Spooky Themed Date Night Ideas

Firstly if you haven’t already then I suggest you go check out my Spooky themed/October Bucket-List after this post because you might get inspired. However, if you are here for today’s post then a spooky themed date night sounds pretty good to me.

When it comes to spooky themed date night it’s going to all be down to creativity and thinking outside the box. But if you are stuck for ideas then this is the post for you, so let’s get into…

Spooky themed date night ideas

Now I did actually write a post on date nights during this season previously called “Spooky date nights”. However, I definitely have been inspired in other ways especially when more time has been spent at home, but also thinking about budget too.

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Horror movie night

I think one of the most obvious is to grab the snacks, grab your duvet and some pillows, turn the lights off and just have a horror movie marathon. Plus if you are stuck for ideas then I have the perfect list for you in my previous post, full of Halloween movies for the horror fanatics (like myself) and some family friendly ones.

It doesn’t have to be horror related you can also just have a Halloween family friendly movie night too for all those that are not fans of all the gore and scariness that comes with a horror movie.

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Halloween themed Cocktail night

Something a little bit different but fun could be to create your own Halloween themed cocktail night. Not only would this be a fun spooky themed date, but you can play those Halloween tunes have a boogie (does anyone even use that word anymore?) and experiment by making your own cocktails.

There are more than enough recipes online or on Pinterest that you can experiment with. Or if you know your stuff then you can come up with your own recipes and give them names of all the horror movie characters. I mean may as well get those creative juices flowing.

I definitely will be suggesting this to Ryan and hopefully he will have a horror themed cocktail date night with me, otherwise it’s 2:1 cocktails for one quite literally.

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Halloween game night

Now if you are into games then maybe this is the one for you. Basically if you have a PS4 or XBOX then download some horror or scary games and have a games date night.

I think games nights can be so much fun and especially with a partner as well. But those horror games out there can be so jumpy. I actually tried this horror game on VR and nearly cried (and I like all things horror).

I am not sure if there are any Halloween themed board games, but if there is then you could host a games spooky themed date night with your partner and I think that would be just as fun. I guess any escape room or unsolved mystery type board games could be good for this.

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Ghost walks

I have actually booked onto one of these in London before and it was not too bad. Also have done a ghost bus tour in London as well.

Basically these could be a good spooky themed date night idea for Halloween. I mean what is better than learning a bit about history, maybe getting a little bit scared and just having fun. I mean you are with your other half so any excuse to hold their hand or snuggle up if you want to.

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Halloween Quiz night

I am aware that the majority of people are probably fed up of “quizzes” since they kind of took over during lockdown on Zoom for many. However, I am still all for them because I love a good quiz me. I might not be the best at them, but they are just fun.

If you are both horror fans then maybe you could create (or ask someone to create for you) a quiz dedicated to horror movies. In addition, you could create a quiz on any crime documentaries you watch/listen too or series on Netflix. You name it you can have fun and get creating.

Plus you could also make it a bit more exciting and add your own quiz rules, make it more spooky or even add drinks in for any questions you get wrong.

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Spooky themed date night ideas!

These are just some date night ideas and I am sure there are many more out there for you to gain some inspiration from!

I am more into Halloween and Spooky season than Ryan, however I think because he has been around me for so long now he is slowly getting more into it. Therefore, I believe he will be happy with any of the suggestions for Spooky themed date nights that I have mentioned within this post for us to do. Of course I will be doing all of them, even if the cocktail making doesn’t entirely go to plan.

Do you have any spooky themed date night ideas that you like to do?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Love this! I love anything scary and my boyfriend does too, even though he doesn’t admit it. We’ve been watching a LOT of horror movies lately and I’m going to re-play Until Dawn in the lead up to Halloween!

  2. ooo these are some real cute date night ideas! My boyfriend and I love game nights so having a spooky themed one is a great plan (btw if you want a fun kinda spooky game what remains of edith finch is a goodie) xx

    1. Thank you so much! Yess I definitely think you guys should as I am going to get my boyfriend to have one with me haha! Ooo I have never heard of that one before, so I will be checking that out thank you! xxx

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