Top 6 Halloween Movies you Should Watch!

As we enter Spooky season officially this makes it the perfect time to grab your choice of snacks (I love a bit of popcorn), and have an ultimate scare fest Halloween movies night with friends, family or even by yourself.

Now I mentioned in my Spooky Bucket-List that I am a horror movie fan. I have probably watched enough horror movies to know which ones are good and which ones are not worth wasting your time on.

I am not going to lie but there have been some horror movies that I have sat in awe at how they are on Netflix or the TV in the first place. Not because they are scary but purely because they are rubbish. For me a good horror movie needs a gripping story that seems real, a good character but it just has got to be real to me.

However, today will not just feature horror movies but just those feel good Halloween movies too. So whether you are looking for that perfect slasher movie or something for the family don’t worry there will be picks for all Halloween or horror movie lovers out there.

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Top 6 Halloween movies you should watch!

I apologise but I have got to jump straight in with a horror movie being a fan and all.


This is my top horror movie of all time, so of course I had to mention it first in my Halloween movies to watch list. I am going to be honest I love classic horror movies, I just think they are great.

Halloween is about a killer called Michael Myers who escapes from an asylum to return to his hometown where he stalks a female babysitter and her friends.

As I mentioned in my Bucket-List post this is somewhat a tradition for me to watch on Halloween every year, because it just makes sense. But what I love about this film is that it is so simple. The killer doesn’t say any words, and he wears a boiler suit and a mask.

It is just a classic film and I recommend it to any horror fan out there that hasn’t watched it!

Hocus Pocus

Next on my Halloween movies list I think is a bit more family friendly, but I adore Hocus Pocus. Again this one is another classic and it’s a feel good film for me.

Hocus Pocus is about the Sanderson sisters that are accidentally brought back to life by a trio of kids. They must destroy the witches before they suck the life out of all the children in Salem.

I remember watching this for the first time as a kid and I loved it. I know you are probably thinking what a weird kid. It has a lot of memories for me and I think that is why it is a film I can just watch again and again.

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The Addams Family

I mean can you even read that without singing the song? Again I think this is another family classic film, and I personally love the original film released in 1991.

You probably see a lot of people love to dress up as Wednesday Adams with the long plaits, pale face and dark clothes. Which of course I love.

I also actually saw the musical when it toured around the UK and I fell in love even more. The songs were brilliant, the acting was amazing and it made me laugh so much.

The Addams Family is a dark comedy that basically just follows the lives of the Adams Family.

It might not necessarily be the one for you, but I do recommend giving it a watch because it is and always will be a classic.

Silence of the Lambs

Back to a horror or more of a thriller for my Halloween movies list. I think this film is different and brilliant, because it just gets you thinking and trying to work things out and any movie that does that for me is a win.

Silence of the Lambs is about a trainee FBI that is attempting to use the brains of a psychopath known as Hannibal Lecter, in order to help him solve his case.

I know I am probably mentioning a lot of old films in this post but they are great films. This film in particular I remember watching when I was younger and it was just hair-raising and I love it.

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Back to a sort of family movie, and I say “sort of” because I don’t know if I would let young children watch this. Even though it looks like a kids film, it is incredibly creepy and I think would freak out young kids.

Coraline is about a young girl that is not happy about moving to a new town, until she discovers this hidden door in her house that leads to a weird magical world. But of course all is not what it seems, and it gets a bit creepy.

I actually went to see this one in the cinema with my friends and we thought it would be a harmless kids movie, but we were wrong. So just prepare yourself for a very weird film. However, in saying that it made it on this list because it is one of my favourites. I think it was brilliantly made and done, and the fact it is different also is why I love it.

Corpse Bride

Fact: I made my own costume and did my own make up to go as the Corpse Bride one year.

This one I think is a family film and it is a feel good film. I do love Tim Burton and the way he makes his films is just incredible.

The Corpse Bride is about a nervous groom that while practicing his vows accidentally summons a corpse bride.

I must add that the music in this film is stunning as well, and for me anyone that can nail the film and the music then that is enough for me. But I definitely recommend giving this one a watch for your own Halloween movies night.

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Top 6 Halloween movies you should watch!

There you go, see I told you I wouldn’t just focus on those horror movies! But I hope this has given some inspiration for your Halloween movies night (if you have one, which I think you should).

Are there any films that I missed? What are some of your favourite Halloween films?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I’m not much of a horror film fan but Hocus Pocus is my go-to Halloween movie, and I quite like watching the Halloween episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch too! We watched the original version of Carrie last year and it was actually quite funny seeing all the dodgy 70s special effects! πŸ˜‚

    1. Yeah I feel like Hocus Pocus has got to be a lot of people’s go to movie! Yess I love Sabrina! I think I watched the old one and the newer film! But I agree that is why I love the older films just because how they were madeπŸ˜‚ xx

  2. I adore Tim Burton films so I’m with you on The Corpse Bride and Coraline – but I’d also include the Nightmare Before Christmas, because I do think it works as a Hallowe’en film as well. And who can forget any of those Scream franchise films either!

  3. Great choices! We watched Coraline at the weekend, it’s just such a brilliant film, both the story and visually.

    We’ve been watching all the Halloween movies we can find at the mo x

  4. Some would say there’s some you’ve “missed” but it all comes down to taste for me! Some of these aren’t, but I may be into some that aren’t yours either! What I will say is I definitely agree with Halloween – such a classic. One problem though….Michael escapes from the asylum and returns to Haddonfield but he’s been locked up since he was 6… how comes he can drive?!

    1. I pretty much love a lot of horror movies but I wanted to include some family friendly Halloween movies too 😊 I might do a completely separate just horror movie one but yeah πŸ‘» yesss I know! I remember watching it and being so confused that he just drove… that makes no sense but it is still a classic πŸ‘πŸΌ

  5. Oh my gosh, I went to see Coraline with a friend as well and we both got totally freaked out! This is the second time this week I’ve seen Hocus Pocus suggested, and yet it’s a film I’ve never seen so definitely going to have to rectify that. Great list!

  6. Me and my bestie are planning to have a horror movie night tomorrow so you have uploaded this post as the best possible timing! Thank you for sharing, I absolutely love Hocus Pocus (I may have to pop that on now) xx

  7. I love a horror movie too! Silence of the Lambs is one of my favourites, and Halloween is up there too. Think I watched all of them last year, and there are loads! I quite like Stephen King movies, so IT and Misery are up there for me!

    1. There are loads I agree! I don’t mind some of Stephen King’s movies but I am not a massive fan of clowns so IT I didn’t want to watch at first! However, I seem to be fine watching them on TV but if I saw any in real life that fear would come back haha! I was a bit disappointed with IT though the first one was quite good and then the second one disappointing I think xx

      1. Yeah it’s definitely not the best choice if you’re not a fan of clowns! The second one was a bit pants wasn’t it? I like the originals 90s one best πŸ™‚

      1. Do you like the 3 and 4 too? What do you think about the random switches in stories, like H20 pretending 3 and 4 didn’t happen? Or the new one pretending like Resurrection never happened? I also have never seen Halloween 6. So, this year I’m going to try and find it.

      2. I think I will always just prefer the original and first Halloween. I am not a massive fan of the others after because I feel like it just doesn’t do it justice. I have watched them all though just because it is one of my favourites. But yeah I think the first movie was the best.

      3. I think because it’s just the first film, it’s how it begins that’s what I like. Not too sure I just know it’s my favourite πŸ˜‚

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