was down to the amount of alcohol consumed… Fab post, and love the pic of Jamaica Inn x

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